PetSafe YardMax Dog Fence With 14-Gauge Wire

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PetSafe YardMax Pet Fence PRO-Grade

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Customer Reviews (31)
The YardMax fence by PetSafe is a very good investment. The system works perfectly.
The PetSafe YardMax pro fence is very impressive. I don't think any of the other fences that Flexpetz sells has the same ability for the dog to get right up to the perimeter wire before she gets a signal warning.
Most fences like this will start to alarm when the dog gets several feet out from the wire. This fence gives the dog the most amount of yard space to play in, so she doesn't feel cooped up in a tiny space.
The staff at Flexpetz helped me with all the questions I had for them, over 2 separate phone calls.
I felt very comfortable in my purchase and prepared to get it all setup by myself. Actually, I had help, but I felt as though I could have done the whole task alone.
I would give this fence two thumbs up.

Tempe, Arizona
Review by Lynn Windslow (Posted on 5/12/2015)
Great system. I just wish the Yardmax came with a non-rechargeable collar instead.
I chose the Yardmax professional fence because I liked the fact that it comes with a much stronger, larger wire coupled with the function of being able to get right up to that wire before getting the zaps. I do not have a large yard at my home and cannot afford to have any of it impeded by the correction area that most of the fence systems put off.
The Yardmax professional fence is perfect for my layout, and lhasa. However, I prefer to have a collar with batteries. I'm not a big fan of rechargeable things. They never seem to last as long for me as I feel they should.
Maybe Petsafe will make a regular battery operated collar that will work with this fence, but for now -I'll use the rechargeable and hope it lasts a long time.

Chesterfield, Mo
Review by Joe Hackney (Posted on 4/22/2015)
This dog fence is terrific.
This system is terrific. I am very happy with the investment that I made with this dog fence. Everything ran smoothly with the system and my 3 dogs. I took a Saturday afternoon and installed the dog fence system with my husband. This dog fence allowed us to maximize our entire yard while in YatdMax mode. I now realize that walking the dogs is great for exercise but, now I realize the dogs get 3 times more exercise with the Yardmax dog fence. The YardMax has lived up to it's reputation. Thank you FlexPetz for your assistance in making my life easier with 3 big dogs.

Alexa R.
Venice Beach, CA.

Review by Alexa Rover (Posted on 4/18/2015)
I would give this Yardmax Pro fence a high A rating for its price, features, and ease in installing.
My only negative thought on this fence setup is that it only works with the one type of collar that it comes with. It seems like all the other Petsafe brand fences are compatible with lots of different fence collars.
The Yardmax only works with the Yardmax collar.
Now, the positives are too many to list.
- Rechargeable collar
- Super thick wire
- Excellent surge protector
- Correction area is everywhere outside the wire boundary
- Maximum use of yard (like the name suggests)

I really don't know why more people don't setup their own fences like this. It is really an easy task, and training is more fun than it is a chore.
Now, I don't really have to worry about Gimo running out to get hit by a car or anything. He gets his play time, and everyone is happy.
This system is a very good investment and I'm glad I contacted the people at Flexpetz to help with this selection.

Montpelier, Vermont
Review by Rudy (Posted on 4/17/2015)
I am really satisfied with my purchase of the YardMax dog fence system.
I bought this dog fence from this company and I am glad that I did. One of the most important aspects is they have excellent customer support. I had a couple questions during installation and they were answered by the helpful staff at FlexPetz. After installation life has been 10 times easier. My dog now can take full advantage of the entire yard. I highly recommend this system. The YardMax mode allows my dog more exercise. He is considered a family member. This system is well worth the expense.

Tim B.
Boca Raton, Fl.
Review by Tim B. (Posted on 4/12/2015)
The YardMax fence Pro Grade is a top quality PetSafe product with a unique function.
I was taken aback by the cost of the YardMax fence, as compared to the other systems that PetSafe has to offer.
I contacted Flexpetz to see what the hubub was about and learned about the unique way that the YardMax will send a shock to the dog no matter how far she runs out of the enclosed area.
I really like this feature and have found it to be well worth the money.
I originally thought that wireless would be the way to go, but was told that it would not be very reliable under a metal roof.
The YardMax fence is priced on the high side for the fence systems, but it can do what no other fence can do.
I give this YardMax fence the two thumbs up seal of approval.

Jan F.
Greenville, Sc
Review by Jan Furduche (Posted on 4/2/2015)
Bought 2
I bought one system for my home in Asbury Park, NJ during the summer of last year. We have a vacation home down here in Florida and after experiencing the great outcome of how the system worked up north, I decided to buy one for down here. I installed my second fence about a week ago and I have had no issues with the one up north or this one. I did not know how well it would work by burying the wire, but it was not hard at all down here with the crab grass. I would recommend this fence to anyone looking to confine their dog to specific areas. Works great!

Jessie M
Christmas, Fl
Review by Jessie McHeallin (Posted on 4/1/2015)
The YardMax was great investment.
I did some research to locate the best value dog fence out there. I came across the FlexPetz website and after some research decided to go with the YardMax system that is on the site. The system was easy to install. I would recommend this system for dog owners looking for an awesome dog fence system. I had questions about the system and received great instruction from the support at FlexPetz. The investment that I made was a good one. Two thumbs up for the YardMax system.

Phoenix, AZ.
Review by Dog Lover Extraordinary (Posted on 3/26/2015)
Very happy with this fence. I did not want to put a physical fence in my yard and cover all my land work I have done. I am used to doing outdoors work, so the set up was really not a hard project. I was impressed with the quality of the wire in this package and the smaller packages did not have the stranded wire that comes with this one. The collar fits wonderfully one my beauty and it is not as ugly as I pictured. My yard still looks great because i only cut down the grass and stapled the wire into the ground where I wanted it. Currently, 3 weeks later, the grass has grown over nicely and you cant notice let alone really find the wire if it weren't for the flags that I think is almost time to remove. She knows the boundary pretty well now and the system works perfectly. Before I was constantly calling her back over into the yard as she wandered while I was outside working on the yard work, but now she stays right within the area I would like her to be in but still has all the freedom to the back yard without going so far into the back neighbors yard. i am very happy with this and yes I would recommend it to all that have a medium sized dog. I liked the modes on the transmitter itself but took me a while to think of which worked best. I like the fact that the collar charges and can easily be removed and placed back on without issues.

Gilligan M.
Chula Vista, Ca
Review by Gilligan Mowser (Posted on 3/6/2015)
Infinite boundary rocks!!!
We previously had one of these fences we bought at a local pet store but our dog kept running through the boundary. We gave up on them after a few years but after moving to a knew house that doesn't allow fences we decided to give it another try. After just a few days of training (especially the distraction part) our pooch learned he can't get through the boundary like he could on the last system. This is a really neat feature, Also with the signal only comes off one side of the wire this is ideal since our current lot is only maybe a quarter of an acre. Review by Chase (Posted on 3/4/2015)

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