Perimeter Wireless Dog Fence

Perimeter Technologies challenged the norm in the electric dog fence industry by introducing the first wireless dog fence to function on WiFi technology – that’s right, the same WiFi technology we all use for our wireless routers and internet connections.

  • Perimeter Technologies has always focused on innovation and their WiFi wireless dog fence is no exception. During 35 years in the industry, the company has continually strived to develop the safest and most technologically advanced pet containment systems on the market. Designed and manufactured in the USA, Perimeter Technologies Wireless Dog Fence systems are built to the highest standards in safety and function. The perimeter WiFi dog fence system is protected by a limited lifetime warranty.


    Wireless dog fence systems are a convenient way to safely and effectively contain a dog without having to engage in a lengthy installation process. Wireless dog fence systems set up quickly and easily, needing only a power source to get going. Wireless dog fences are portable as well, making them a wise option for people who move frequently or vacation with their pet.


    The Perimeter WiFi fence sports an impressive 200 ft. radial signal range, which is quite an improvement over the competing PetSafe fence. The WiFi technology allows the state-of-the-art base station and collar to communicate constantly with one another to let you know exactly where your dog(s) are within the boundary at all times. The two-way communication also allows the base station to alert you to a low collar battery and a boundary challenge. Knowing when your dog has challenged the boundary allows you to immediately address the issue, ensuring the safety of a dog who has left the perimeter.


    The compact, lightweight, and waterproof collar is comfortable and most importantly - rechargeable. To ensure the safety and comfort of your dog, the collar features 8 adjustable correction levels as well as a tone-only training mode. Unique comfort contact points made of conductive rubber make the collar more comfortable than collars featuring metal contact points. The system includes one collar but can accommodate up to two (a second collar can be purchased separately).


    The Perimeter WiFi base station features an easy-to-read digital face. The display shows you the charge on your pet’s collar(s), the real-time distance of your pet from the base station, a boundary challenge alert, a signal failure alarm, and the current collar stimulation setting. All system settings and adjustments are made at the base station using simple touch button menu controls. The base station also features a back-up battery that will temporarily power the base station in case of a main power failure.

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