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Non-Electric Dog Fence

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  • Non-Electric Dog Fence
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Pet Playgrounds Medium Dog Fence Kit - 200 ft.

Model: PP-M-200

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Regular Price: $1,749.99

Our Price: $1,514.99

Regular Price: $1,749.99

Our Price: $1,514.99


Pet Playgrounds fencing systems are designed for dog owners who want a more humane option than electric fencing and a less expensive option than traditional physical fences.  These nearly invisible fences combine the best of both worlds, allowing your pets a safe enclosure without expensive installation of bulky fences.  They are designed to be installed over any terrain.




Invisible Non-Electric Fencing

Nearly Invisible: For pet owners who don’t want the look of a bulky privacy or chain link fence, this nearly invisible fence is a great cost effective solution.  The dark components, and lack of a structural top rail allow it to blend seamlessly into virtually any environment.  It is encouraged that you use natural components in place of traditional fencing posts when installing this system.  These fences are designed to be installed along one side of your home or structure, maximizing the possible square footage of the enclosure and giving you a convenient way to let your pets in and out.  


Keeps Other Animals Out: A disadvantage of many electric fence systems is their inability to keep other animals out of your yard.  Pet Playgrounds systems are different in that they allow your dog the same enclosure area, but keep out other neighborhood animals like stray cats and dogs, or wild animals like coyotes and wolves.  


Cost-Effective: At about $6.00 per linear foot for DIY installation, Pet Playgrounds fencing kits are a very cost-effective containment option. Because the posts require no digging and no cement, the cost of labor, tools, and supplies is much lower than when installing traditional fencing.  Additionally posts can be spaced up to 25 ft. apart compared to 8-10 feet for traditional fencing. Lastly, this fencing can be installed anywhere and around any type of landscape.  Trees and other natural elements can be used in place of posts so there is never any need to modify your landscape.


Chew, Dig, & Climb Resistant: Pet Playgrounds unique dog fencing has been engineered to foil any attempts by your dog to climb, dig or chew their way out. Because the fence has no solid top rail, there is nothing for your dog to grasp or push off of, eliminating the possibility of climbing out.  In addition, the polypropylene coated metal hex wire of the mesh creates a texture that dogs and other animals don't like on their paws.  Lastly, the fence material flares inward at the bottom and is staked to the ground using specialized kinked stakes to keep dogs from digging out underneath the fence.


Easy To Customize & Expand: A major advantage to Pet Playgrounds fences, unlike traditional and chain link fencing, is that these fences don't require any digging or concrete. Post sleeves are driven into the ground using the no-dog driver cap, and can be installed anywhere. This allows for easy expansion and customization.  You can change the shape, work around tough terrain, or expand your fence without much trouble at all. Additional components can be purchased separately online allowing you to expand the fence at any later date. Gate kits may be purchased separately.




Pet Playgroundz Fencing Kit Components

200 ft. Metal Hex Wire 
200 ft. Polypropylene Mesh
500 ft. Tension Cable
8 Posts 
4 Braces For Posts
10 No-Dig Sleeves
1 No-Dig Driver Cap    
6 Gripples   
60 Kinked Stakes
16 Eyebolts   
1 Hog Ringer Gun   
1000 Hog Ringers     


  • 5 ft. Tall
  • 200 Linear Feet
  • Chew, Dig, Climb Resistant
  • 1000+ lbs. Break Strength
  • Nearly Invisible
  • Easy DIY Installation
  • No Landscape Modification Needed
  1. Very good fence setup. The dogs cannot dig under it and I love that feature. Review by Hanson George

    Originally, I thought I would have to go with a wired fence with an electrical shock in the collar. However, this got a bit pricey when adding 5 dogs to the Pro Grade fence system.
    What I ended up opting for is the Pet Playground fence system instead. I prefer not to shock the dogs, even though it's not a harmful shock (like a cattle type electric fence).
    The setup on these things is really a lot easier than I thought it would be. I didn't have to pour any cement or anything like that. I think that I might have made this investment a long time ago, if I'd known how easy it is.
    Now, if I get additional dogs for the family, I don't have to worry about buying another collar that will work with a shock fence. We're all covered.
    The price of a chain link fence is really high, so this Pet Playground is a very economical substitute and it's not as big a visual distraction as the chain link would be.
    Another big benefit of the Pet Playground over the static shock fences is that this fence will also keep the unwanted critters out of your yard. We have lots of coons and armadillos where we live and this helps keep them from exploring the trash cans.
    Whenever we decide to move, the fence is easy enough to disassemble and take with, so I won't have lost my investment.
    I would recommend this fence system to anyone with pets. This fence is very functional, covers many bases, and is surely not an eye sore for those who wish to sit out back and sip some lemonade.
    The Flexpetz crew are pretty good with assistance too, so they get my thumb up as well.

    Biddleford, ME

    (Posted on 4/28/2015)

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