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Innotek PetSafe Contain N Train For Dogs 20+ lbs.The unique PetSafe Contain N Train system combines an electric dog fence and remote trainer into one convenient product. Modeled after the best-selling PetSafe Ultra-Smart In-Ground Fence, the Contain N Train takes it one step further by adding the remote training option. The included remote allows you to correct one or two dogs from a distance using the same logic as the fence – a warning beep and/or electrical stimulation. While remote training is useful for many people trying to correct problem behavior or teach basic obedience, care must be taken to conduct proper training on both the fence and the remote separately. The extra remote training feature translates to a bigger, heavier collar (50% larger than the UltraSmart without the training feature) and there are no individual correction settings so all dogs will receive the same correction. 




500 ft. of 20-gauge boundary wire (1/3 acre)
100 ft. of 20-gauge twisted wire
Lightening Protection
50 Boundary Flags
2 Waterproof Wire Splices
Transmitter Control Box
1 Receiver Collar
1 Training Remote
Training DVD & Instruction Manual 




Innotek Contain N Train Collar FeaturesRechargeable: A very appealing feature in any system is a rechargeable collar battery. The battery is lithium-ion and lasts about a month on a charge in dog fence only mode but only three days in remote training mode. The collar charges on the included cradle and a full charge takes about 2 hours.

Fit-Test: The collar automatically confirms that it is properly fitted when you remove it form the charging cradle and put it on the dog. The Ready-Test feature helps you get the collar on right every time. Ill-fitting collars are a leading cause of training problems.

Waterproof: The collar has no external buttons, is very well made and well put together. The waterproofing is effective and overall the collar is very durable. The band is plastic with buckle closure. The plastic is strong, long lasting, and also easy to clean and keep free from odors.

Mode Indicator: An LED light to let you know that the collar is in remote training mode.

Includes Regular & Long Prongs: Long, short, and training prongs are included with this system. The long and short are active prongs whereas the training set do not conduct corrections so they are perfect for the beginning stages of training. The kit also includes a tool for changing the prongs.

Bigger Collar Unit: Because of the extra remote training feature the collar is a bit bulkier and not suitable for dogs under 20lbs.

Short Battery Life In Training Mode: In containment-only mode the battery life is as long as any other good rechargeable system on the market. However, the battery is rapidly depleted in remote training mode - draining the battery in about 3 days. 

No Individual Controls: There are no setting controls on the collar. While this adds to the durability and waterproofing it also means that all dogs on the system must use the same settings.

Low Tone Volume: The waterproofing impedes the warning tone audibility for humans. The high-pitched sound is perfectly audible to the dog but a bit too muffled for us humans to clearly hear during the important first steps of training on a dog fence system. 




Contain N Train Remote Features9 Correction Levels + Tone-Only: The training remote offers 9 levels of static correction as well as tone only. The correction level is adjusted using up and down arrow buttons and the level you are using is displayed on the LCD screen. 

2 Dog Capacity: While the Contain N Train fence can accomodate an unlimited number of dogs, the remote training feature is available to two dogs simultaneously. The transmitter can be set to correct each dog individually or both at the same time. 

Can Be Confusing: We do not recommend training your dog on the fence and remote at the same time. To avoid confusion that would undermine your training, let your dog successfully use the fence only for at least 3 months before introducing the remote training feature. Just like the fence, the remote trainer requires dedicated training for it to be successful.

Short Range: Although PetSafe claims a 150 yard range on the remote trainer, we've found it to be closer to 50 yards, after which it gets pretty unreliable. This short range is ok for in-yard training but not sufficient for off-leash work in a public space or for sporting dogs. 



Contain N Train Transmitter Features25 Acre Capacity: The system can handle up to 25 acres (or 5,000 linear ft. of boundary wire). A toggle switch allows you to set the fence transmission strength for small installations (under 1 acre) or large installations (over 1 acre).

Signal Field Width: Adjust the width of the boundary zone (the area where the dog receives a warning and correction) from a few inches to over 10 ft.

Battery Backup: The system can run for about 3 days on 8 AAA batteries in the case of a main power failure. There is a toggle switch to choose backup power.

Lightening Protection: The Contain N Train, like the PetSafe UltraSmart includes external surge protection to keep your fence transmtter safe from an electrical surge on the main or stemming from a lightening strike near the dog fence wire. 

System-Wide Correction: The system has 3 progressive correction levels (within each level the correction gets stronger if the dog continues into the boundary zone). All collars on the system are subject to the same correction level. 




Limited Lifetime: This essentially means a 1 year full warranty followed by a lifetime of fixed-rate repairs. The rate will vary based on the part that needs fixing. 

  • For Dogs 20+ lbs. 
  • Combination Fence and Remote Trainer
  • Ready Test™ Self Diagnostic Tool
  • Battery Backup
  • Add An Infinite Number Of Dogs (Max of 2 For Remote Training)
  • Surge Protection Included

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Customer Reviews (6)
Contain n train
I could not go without giving Flexpetz. com a gigantic thumbs up for this top of the line fence system and all of its features. I continue to become more and more impressed with the capabilities of this in-ground fence. The only thing I had a hard time with was the purchase price but as I use this great fence everyday I see how much of a good decision it really was to buy use and enjoy the security of a product that has absolutely no flaws.
-Joseph Garles,MN
Review by jo (Posted on 12/20/2012)
Great upgrade
I already had an in-ground fence installed when I found out about Flex Petz and the Ultra Smart system. I was eager to try it out since the one I had was no longer keeping my dogs on the inside but instead allowing them outside of the boundaries and keeping them out. I think it goes without saying, That one is history. I now sit back in relaxation and I have not one complaint about this clearly superior fence system. Set up was a breeze and I get more coverage than I did before, about 10 more acres to be exact. I was covered up to 15 acres and that was in the opposite direction of the way it was supposed to work, that was with with the old one so of course I am loving the upgrade to 25 acres that work without a hitch. I see now just how much my old fence sucked and how great the Ultra Smart in-ground fence really is. I think if you need an in-ground fence this is the one to try! Especially love the hand held remote feature...this was actually one of the main reasons I choose this system. Review by Sarah (Posted on 12/18/2012)
They were wrong!
To be honest I had my suspicions about getting an in-ground fence. I have been told by many people before to stay away from it but I never did take to the opinions of others so I decided to get one for my two dogs. I expected to be disappointed to a small degree but before I paid for my system I looked over the features. The collar is rechargeable, it’s also waterproof and has a life time limited manufacturers warranty. The system itself has a back up battery a hand held digital remote and can span upto 30 acres. That was enough for me not to mention the rest of the features of both the collar and system. Looking at things the only issue was the price. I did buy it and it does work great. I enjoy more so than the system itself the fact that everyone I talked to about it said it would never work! They could not have been more wrong. Thank you Flex Demitria Darthart, MS Review by DD (Posted on 11/16/2012)
After looking around the web to find a good dog fence for about five hours, I was getting tired. I did not want to sit at the computer for the amount of time that I did but every time I thought I saw something I liked it was either overpriced or over-valued and I was a bit too picky with my money to just buy anything. So on to the next one I thought. I had already spent way too long looking for something that I was beginning to think I would never find. So, I joined a forum where pet lovers go to talk about pets. I asked a few people about dog fencing and the first few replies were suggesting fences I had seen and did not want to spend the money for. I got three more replies. All but one suggested the same thing, products in which I previously heard about. Out of those three one suggested I visit Flex so I gave it a shot. I looked through the products on the site and about half way through the first page I began to see some things I liked. eventually after seeing what all they had to offer I settled on the Pet Safe Contain+Train
in-ground fence. Amongst all the great features was an incredible price and once everything was setup I was blown away by the quality. I purchased additional collars and now have all six of my dogs on this one system. I can say without a doubt flex petz .com is the leader in dog fencing and with customer service this good they are far head of the pack!
Fredricka Sache, MN
Review by Ricka (Posted on 11/16/2012)
First time buyer
“HI, my name is Tim. would like to start by saying That when I first visited Flex
I was not all that sure about the products offered by them. But after ordering the Contain n Train I have to say That this was one hell of a deal. I set it up in no time and I have not had one problem with it. On this one im sold!
-Topeka, KS
Review by TIM (Posted on 9/16/2012)
It works!
It works great Review by Mike (Posted on 7/27/2012)
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