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Tri-Tronics Classic 70 G3 Expandable Remote Trainer

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  • Tri-Tronics Classic 70 G3 Expandable Remote Trainer
  • Tri-Tronics Classic 70 G3 EXP Collar Black
  • Included in Tri-Tronics Classic 70 G3 EXP
Tri-Tronics Classic 70 G3 EXP Remote Trainer (Discontinued)

Model: TriTronics-5770100

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Regular Price: $366.99

Our Price: $319.99

The Tri-Tronics Classic 70 G3 EXP is expandable up to 6 dogs. With a slim profile, the transmitter is made for single hand, eyes-free use and features color-coded stim buttons that correspond to each of your dogs. A great remote trainer for any gun dog lover. 


  • Discontinued & Replaced By Garmin Tri-Tronics PRO 70
  • Allows easy one-hand operation without taking your eyes off your dog
  • Compact, tough, and dependable Receiver
  • 2 1/2” fixed Transmitter antenna with enhanced performance eliminating lost or broken antennas
  • 6 levels of continuous stimulation
  • A no-stim setting to avoid accidental stimulation
  • Consistent 1-mile range
  • Waterproof Transmitter & Receiver
  • Insulated contact points for reliable performance in wet conditions
  • Long & short contact points for different coat thickness
  • Stainless steel contact points minimize neck irritation on the dog
  • Transmitter button activates Tone signal on Receiver
  • Transmitter remotely operates accessories including the accessory Beeper and TracerTM Light
  • Transmitter stim button colors match collar strap colors to help identify dogs on multi-dog systems
  • Proprietary charging System: Charge indefinitely without damage and fully charge in two hours
  • Charging Adapters eliminate need for jacks or plugs on Transmitter and Receiver
  • Battery life indicator on Transmitter and Receiver so you know when to charge the system
  • Long lasting rechargeable, user replaceable, NiMH Batteries for Transmitter and Receiver
  • Easy to access Receiver on/off switch
  • Durable Carry/Storage Case with Dry Bag to keep Transmitter and charging system separate from wet muddy collars
  • 1 Charging Cradle
  • Rechargeable NiMH Batteries
  • Durable Storage Case
  • Original Roy Gonia Special Orange Whistle

  1. Great system Review by Jassi

    I read lots of reviews of many dneefrfit collars. The cheaper ones all seem to have issues after a short amount of use. I also did not want to be buying batteries every month. Another comment someone made was about being water proof. The last thing was the range needed to be more than 50 feet. This collar has so far been GREAT! It lasts for days on one charge, about 3 to 4 days constantly being on, the remote last even longer. I like having the ability to just vibrate the dog for correction as well. I don't have to use the Nick or Constant hardly at all. Only when he goes brain dead, i.e. another dog or something really interesting. Vibrate makes him stop what he's not suppose to be doing almost all the time. I try and use a command before I send a vibrate correction. I will say that the power level of this collar is controllable via the remote. DO NOT LET YOUR KID ALONE WITH THE REMOTE. I tired the shock collar on my self first and found that LVL 1-20 were barely noticeable. At lvl 30 I can hold on to it while pushing the constant button. I decided to turn the power up while holding it and pushing constant. When you get to lvl 40 it starts to hurt enough you don't want to hold it long. I am a big man 6'4 300 lbs and I stopped there. This thing goes to 127 on the dial. The reason I say don't let your kids play with it is because they will turn it up to high and shock your buddy till he cry's. My kids had the dial set at 80 and hit the button. My oldest told my youngest it was all right to do it. So you can guess what happened next. Poor dog screamed and ran to my wife because I had went to the garage to get something. The youngest was very upset at what she had done to the dog. She cried for quite sometime. I had the boy hold the collar after showing and letting him push the button on (while on 30) me. I wanted him to understand it hurts. He has not done it since. I wish they made them for kids as well, I could see these being useful LOL. Oh and the collar buckle is metal and the actual belt material is VERY strong and also water proof. I had to wash the whole thing after my dog rubbed his neck in $h!t. So I was thankful I bought the water proof one. I also looked at other sites for reviews before deciding on this collar I would tell anyone with a stubborn dog that is 30 + lbs to get this collar. It works GREAT on my male 95lb Black Lab that just turned 1 yr old.Chris (Posted on 3/31/2013)

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Comment / Questions about Tri-Tronics Classic 70 G3 EXP Remote Trainer (Discontinued)

Richard Kerr
January 04, 2015

I have one just like this and the transmitter has stop working. Do you have any idea as to how I can get this to work. I put a new battery in it and it still does not work. I need help.Do you know where I can send it to get it fixed.


I have inquired about repairs from Garmin. They do not repair any equipment. Replacement is the only option. I can help you with a replacement transmitter. Please give me a call and I will place an order for a new compatible Garmin Tri Tronic Classic 70 G3 EXP Remote. Garmin Tri-Tronics Pro 70 Mike McCain "Senior Dog Fence Tech" Sales Manager 800-396-5517 Toll Free 321-499-3941 Direct Line We have the FREE Tech support to make this DIY project easy for you.

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