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eXtreme Dog Fence

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Overview eXtreme Dog Fence® PRO-Grade ManualProduct Manual
The eXtreme Dog Fence® Pro Grade System features a super small collar and individual correction levels making it the system of choice for multi-dog households, even where there are dogs of different sizes. The system is feature-rich and has specialized options like comfort contact points, Temp Check, Wire Check, & Frequency Selection that no other dog fence system offers. The overall reliability of this system makes it our number one choice and our pick over more expensive and equally feature-rich systems.

Kit Includes
  • PRO-Grade 14-Gauge Wire (500 ft.)
  • PRO-Grade 16-Gauge Twisted Wire (50 ft.)
  • PRO-Grade Surge Protection Module
  • PRO-Grade Dog Fence Staples (10)
  • Advanced Digital Transmitter
  • Waterproof Collar Receiver
  • 2 Waterproof Splice Kits
  • 50 Training Boundary Flags
  • Long and Short Receiver Contacts
  • Long and Short Comfort Contact Covers

Collar Features

Digital Frequency Encoding: The digital frequency encoding is a handy feature if you think a neighbor may also have an electric dog fence. This tech feature eliminates stray signal interference from neighboring dog fence systems and other signal generating devices. Nearby dog fence systems and other devices that generate similar signals can interfere with your electric dog fence causing signal interruption or unreliability.

Small & Lightweight: The eXtreme Dog Fence® receiver collar is one of the lightest and smallest collars in the industry (surpassed only by the small dog specific PetSafe Little Dog). Weighing in at only 1.1 ounces it is suitable for dogs right down to 8 lbs. For dogs smaller than that you'll want to go for the PetSafe Little Dog, which tones down the correction strength in addition to the small collar size.

Comfort Contacts: The eXtreme Dog Fence® receiver collar uses unique conductive rubber contact points to increase collar comfort for your dog. While the comfort contact points conduct the correction just like metal contact points, they are softer and less irritating on your dog's skin. The comfort contact points make this system the number one choice for dog's with sensitive skin. 

8 Individual Correction Settings: The small eXtreme Dog Fence® collars are capable of 1 tone only setting, 5 unique correction level settings and 2 progressive settings that automatically increase as the dog continues toward the boundary line. Each collar on the system has its own correction level setting, but rather than being set on the collar itself, they are set at the transmitter. The unique correction level settings and lightweight collar make this a good choice for multi-dog households where all dogs are 8+ lbs.

Battery Check: The patented Battery Check feature ensures you only change the battery when it is truly depleted. The Battery Check feature auto-activates every two hours to ensure you know as soon as your battery is low. Since battery output fluctuates depending on the environment and other factors the eXtreme Dog Fence® collar requires 3 consecutive low battery triggers to set off the low battery indication.

Exceptional Waterproofing: Because the eXtreme Dog Fence® collar does not have any buttons or dials on the collar itself, the waterproofing is really perfect. The collar can be fully submersed while functioning. Because of this feature we recommend the eXtreme Dog Fence® for rainy climates as well as lake front installation or yards with ponds or pools.  

Disposable Proprietary Battery: This collar uses a disposable proprietary battery. Most people prefer a rechargeable battery, a generic battery is second best because it's easy to get your hands on. The proprietary battery is generally our least favorite but does have it's virtues in this case. The Perimeter Technologies proprietary battery has a pretty impressive 2-4 month lifespan and their superior tech features include a sophisticated battery indicator that detects a true low battery so you only change it when it is depleted. For some people a battery change every 2-4 months is preferable over remembering to recharge daily. 

Transmitter Features

Multiple Frequencies: The standout feature on the eXtreme Dog Fence® transmitter is the multiple frequency selection. This feature ensures that your dog fence will work, uninterrupted, even if your neighbors install their own dog fence or there are other signal emitting devices around. 

Adjustable Boundary Zone: The boundary zone width adjustment on the eXtreme Dog Fence® system is completely digital so you can make really precise adjustments. The zone width can range from just a few inches to 32 ft. and the system is capable of remembering and returning to past settings. 

Temp Check & Wire Check: eXtreme Dog Fence® is known for their attention to detail and techie system components. Their patented Temp Check and Wire Check diagnostic features automatically sense and adjust for temperature and electrical changes that could impact the performance of the dog fence boundary wire. This may seem unimportant in average climates but can actually make a significant difference in very cold temperatures or areas where the power is spotty at times. 

10 Acre Capacity: The eXtreme Dog Fence® PRO-Grade dog fence is capable of installations of 25 acres or less. While other fences in the same price point offer greater coverage, 25 acres is more than enough for most urban and suburban properties. 

Lacks Battery Backup: Surprisingly, despite all the tech savviness at eXtreme Dog Fence®, this system lacks battery backup in case of power failure. While the transmitter is very reliable, if the power goes out and the boundary goes down, your dogs will be unprotected. 

PRO-Grade Upgrades

500 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Wire: Our Pro-Grade Kits include upgraded 14-gauge PRO-Grade wire. This heavy duty, polyelethene plastic coated wire is what would come with a professionally installed system like Invisible Fence®. Upgrading to thicker, more durable wire helps prevent costly and time-consuming wire breaks. 

50 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Twisted Wire: Although you could use two double long strands of wire to make your own twisted wire, this gets pretty messy and difficult if you need any decent length of it. Our PRO-Grade DIY dog fence kits save you the hassle by including 50 ft. of heavy duty pro-grade twisted neutral dog fence wire. 

External Surge Protection: External surge protection is the best thing you can do to protect your investment. Rather than let a rogue power surge blow your transmitter, simply plug in our heavy duty PRO-Grade surge protection module. This surge protector keeps your dog fence safe from lightening strikes and main power surges.  




Extended 10-Year Warranty: Our PRO-Grade systems are backed by an upgraded 10-year warranty. We extended the warranty to effectively triple the manufacturer's 1-year warranty. 

  • » For Dogs 8 - 120 lbs. 
  • » Lightweight Waterproof Collar
  • » Add Any Number Of Dogs (with additional collars)
  • » Multiple Frequency Selection
  • » Temp Check & Wire Check
  • » Made In USA

    The collar that is included with this eXtreme Dog Fence® in-ground fence system is powered by this battery:

  • Perimeter 6-Volt Battery (PTPRB-003) -The average life of this battery is 2-4 months.



PRO-Grade Kit Upgrades:

  • » 500 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Wire
  • » 50 ft. Pro-Grade Twisted Wire
  • » Heavy Duty Pro Surge Protector
  • » 10 Pro Gauge Dog Fence Staples

Customer Reviews (57)
Great wire, so much thicker than what they put in the kits. Review by nikhil (Posted on 4/27/2012)
Peace of mind...
What a great dog fence! We recently purchased, and we were excited to know that our dogs would be completely safe! The warranty also gives us peace of mind! It is such a great product: made in the USA, made durable!!! And you can not beat the price! Overall we are happy with our purchase! I am particularly please with the functionality of this fence, I love the digital display transmitter in comparison to previous fence systems I have own that only had a dial leaving you to guess at the distance of the range. The Perimeter ultimate is really a well designed fence system. Review by pstone (Posted on 1/20/2012)
Great fence that's worth the price. Definitely works!
When I first saw that the fence was almost 350.00 dollars, I was not very enthusiastic about buying. However, I have to say that it has worked amazingly for keeping my dog Buzz in our yard. Now Buzz can roam around the yard and interact with others without me having to worry about him getting out. I compared this fence system to the Petsafe fence brand I had actually bought one from Petco, but took it back because its was so flimsy, the wire was genrally cheap and I could tell from the big seem in the collar that their was no way it was actually water proof.

The best part for me: The collar is completely waterproof. My dog is a retriever and LOVES to go swimming. I'm glad I don't have to worry about taking the collar on and off like I've had to in the past with other brands.

All in all, I have to say it was VERY MUCH worth the price. :) i would defiantly recommend Flexpetz.com the company that sold it to me, they where very patient answering all my questions and also walked me through a bunch of trouble shooting.

Alto, TX.
Review by Tony Joseph (Posted on 1/2/2012)
I was very impressed with Flexpetz recommendation of this product, I had considered the wireless dog fence because I wasn't crazy about the idea of installing a wired system, but after reading many reviews and hearing Toms recommendation against one, I decided on the Ultimate. Tom was great at walking me through some of the challenges of installing the wired system, and it wasn't nearly as difficult as I had anticipated, took about a full day to install 1 acre of property. Well its been about 3 months now and my 3 dogs are perfectly contained, I just can't believe we didn't have this fence years ago, it sure makes owning a dog much easier, they also seem happier to run in the yard all day long.
We have used this product for 6 months now with no problems what so ever. Even if it ever breaks the warranty is awesome. Now we can let our most beloved best friends out in the yard without having any anxiety. Recommended for everyone!!!
Review by nikhil (Posted on 8/22/2011)
An excellent investment!
In 2011 I inherited 5 Bull Dogs from my Uncle. Yes five. It seems that I was the only member in the family that had enough acreage to house them. It really did not matter as I am a unconditional pet lover.

Anyway I came home from work one day and found two of them outside of the gate. We put them back in and watched to see how they were making there escape. They were literally digging under our fence.

Unfortunately we did not want to go through all of the work of tearing down and re installing a higher fence. My husband hates to work if he does not have to. Sound familiar ladies? lol. Anyway we started looking into other options and came across the FlexPets website. We decided to purchase the Perimeter Ultimate (PTPCC-300U) PRO-Grade with installation, the quality just seemed better than some of the others, we also love buying products made in the U.S.A. when we can, its worth paying a couple of extra bucks for quality in my opinion. I also loved the guys we bought it from, we dealt with a guy named Brian, who spent over an hour on the phone with us, and we still call once in a while to ask a question.

The prices for the invisible fence were so much cheaper than we had expected, we had gotten a quote from the actual Invisible Fence Brand company and they wanted almost Three Thousand dollars for installation, than they told us we had pay almost $200 dollars per year for batteries, well forget that this system cost about 600 dollars and took about a day to install.

So far we have not had any problems with it and it has been 3 years almost. I would truly recommend this fence to anyone that wants to keep your pets safe rather they are dogs or goats!
Debra Holmes
Atkins, VA
Review by Debra Holmes (Posted on 6/1/2011)
High quality & Useful product
This dog fence system is made from high quality materials and chew resistant plastics and the important thing is very useful to protect my dogs when they go around so I can controle my dogs where are they going... two thumbs up ! Thanks for the great suggestions from Flexpetz I was extremely impressed with their quick response to several training questions I had, definitely unexpected customer service from an on-line retailer. Review by frankrob63 (Posted on 3/14/2011)
Great Overall Dog Fence
This is a very high quality dog fence. Having this fence I will have a peace of mind that my two dogs are safe. This fence is very effective and worth the price. Overall great fence!! I am extremely please that this system is made in the U.S.A. and it was well worth paying a little more knowing this. The quality is outstanding and the heavy grade wire that comes with this system is by far superior to the very low end cheap wire that the manufacturers package with these types of systems. Years ago I had a petsafe system, which was truly low end I had nothing but problems, wire breaks, constant failures, I can tell already this this system is of much great quality. Review by TheDaBeast (Posted on 3/11/2011)
Quality Product, Affordable Price, Made here
I have two dogs, Brownie and Timmy in my family. I have raised them since they were a little pub. As a part time student and a mother, I really don't have time take my dogs outside 5 times a day. I had a traditional fencing system around my property which sure did cost me a lot of money, but didn't always keep my dog contained. One of the disadvantage of these traditional fencing system is that they are not quite effective enough to prevent my dogs from entering onto my neighbors property and a busy road just outside my house. I spent lot of money on that fencing but never had a peace of mind as I was
always worried about my dogs while at work and school.
From a friend of mine I heard about Perimeter Ultimate Dog Fence and the very moment I researched on this I was quite impressive as how easy it could be installed around my property with half the money I had spent for my traditional fencing. I spent less than $500 for this Flex Petz Ultimate fencing and I was quite surprised how it helped to contained my dogs within my yard. It was very easy to install and I found out that this Ultimate Fence is small pet friendly as well. Perimeter Ultimate Dog Fence is made here in USA and buying this product is helping our industries and jobs. Nevertheless now I have a peace of mind as I don't worry about my dogs no matter where I go and for how long. If you want some quality dog fence for reasonable/affordable price then go for Flex Petz Perimeter Ultimate Dog Fence and have that piece of mind.

Gunda Mahato
Arcadia, NE
Review by Gunda Mahato (Posted on 3/5/2011)
Great Price and Quality!
I have a 3 year old German shepherd named Frank, and I had been quite unsure of what to do before I purchased this particular dog fence. Frank loves exploring, and he's always digging holes in the yard, trying to tunnel under the fence. This is a headache in and of itself, but I've been mainly concerned that if he had gotten out, he possibly could've gotten into a confrontation with one of my neighbors' dogs, or one of the few stray dogs that roam around.

When I came across this dog fence, the price made me hesitate for a little while. However, after doing further research, and looking at the reviews from other customers, I decided to give it a shot. A professionally installed fence can be around a thousand dollars, give or take a few hundred, so $360 seemed pretty reasonable after I called a few companies. I can say that I am very pleased with the results I've had so far, he's been minding his own business in the yard. No more holes, and no more headaches about possible trouble. Also, it was fairly easy to install myself and saved me a good deal of money, so all around I'd say this is a fantastic product. Was also glad to find a product that was made in the U.S.A. I found out through some research that PetSafe and all the other retail brands are made in China. Having lost my job to a company that moved overseas I thought it was worth spending a little bit more to get something that is made here.
Review by srellis456 (Posted on 9/1/2010)
pricey but good quality
My husband and I recently moved to Florida and got a new dog. We are currently renting a house and the landlord is not the greatest at repairing our wooden fence in a timely manner, not to mention we have no fence in our front yard. We wanted a product to keep our pet safely in the yard but give him a chance to explore. This was easy to install and seems to keep our pet safe and happy and relieves us from worry. It's a little pricey, but works well and we haven't had any problems yet. One of the great things about this system is when we move we can take the main components with us and reinstall the wire. So definitely a worth while investment.

Merrit Island, Fl
Review by babs181 (Posted on 8/11/2010)
Very Happy
We have recently bought a new puppy and so we bought the Perimere Ultimate because we wanted to give are dog plenty of space to run. This product was on the top of are list because of the great price plus it was made in the USA. I love the product it was very easy to train are dog with it but I wish the battery in the collar would have a longer life span. Review by HappyDog (Posted on 3/22/2010)
Very awesome
This works amazing for keeping dogs in! My pesky little jack russel is always climbing fences and through small holes. I was particularity happy with the general construction of this system, in the past I have owned Invisible Fence Brand systems, this was about a fifth the cost with none of those pesky long term residual costs like expensive batteries and service calls.

Rome, Ny.
Review by Dominique (Posted on 2/11/2010)
Very good for price
Great system very impressed with the overall quality. I have two large Rottweilers on the system and the collars have withstood their play for over a year now, I couldn't be more happy. Review by masu485 (Posted on 1/11/2010)
Come here first and save yourself AND your pet!
With two big dogs and 3 small ones my family had to figure a way to keep them safe, fast!

We called Flexpetz.com and where given a quote which turned out to be about 1/5 the price of other competitors.

Since our family is on a budget we were super duper happy with this and waited for an install.

The install was so easy (or it appeared to be) and fast. We are happy, our dogs are ecstatic.

Thank you Flexpetz

Mary Doppling,
Rome, NY
Review by Mary (Posted on 2/21/2009)
I had had a professional installer come to my house to give me an estimate on these things and WOW. Seemed alot for the the amount of work involved. A friend recommended I check out Perimeter Ultimate products and I couldn't be happier with it. Super easy to set up and my dane in all his cleverness has yet to figure out get through it! Review by roadkilldxh (Posted on )
Great Product
I received the Perimeter Ultimate Fence as a gift, and after setting it up I was lost for words and very satisfied. Who could ask for a better product for your dogs especially if you have a huge yard like myself. Price was reasonable,I also love the warranty, and the water proof collar. I'm very blessed that I received this item as a gift not only for me but for my dog "Bruno" as well. I recommend this Fence to all animal lovers that has an outdoor pet. Thanks Review by nottheriot (Posted on )
Easy Installation, Reasonable price
We have two dogs in our family and they both are big, runner and good fence jumper. Everybody in our family are busy; either going to school or work so we don't have time to look after our dogs 24/7. One of the problem we were having with our fencing was it was short enough for both of our dogs to jump over it and go to the neighborhood. We received lot of complaints from our neighbors. When we heard about flexpetz we came to know their price was lot less than other companies selling similar services in the market (the only main difference is, we had to install it ourselves). We decided to go for flexpetz and found that their product Perimeter Ultimate Dog Fence was easy to install and very effective as well as we finally became successful in keeping our dogs contained within our perimeter. We are no longer chasing after our dogs in the neighborhood and no loner receiving complains from our neighbors as well. Perimeter Ultimate Dog Fence cost us around $400 which was under our budget compared to $1300 asked by other competitors available in market selling similar product. We are one satisfied customer of Flexpetz Perimeter Ultimate Dog Fence.
Every product comes with a warranty which gives peace of mind to the buyers. Great quality system I really can't understand what would make the Invisible Fence better considering it does the exact same thing, I can appreciate the fact that they install it for you and are professional, but really hen it comes down to it 900 extra dollars for 4 hours labor is a bit excessive in my opinion. The bottom line my two dogs are perfectly contained so basically that's what I wanted.
Review by Frank Thomas (Posted on 2/6/0913)

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