PetSafe UltraSmart Pro-Grade Dog Fence Kit

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PetSafe UltraSmart Pet Fence PRO-Grade

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Customer Reviews (6)
Great Product. Does The Job Perfectly!
This is an amazing product!! I have been having a problem with my dogs getting out all of the time. I would have to chase them down for hours. My chain link fence was just not doing the job of keeping my dogs safe.

I bought the PetSafe UltraSmart Pet Fence PRO-Grade system around two months ago and wanted to come back and share my experiences.

Set up was so simple and easy it only took me two hours to get it out of the package and operating. I left my fence up for security reasons, but my dogs won't even go near the fence now. Definitely a God Send, previously they had been constantly finding ways out.

There aren't many products out there that work as well as this one at a price that cheap. If you are looking for an easy and safe way to keep your pets inside your yard, while not paying an arm and leg, get the PetSafe UltraSmart Pet Fence PRO-Grade system. You won't regret it! Incidentally I did have a professional from Dog Watch come to my home to give me a quote. He wanted over 1400 dollars and also wanted me to buy his batteries. No thanks was a hard days work installing the system, but I save almost a thousand dollars, I also got excellent support from sorry to bother you guys so many times guys these guys are definitely the Gold Standard when it comes to support and customer service. I asked the Girl at PetSmart some simple questions, couldn't get any knowledgeable response, not mention they where more expensive then the basic kits and didn't offer any of the heavy duty options.

Thanks a lot for answering all my questions, I called you guys way to many times but you where always very patient, this review has been long overdue.

Marge Kultra
Rock River, Wyoming
Review by Marge Kultra (Posted on 9/2/2013)
Pet Safe Ultrasmart Pro-Grade
We previously owned a property with about ¼ of an acre that is fenced. Problem was, we have a dog who loves to dig and climb. We got a Dogwatch system about 7 years ago that was around $900 installed. It worked OK, but it seemed like we were going through batteries every few months. Because of the twists and turns on the property the tech used 20 gauge wire which broke twice over the years.

We bought a new place and the new owner of our old place wanted to keep the DogWatch system so we figured that we would get a new system once we moved into the new place. Problem was, we needed almost an acre worth of containment for the new place. We called several places for prices to have one installed and almost died from sticker shock.

A friend from work recommended Flexpetz. I had never considered installing a system myself, but after seeing that I could get a system for about 1/5th the price of the best quote I got and having a budget leaner than 7 years ago, I decided to do it.

It was not hard at all. I rented a trencher for about $45 and spent most of a day taking my time and doing it right. I had a couple of questions and their support was quick and helpful. It has worked great in the 3 months since it was installed.

I got this system because I wanted the rechargeable collar and backup battery and got the 14 gauge wire for better durability. I have had no problems and since my dog already is used to having containment I didn’t need any training.

If you are concerned about installing it yourself, don’t be. You can do it and it’s not hard. You also will be getting a great system at a great price.

Review by Nick_M (Posted on 10/5/2012)
Cheapest price for this quality type product
We purchased this "all in one" kit for our two dogs when we moved into our new home. The kit contains everything you need to get you started, the instructions and videos are clear and easy to follow. We researched our options and, while you can get the single components cheaper, we found that what makes flexpetz products the best option, is the fact that they do not compromise on quality. It is well worth spending the extra money and having the peace of mind that you have purchased a lasting, guaranteed item. Flexpetz offer extensive training and instructions on how to install and use their systems. In comparison to having a firm install and train you, this is by far the cheaper option with the added bonus that you use the same quality materials.
Delivery time is fast and free. With the special purchase price, this is by far the best invisible fence DIY kit there is. Flexpetz offer great after sales customer service and are quick and friendly in their response to any query. The youtube videos and instructions will have you installing your invisible fence in no time.
Review by Nicole Evans (Posted on 8/18/2012)
Fantastic quality and pretty good value!
I have this pet fence for my two golden retrievers. They're such wonderful dogs. I had a black lab five years ago, but he slipped through our old fence and we've never seen him again. It broke my heart. So, when I got my two current furbabies this year, I dreaded the idea that I might lose one or both of them if they slipped through a regular fence again.

So, I did a lot of online research. I spoke to various breeders and dog trainers. I really looked into a million different solutions to protect my dogs. I even got a professional estimate (which was 5 times the cost of this pro-grade fence!)

I ultimately purchased this fence and I'm sooooo glad I did! My dogs are happy to have the space and I'm happy to give them the freedom of the entire yard. The fence does a great job containing them.

I felt the quality of the materials was above par. Everything was well constructed and built to last.

The only thing is that I felt the package was a bit on the expensive side, but given that it holds my dogs where I need them to be without any worries it's well worth the cost. Maybe the manufacturer would consider a sale or a coupon code once in a while?

At any rate, it's a great fence with heavy duty accessories that work well for my dogs and me. I really can't say enough good things about this! Highly recommended!
Review by DogLover (Posted on 3/1/2012)
Just great value for money!
I Just recently got two new puppies, due to my kids pestering me to get them a dog. I finally gave in, but as soon as the dogs where old enough to go outside the back of the house ( we have a large open field at the back off our house leading to the nearby woods) I constantly had to go out and make sure the dogs didn't wander off too far and I even had a few close calls where we almost them, Which would of devastated my kids.

Honestly never having this problem before I had no idea what to do about it, so I contacted a friend who knew a little bit more about animals than me and they gave me a link to this site. I did check a few other sites though they seemed overpriced. Or in some cases the product just looked inadequate.

I finally decided this would be the product I would use, and i was concerned about training my dogs. But with a little help from my previously mentioned friend I was able to get my dogs trained. Now my dogs are free to roam and free not to have to constantly be chasing after them and being too concerned where they've gotten to.

At first I thought this package was a bit expensive but after receiving it, it really is worth every penny as well seeing that it comes with a 3 year guarantee. I'd recommend this product to just about anyone.

Joe. C
Bellefonte, Delaware
Review by Joe.C (Posted on 1/1/2012)
Problem Solved
My neighbor has a pretty big dog. I love that dog like my own, but when he jumps on his 2 paws to welcome me home, he is as tall as i am.
Other problem, I have a toy puddle, scared of any other dog.
Can you imagine having our dogs playing in the backyard without a fence? I need to mention i also like to grow my own vegetable garden in my backyard.
My neighbor and I did not want to spend too much money, but we needed a solution. Searching on the internet he came across this site and decided to give it a try.
Bingo! The solution is perfect, I like the product, my only remark is that I wish it would cost less, but in any case, in my opinion, it's woth every penny
Review by Emma (Posted on 9/20/2009)
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