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Overview PetSafe Elite Little Dog PIG00-10773 ManualProduct Manual
The PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence is designed for the little guys, particularly those under 12 lbs. with neck sizes of 6-16”. The collar that comes with this system is the smallest in the industry and weighs in at only 2 ounces (2.7 oz with battery installed), so its much more comfortable for a small dog. Along with the reduced size, the correction level has been lowered in the Elite Little Dog collar to make it more appropriate for smaller dogs. It is the choice option for multi-dog households with small and large dogs because the Elite LIttle Dog fence system is compatible with other PetSafe collars. Since the correction level is adjusted on each individual collar, you can set the correction at the appropriate level for each of your dogs regardless of size. The collar battery is proprietary so have a few on hand because you can't just run to the local convenience store to grab a generic if your collar is drained.

Kit Includes
  • 20-Gauge Wire (500 ft.)
  • Basic Surge Protection Module
  • PetSafe 25 Acre Transmitter
  • Elite Little Dog Collar Receiver
  • 2 Waterproof Splice Kits
  • 50 Training Boundary Flags
  • Standard Receiver Contacts
  • Collar Battery (RFA-188)
  • Test Light Tool/Contact Wrench
  • Installation/Training Manual

Collar Features

Smallest Collar: 
Weighing just 2 ounces, the Elite Little Dog receiver collar is the smallest, lightest collar available. Designed specifically for small dogs, this is about the only collar suitable for dogs as small as 5 lbs. 

Compatible With Indoor Pet Barrier: The PetSafe Elite Little Dog collar is compatible with PetSafe Indoor Radio Fence (PIRF-100), so you can easily keep your dog off certain furniture or out of specific areas of the house. 

Individual Correction Levels: The correction level control is on the PetSafe Elite Little Dog collar itself, so each collar on the system can have it's own correction level setting. This makes the Elite Little Dog perfect for multi-dog homes where dogs are of varying sizes. 

Only Standard Contact Points: The Elite Little Dog comes with standard length contact points. Standard length contacts are fine for dogs with average and short coat lengths, but if your dog has long or thick hair you'll likely need the longer contact points, which are available for purchase separately. 

Proprietary Battery: This small collar has a lot of perks, but it doesn't feature a rechargeable battery. Instead the collar has a proprietary PetSafe battery. The battery lasts about 100 days. 

Transmitter Features

Compatible With Other PetSafe Collars: One of the nicest features of the PetSafe systems is the compatibility that makes them suitable for households with dogs of different sizes. You can install this PetSafe Elite Little Dog PRO-Grade system using the included receiver collar for your small breed and add a PetSafe Deluxe Receiver Collar or PetSafe Stubborn Collar for your medium or large breed. Since the correction levels are controlled individually you can personalize the correction strength for each dog.

25 Acre Capacity: The Elite Little Dog PRO-GRade system is capable of powering up to 25 acres of containment area. In this upgraded kit we include 500 ft. of pro-grade, heavy duty 14-gauge dog fence wire and 50 ft. of pro-grade twisted wire to get you going. The included upgraded wire is enough for about a 1/3 acre installation.

Adjustable Boundary Zone Width: The width of the boundary zone is generally set at 3-5 ft for most installations but the Elite Little Dog system does allow the user to choose the boundary width. You can set the boundary at anything from a few inches to 10 ft. depending on your dog's likelihood to try to run through and the amount of space you have to play with inside the boundary line.

Do you like what you see, but want a wire that will last a whole lot longer before it begins to degrade and break down? Do you want a surge protector that does double duty (protects your fence system AND protects your home's internal electrical system from any lightning strikes that hit your boundary wire)? How about a 3 year warranty vs. a 1 year manufacturer warranty? Would you like your package to include a 1 year containment guarantee, so that you can be sure you invest in a product that will be sufficient to meet your dog's temperament and personality? If these upgrades and more strike your fancy, then perhaps you would rather invest in the PRO-Grade version of this fence system. To see the improved (Pro-Grade) version of this fence, just click HERE.

  • Collar Receiver Box: 1.0" x 2.4" x 1.25", 2.7 oz
  • Collar Strap: Fits: 6"- 16" neck sizes

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Customer Reviews (22)
little dog fence owner
“I have been considering buying a fence for some time now. I was not sure if I could find one that would house my chow so I took a peak around and landed on Flex pets site and there I saw the Little Dog Fence. Automatically I was interested in seeing more. There are tons of features like ACIS chip to prevent random signals from disabling your collar, and it covers up to 12 acres with a limited lifetime warranty. It’s great!”
Melvin Brooks, VA
Review by mel (Posted on 9/19/2012)
nice quality product
“Throughout the time of my searching for a good fence to keep my little pug inside
I was noticing all the very high prices and I just could not afford it. Although I did not find something as cheap as I would have liked I still think that the product has paid for itself and some. It works flawlessly and I am glad to have found!”
-Price James, Kansas City, MO
Review by Price james (Posted on 9/12/2012)

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