Medium Dog In-Ground Fences

Dogs between 20 - 50 lbs. are the most common and the majority of dog containment and training products are designed to be suitable for a dog of average size and temperament. This means that there are more products appropriate for dogs of medium size than for very small or very large dogs. While this does give you more choice, it can also make it harder to weed through and choose the best system for your needs. We are always available to help you find the perfect system for you and your pets. Call us toll free or use our live chat to get expert advice and guidance in matching a system to your unique pet's needs. 

Electric Dog Fences For Medium Sized Dogs

Whether in-ground or wireless, the vast majority of electric dog fences are appropriate for all medium sized dogs. As with any training tool, your dog's temperament is a more important guiding factor than his weight, but starting your search using your dog's size can help you narrow the field more quickly. For very timid,   compliant, or submissive medium sized dogs, you may decide to also look at the products we've categorized for little dogs. Likewise if your medium sized dog has a history of difficulty with training or is a member of a guardian breed (as these breeds tend to have lower pain sensitivities)