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Short Loop Test

A short loop test will help you determine whether you have a problem with the wire in your system or the equipment. You will need a short piece of wire about 10-12 feet and attach it in place of your regular boundary wire. If your transmitter is still beeping or the loop light is not lit with the short loop attached then there may be an issue with the transmitter. We have replacement transmitters available if your system is out of warranty.

If the transmitter is working then next you want to attach the test light tool to the collar and test the collar on the short loop. If there is no warning tone or correction then check the batteries in the collar. If batteries are good then most likely the issue is with your collar. Most of our systems have a one year warranty but if this doesn’t apply we also carry various replacement collars.

If everything on the system checks out with the short loop test then you probably have a wire break somewhere in your system. You can purchase a wire break locator to help you find the break and repair it, but sometimes with the factory grade stranded wire there can be a partial break at which point you will have to physically examine the boundary and all connections/splices to determine where the failure is. This can be a challenging chore and often results in having to replace the boundary wire which is why we always recommend our eXtreme™ brand wire to further protect your investment for many many years.