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Fence Any Landscape With Pet Playgroundz Dog Fencing

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  • Non-Electric Dog Fence
  • Fence Any Landscape With Pet Playgroundz Dog Fencing
  • Dog Fencing In Treed Areas
  • Non-Electric Fencing Kit Components
Pet Playgrounds Medium Dog Fence Kit - 250 ft.

Model: PP-M-250

Availability : In stock

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Regular Price: $1,949.99

Our Price: $1,714.99

Regular Price: $1,949.99

Our Price: $1,714.99


This humane, non electric dog fencing option is perfect for pet owners looking for a cost effective way to keep their pets safe.  This medium dog fence is 5 ft. tall and in the kit is everything necessary for self or professional installation.  That means no digging and no cement necessary.  A new innovative solution in the pet fencing world, this no chew, no climb, no dog fence can be installed over any terrain without landscape modification.





Invisible Non-Electric Fencing

Nearly Invisible: The use of dark components allows this fencing system to be nearly invisible in virtually any environment.  It is a great alternative for pet owners who don’t want to install a bulky privacy fence or an ugly chain link fence across a portion of their property.  The natural landscape of your property can and should be used when installing this fence.  Because it can be installed over any terrain, this fence allows you to utilize trees on your land in place of traditional fence posts.  It can easily be worked around boulders hills and water features to blend into the scenery.  To maximize the possible square footage of your enclosure, this kit is designed to be installed with your home or structure as one of the walls.  


Keeps Other Animals Out: A distinguishing feature of this medium dog fence system as compared to traditional electric fences is it’s ability to not only keep your dog safely within the boundaries of its enclosure, but to additionally, keep other animals out.  This provides extra safety by keeping stray dogs and cats, coyotes, and wolves away from your pets.  


Cost-Effective: Physical fences, like privacy fencing or chain link fencing can be costly, but coming in around $6.00 per linear ft., the Pet Playgrounds fence is an affordable option for dog owners.  In addition to its low cost as compared to traditional fencing, this fence system also reduces the costs of installation by eliminating the need for additional supplies like shovels and cement.  This also limits the amount of work necessary to install the fence.  Lastly, this fence is engineered to need less posts than traditional fences.  With the ability to space posts up to 25 ft apart, you will be free to work through and around existing landscaping.  


Chew, Dig, & Climb Resistant: The only safe fence is a fence that cannot be escaped from.  The Pet Playgrounds fence system has been specially designed to foil any escape attempts made by your dog.  Our climb proof, dig proof and chew proof system will keep your dog in.  The removal of a top rail from our system makes climbing impossible by removing the structure needed to jump over the fence.  Inward flared mesh material secured with kinked stakes leaves no room for digging, and our polypropylene coated metal hex wire creates a texture that is unpleasant and difficult to chew.  




Pet Playgroundz Fencing Kit Components

250 ft. Metal Hex Wire 
250 ft. Polypropylene Mesh
700 ft. Tension Cable
10 Posts 
4 Braces For Posts
12 No-Dig Sleeves
1 No-Dig Driver Cap    
7 Gripples   
60 Kinked Stakes
20 Eyebolts   
1 Hog Ringer Gun   
1000 Hog Ringers    rs    


  • 5 ft. Tall
  • 250 Linear Feet
  • Chew, Dig, Climb Resistant
  • 1000+ lbs. Break Strength
  • Nearly Invisible
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • No Landscape Modification Needed

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