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How Much Dog Fence Wire Do I Need




Please see the Petsafe Yardmax. This item is no longer available and is now discontinued.


The PetSafe UltraSmart (formerly Innotek UltraSmart) is a solid all-around containment system. This best-selling system is well built,  reliable, has a reasonable price point, and boasts a slim and very durable collar design. The collar is rechargeable so you avoid the hassle of replacing batteries all the time. It’s also our preferred collar in terms of design and fit – the slim, streamlined collar is comfortable for the dog and not overly clunky. The system is multi-dog ready but does not offer individual correction levels for dogs of different sizes, so it is best-suited to households of dogs within 20 pounds of each other. The UltraSmart collar is compatible with PetSafe Pawz Away Zones, which allow you to create wireless exclusion zones within the boundaries of your dog fence and/or inside your home (great for keeping dogs off of furniture or out of certain areas of the home).



500 ft. of 20-gauge boundary wire (about 1/3 acre worth)
50 Boundary Flags
2 Waterproof Wire Splices
Transmitter Control Box
1 Receiver Collar
Training DVD & Instruction Manual




Rechargeable: An essential feature of best-selling systems, the rechargeable collar is as convenient as it is eco-friendly. The collar silently charges on a wall plug-in cradle. The lithium-ion battery takes about two hours to fully charge and the charge lasts about a month under regular usage. The batteries also have a long lifespan – we’ve seen them last upwards of four years with no noticeable decline in charge capacity. While the battery is of high quality, it’s also not replaceable, so if it does die you’ll need to send your collar in for servicing.

Waterproof: The collar is very well designed and the waterproofing is well done. There are no external buttons or controls where water could penetrate so it’s a very durable unit. The band is a heavy duty plastic which is easy to clean, very durable, and doesn’t tend to develop an odor as readily as fabric.

Contoured, Lightweight Collar: The slim, streamlined design on this collar is really great. The collar is contoured to wrap around the dog’s neck, which makes it more comfortable and less bulky than other styles. It’s pretty compact as well which makes it suitable for dogs from about 15lbs on up.

ReadyTest: Since improper collar fit is the second most common reason for breakouts, the ReadyTest is a nice feature on the UltraSmart collar. The ReadyTest is auto-activated every time the collar charges and helps to ensure that you get the right fit every time your dog wears his collar. When you take the collar from the charger and put it on your dog it will sound a tone when the collar is properly fitted. This is really helpful when you’re just getting started with the system.

Includes Short & Long Contant Points: The UltraSmart System comes standard with long, short, and training prongs. The long prongs are best for dogs with long or thick fur and the short for average coats. The training prongs do not conduct corrections so you'll use those in Step 1 of the training process. 

Compatible with Pawz Away Barriers: Pawz Away Pet Barriers are portable wireless exclusion zone transmitters that you can use in conjunction with your electric dog fence to keep your dog out of certain areas like pools, gardens or parts of the house. The UltraSmart collar is compatible with both indoor and outdoor Pawz Away Pet Barriers.

No Individual Correction Levels: Part of what makes the collar so wonderfully waterproof and durable is that there are no controls on the collar itself. Unfortunately, this means that the control box is responsible for all of these settings and that all dogs on the system are subject to the same correction levels. For this reason the system is limited to multi-dog households where all the dogs are over 15 lbs. and within 20 lbs. of each other and even in that case, you may still need different correction levels for each dog. 

Low Tone Volume: Not the end of the world, but a bit irritating on such a nice system. The warning tone volume is quite low, which can make it difficult for humans to hear. During the first steps of training it's important to be able to hear the warning tone and respond quickly so we wish it was louder. 




25 Acre Capacity: Capable of powering up to 25 acres, the system has a switch in the control box that lets you choose between a lower signal strength for areas under an acre (or 1,000 ft. of boundary wire) or boost the signal for area over an acre.

Adjustable Boundary Zone Width: This allows you to set the distance between the wire and where the boundary actually starts. While it is capable of any distance from a few inches to 10 ft., we recommend between 3 and 5 ft. for most installations. If you go thinner, the dog may be difficult to train and may ‘break’ through. If it is too thick it eats into the space your dog has within the boundary. This can be particularly problematic in smaller spaces.

Wire Break Alarm: The system will sound the alarm if a wire break occurs. The dial allows you to set the volume – go for max volume so you’re sure you’ll hear it before the dog escapes! If you're worried about wire breaks or are fencing difficult terrain, Go PRO and upgrade to one of our pro-grade systems. 

Battery Back Up: You can install 8 AAA batteries to keep the system running in case of a main power failure. The battery backup is a great feature for those living in power failure prone areas. Just flip the toggle in the control box to switch to battery mode. The system can run for about 2-3 days on the battery back up power. 

Includes Lightening Protection: The PetSafe UltraSmart system conveniently includes an external surge protection module to keep your transmitter safe from power surges originating either on the main or on the dog fence wire.

System-Wide Correction Level: The system is capable of three levels of correction. All dogs on the system will receive the same level of correction – low is best for dogs under 30 lbs., medium for 30-80 lbs., and high for larger dogs. For extra large or guardian breeds we recommend the PetSafe Stubborn Dog system.




1 Year + Limited Lifetime:  A 1 year full warranty on the system followed by a lifetime of fixed-rate repairs. The rates vary based on the broken part. 







  • Number of Dogs
  • Dog Size
  • Collar Size
  • Unlimited
  • 12 lbs. and up
  • 7” – 32”


  • Maximum Area
  • Transmitter Battery Backup
  • Included Wire
  • Collar Battery
  • Collar Dimensions
  • Collar Water Resistance Level
  • Collar Low Battery Indicator
  • Collar Fit Test
  • Included Prongs
  • Lightening Protection
  • 25 Acres / 5,000 ft. of Wire
  • Yes
  • 500 ft. 20-Gauge
  • Lithium Ion Rechargeable
  • 2.5” x 1.2” x .7”
  • Waterproof
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Long/Short/Training


  • Correction Levels
  • Independent Correction Levels
  • Warning Type
  • Training Mode
  • Boundary Width
  • 3 Progressive Levels
  • No
  • Audible Tone
  • Yes, Tone Only
  • 0-10 ft. Adjustable


  • Indoor/Outdoor Zones Compatible
  • Other Compatible Collars
  • Yes/Yes
  • None

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Customer Reviews (12)
this is what i want too tell you about this product
this is really a great product and everyone should be able to try this only because i tryed it and i was able too use it on a daily basis and i want too thank this company for making such a great product ! Review by miket (Posted on 6/28/2013)
the best ever
I do not know how to say all started when my dog always break loose from his dog house and climb the fence over to the neighboring house and street causing some mess and damages which i usually pay fee for the mess my dog has done,this happen for some weeks
until i finally saw flexpetz when i was searching for the solution online,i decided to try it but to my surprise it works very fine and flexpetz responded quickly to me when i ask some question...
i must confess your service/product is the best ever. my dog does not interfere again and am at peace with my dog

Thank you very much
Review by linda (Posted on 5/29/2013)
My Trainer was Right
had three dogs and just got another puppy. My other dogs have never had a problem staying in the yard and staying with me. The puppy is a whole other story. The trainer recommended checking out flexpetz. I thought my older dogs would freak out and the puppy would barge right though it. My trainer said, "Trust me." I did and he was right! The older dogs adapted quickly and the puppy did learn his limits. Everyone is happy. Review by Gwen (Posted on 4/1/2013)
You Can Do It Yourself!
Do not be afraid of doing this yourself. I was so overwhelmed and was afraid I wouldn't be able to do it. Just call customer service. Flexpetz is so helpful! They will guide you every step of the way. It was much easier than I thought it would be. Trust me, if I can do it, so can you! Review by Emily V. (Posted on 2/21/2013)
Cool System
I have to 20 pound pugs named Pugsy and Porky. This system has been so cool for us. They run all over the place and I know that they can't run away, get hit by traffic, or get lost. And how great is it that the collars are rechargeable? Not only that, but they can swim in their little kiddie pool because the collars are waterproof. Loving it! Review by Cristani Robles (Posted on 2/6/2013)
Great Features
This fence has a lot of great features. I love, love, love that the collars are rechargeable. The indicator light for seeing if the collars fit properly is a great help. Their waterproof feature is also cool. I have three dogs, but they are all roughly the same weight so the lack of adjustable correction levels was not an issue for me. I also was so happy that when I ordered it came with the free indoor component. I finally have a solution to having the dogs stop eating the toilet paper! Review by Jamie Angelo - Upper Darby PA (Posted on 1/31/2013)
Great for Big Dogs
At my old house, there was a huge fence. This huge fence did not matter to my dog, Mollie. Half rotty and half lab and 110 pounds, there was just no containing her. When we moved to my new house with so much land I didn't know what to do. A huge fence would cost a fortune and break up the beauty around me. The PetSafe UltraSmart (PIG-13619) was the perfect answer. Now Mollie runs safely all over the land, but never off of our property. It is pricey, I know, but surely not nearly what a fence would be to install. Great Prodcut! Review by Avitasmommy (Posted on 1/22/2013)
What a change
I already had an in-ground fence installed when I found out about Flex Petz and the Ultra Smart system. I was eager to try it out since the one I had was no longer keeping my dogs on the inside but instead allowing them outside of the boundaries and keeping them out. I think it goes without saying, That one is history. I now sit back in relaxation and I have not one complaint about this clearly superior fence system. Set up was a breeze and I get more coverage than I did before, about 10 more acres to be exact. I was covered up to 15 acres and that was in the opposite direction of the way it was supposed to work, that was with with the old one so of course I am loving the upgrade to 25 acres that work without a hitch. I see now just how much my old fence sucked and how awesome the Ultra Smart in-ground fence really is. I think if you need an in-ground fence this is the one to try!
-Jermain Suland, North Dakota
Review by Jermain (Posted on 12/2/2012)
What a great value
“After taking care my dog (Ice) for six years. I can honestly say that he has become a huge part of this family. I hated having to worry about him every time he went outside. With all the stray cats and speeding cars Its not too safe for him around here. So instead of constantly worrying about his safety I set out to find a solution to this problem. After long hours of research I came across Flex Pets .com. There I purchased a Ultra Smart dog fence system and let me tell you, The features are amazing. The collar is waterproof, comfort fitted, it’s rechargeable, and it even has a lifetime warranty, and that’s not even half of the features! It also has Pod compatible keeping your dog out of bedrooms, flower beds and off of furniture. This is a wonderful solution to my problem, not to mention that it comes with a training video. They have exceeded every expectation I had and so much more. A Big Thanks To!” 4/5
- David Looper, San Diego, CA
Review by David Looper (Posted on 9/12/2012)
Thanks for sharing
This is a good fence for the most part, I did however run into several problems. To begin with the wire that comes in the kits is really garbage, its obvious just from looking at it that it will not last long, we decided to buy a heavier duty wire to compensate so thing increased the price substantially. I also found the collar slightly bulky for a 20 pound dog, and the battery needs to be charged at least once a week, I would say their is room for improvement on this dog fence system. Their are some features i really liked ie; battery back up, ready test alert always shows the collars if functional and reminds you to charge the battery if its not lit. I would give it a solid B on quality and and A on price, we also did get a price from the Invisible Fence Company and this system was by far much cheaper.
Jannete Werner,

Yardley, Pa.

Review by Jennete (Posted on 4/7/2012)
great quality. reasonable price
This is my first time to have a dog and at first everything is okay until we woke up one day and she was gone. We finally able to locate her at the other neighborhood but since then we knew we needed to be more careful. One of our neighbors recommended flexpetz and so I went online and was amazed with the wide selection of dog fence and they have great deals. The customer is very nice and told me step by step process of installation and which system is best for us. We bought this and its very easy to use and the quality is good. I was generally pleased with the quality and price but the collar is a bit bulky for my 15 pound dog, guess he will just have to learn to live with it. Review by Lyn Collins (Posted on 2/29/2012)
great quality. reasonable price
This is my first time to have a dog and at first everything is okay until we woke up one day and she was gone. We finally able to locate her at the other neighborhood but since then we knew we needed to be more careful. One of our neighbors recommended flexpetz and so I went online and was amazed with the wide selection of dog fence and they have great deals. The customer service is very nice and told me step by step process of installation and which system is best for us. We bought this and its very easy to use and the quality is good, and we received it fast. Review by Lyn Collins (Posted on 2/29/2012)
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