Over The Line!

So your dog is trained and your fence is working correctly, how do you take the dog for a walk outside the perimeter?

We told you while training that you should take the dog on walks. Be sure to take off their receiver collars! Also putting them in the car and then driving them over the boundary.You should repeat this for a while to make sure your dog really understands and knows to respect the boundary.


After a month or so, if you're sure your dog really understands the system, only then are you are ready to train them to be taken on walks without riding in the car. First pick a spot on the boundary as your gateway, always use this spot when taking your dog on a walk. Now take the collar off the dog and attach their non-electric collar and leash.


Walk the dog confidently over the boundary at the spot you chose.  If the first few times they resist don't be surprised. Be confident and firm as you stride across the boundary.

This is important!

You should enter and leave your containment zone from the same spot on the boundary and whenever the dog is on the leash. This quickly teaches that the boundary will not correct them with their master while the leash is on.

This should be the basics to get your dog to understand your electric dog fences and get your fuzzy friend off of his or her leash. Feel free to check out all of our other great guides on Flexpetz.com. Your 1 stop resource for electric dog fence information.