PetSafe Classic Replacement Flap

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This pliable vinyl flap is translucent and tinted with a magnetic closure. It is an easy do-it-yourself replacement flap for the following PetSafe Pet doors: Classic Pet Doors, Deluxe Patio Panels, Wall Entry Aluminum Doors, Value Series Door. See Specs for Detailed Information



  • Tinted replacement flap
  • Replaces flaps on classic PetSafe pet doors
  • Compatible with PetSafe Pet Door Models:
    • Classic Pet Door
    • Deluxe Patio Panels
    • Wall Entry Aluminum Door
    • Value Series
    • See Specs for Detailed Information



  • Limited 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Compatible Doors

Replacement Flap Size PetSafe Compatible Pet Doors
Small - Model: 4-0110-11
Size: 5" x 7"
Classic Doors
Model: AK00-201-11
Model: AF00-201-11
Model: AK00-601-11
Deluxe Patio Panels
Model: AA01-211-11
Model: AR01-311-11
Model: AR01-611-11
Value Series
Model: ASH DV00-701
Wall Entry Aluminum Doors
Model: PPA11-10915
Medium - Model: 4-0111-11
Size: 8" x 11"
Classic Doors
Model: AK10-201-11
Model: AF10-201-11
Model: AK10-601-11
Deluxe Patio Panels
Model: AA11-211-11
Model: AR11-311-11
Model: AR11-611-11
Wall Entry Aluminum Doors
Model: PPA11-10916
Large - Model: 4-0113-11
Size: 10" x 15"
Classic Doors
Model: AK30-201-11
Model: AF30-201-11
Model: AK30-601-11
Deluxe Patio Panels
Model: AA31-211-11
Model: AR31-311-11
Model: AR31-611-11
Model: AA41-211-11
Model: AR41-311-11
Model: AR41-611-11
Wall Entry Aluminum Doors
Model: PPA11-10917
Extra Large - Model: A04026-4-11
Size: 13" x 23"
Classic Doors
Model: AK50-201-11
Model: AF50-201-11
Model: AK50-601-11

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