eXtreme Dog Fence 'Active' Pro-Grade Dog Fence

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eXtreme Dog Fence® PRO-Grade Dog Fence


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Customer Reviews (57)
This is a very good system. Just a bit difficult to set the collars at first.
I like this system and the Perimeter Technology collar is smaller than the Petsafe collar we used to have at our old house.
The system works perfectly and our dog was easy to train on it. The only thing I found difficult was learning how to change the level on the collars. It took a few tries before we learned how to do it properly, but now we can do it anytime.
I like that this is an American made fence, and the transmitter is digital. We're going to get a border collie and add her to the system next.
Very pleased.
Review by Jody Chalmers (Posted on 11/27/2015)
Awesome fence setup man. I love this Perimeter Technologies in-ground fence system.
This is the coolest thing I've seen. I didn't know anything about the electric type dog fences, until I found the Flexpetz website.
I was actually considering the thought of installing a chain link type fence, but it's just so expensive, and you can't really take it with you if you move.
We spoke to Jessy, at Flexpetz, and she explained to us (in nice detail) all the nice features that that system packs.
She told us about the Professional Grade version of the fence, which we chose because we don't want to have to worry about doing any repairs or wire replacing anytime soon.
We got the fence and set it up last week. Everything was just as Jessy described. She really knows her business.

I would recommend anyone to try the Perimeter Pro Grade fence. It's a very solid solution and we're very happy with ours.

Rutland City, Vermont
Review by Milly Michaels (Posted on 6/29/2015)
Needed a more durable system.
I bought one of these systems from a business that sells and installs these. After so many service calls, I got tired of paying those people. I watched the tech closely when he would come service my system and realized that my problem was wire breaks. The cheap wire that they used to install my system was able to be broken pinching it to hard, which is ridiculous.

The wire that was included in this Pro-Grade package is going to serve me just fine I think. I put it through some tests before I buried it and it is very durable and will not need to be serviced twice a year. I did hit a section with my yard trimmer and it survived that with little damage, but I still do not recommend this.

Really enjoying the benefits of this quality package. Not only for the high quality equipment, but also for the customer service the FlexPetz techs assisted me with.

Melbourne, Fl
Review by Mr. Jim (Posted on 5/24/2015)
Love the PRO-Grade option on this site.
I purchased a similar system for a previous house and decided not to take it with me. The wire was so thin and it always seemed to break on me. After getting the pricey quotes on a real wooden fence, I decided to do more research.

The price comparison was an unreal amount of savings, so my husband purchased this system and wanted to go with the PRO-Grade package for the added benefits. The only thing I was disappointed with was that I didn't find this product sooner.

This site really does offer so much help with everything. With the videos and information on the site we were able to pick out the perfect fence for my dog Jessy. Not to mention it was installed in less than half a day by my husband alone. The customer support was great too. Very happy customer.

Los Angeles, CA
Review by Ruby Peters (Posted on 5/15/2015)
The Perimeter Pro fence is really worth the money spent. Works perfectly.
This fence system by Perimeter is the best. I was shopping for a good electrical fence system and came up with Flexpetz in a Google search.
Their staff asked me some questions, and then are able to guide you toward the systems that meet your individual needs.
I looked at about 4 different fence kits, and ended up with the Perimeter Technologies in-ground fence, in the Pro Grade package. It comes with everything you need to get setup and working.
It even comes with a surge protector that has a lifetime warranty on it.
As lots of the other reviews state, the setup is pretty straight forward and not too difficult.
The training is pretty fun and doesn't take up too much time to do. Mine wasn't even 2 weeks long.
I have never been the type to pass any training tasks off onto someone else. I was actually looking forward to that part, just to see the change.
Now, everything is all set and running and I think everyone is a happy camper.
Definitely a good investment.

Ed L.
Provo, Utah
Review by Eddie Lowe (Posted on 5/5/2015)
This thing works
I have never used a electric dog fence but flexpetz made this easy. I have totally relied on the free tech support to figure out how to install this system and it was easy. My Springer Spaniel learned the boundary in a week.

Tyler, Tx
Review by Jack Johnson (Posted on 4/20/2015)
Great system
I never heard of an electric dog fence until two weeks ago. I was about to install a $7000 physical fence because my HOA requires a specific PVC fencing. I was able to get this system with the best wire and surge protection for >$400. I could not be happier to save $6600 and my containment issue is solved. Flexpetz offered free tech support for the installation and training my pet. The Pro Grade package came with a 3 year warranty and 1 year pet containment guaranty. There is lots of testimony as to the reliability and effectiveness of the Perimeter Tech system but the warranty and guaranty gave me all the comfort I needed to make the purchase.

Arlington, Ky
Review by Jenna James (Posted on 4/9/2015)
Love it. Go USA. I like this Perimeter pro fence. It does everything it says it does.
This thing is pretty cool. I thought it was going to zap the dogs like the livestock, so I was a little nervous to buy one. I know two people who have a fence like it but they're not American made.
I did get to see how they work and I was surprised at the small amount of electricity that comes out of there.
Doesn't hurt my dogs, but this fence sure can get a dog's attention and keep them in place.
I figured that if I'm gonna spend the money, I may as well get the good stuff. So I chose the one with the better wire and longer warranty.
Glad I did. This thing is perfect for me.
Highly do recommend it.

Bud M.
San Antonio, Tx
Review by Bud Maples (Posted on 3/31/2015)
Pro Grade work for me.
This is my second system and experience had lead me to better quality wire. Wire breaks with the 20 gauge drove me nuts on my first system. I had no idea that other wire would work with an electric dog fence until I found FLEXPETZ. The Extreme wire that came with the Pro Grade package is nothing less than amazing. It is like a small cable compared to the kite string 20 gauge. I was very happy when the Tech at FLEXPETZ told me there was an option to buy an American made electric dog fence. I assume all electronic are shipped from Chinese manufactures. Perimeter Technologies is actually manufactured in PA. This is a big deal to me. Anyway, this is a great system. Designed to last.

Claud A.
Austin, Tx
Review by Claud Andren (Posted on 3/30/2015)
I love this dog fence system. It works great.
I am pleased to write that I am super satisfied with the quality of this dog fence system. It was very simplistic to install and very easy to use. This system has made my neighbors extremely happy. My dog is no longer wandering into the neighbor's property. My dogs are getting exercise every day. The system is awesome and I recommend this system kindheartedly. Thank you. FlexPetz.com.

Lisa S.
Tallahassee, Fl.
Review by Lisa Smith (Posted on 3/22/2015)

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