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Innotek Basic Contain 'N' Train Dog Fence

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Innotek Basic Contain 'N' Train Dog Fence

Model: SD-3000

Availability : Out of stock


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Upgraded Warranty

Regular Price: $189.99

Our Price: $169.99


 This entry-level containment and remote training combo system is a bare bones version of the UltraSmart Contain N Train. The system uses one collar with both the containment transmitter and a handheld training remote allowing you to utilize the remote training function in your home or yard as well as when you’re out and about.


While we like the idea of a double duty product like this, we worry about confusing the dog and undermining the training by using the remote training feature within the bounds of the fence. Because the correction is the same for the remote trainer and the fence, discretion and careful training is needed to ensure that the dog understands the difference between the correction associated with the boundaries of his space and the correction associated with the remote training.


Although very basic, the system is reliable and can power up to 5 acres. The system is compatible with multiple dogs, but only one collar can be associated with the remote training function, additional collars will only be triggered by the fence.


The limitations of this system include a non-rechargeable collar and non-adjustable correction levels.


SUMMARY: A decent system for those people who really need the remote training feature and aren’t willing to spring for the more expensive (but discontinued) Ultrasmart Contain N Train. The cost of replacing the battery every two months should be considered in addition to the upfront cost.





• Transmitter

• Receiver Collar

• 500 ft. Of 20-Gauge Boundary Wire

• Training Remote

• 50 Training Flags

• Owner’s Manual and Training DVD

• 2 Waterproof Wire Splices

• Set Of Each Long And Short Collar Prongs



• Remote Training: The Contain N Train collar is multipurpose receiver that communicates with both the boundary wire of your fence and the handheld training remote. The remote has a 150-yard range and 4 correction levels plus praise and discipline tones.

• Single Correction Level: The fence system has only one progressive correction level for all collars. Individual correction adjustments are not possible making this system appropriate only for medium-sized dogs (20 lbs. and up).

• Non-Rechargeable Battery: Unlike the more robust Innotek pet fence systems, the SD-3000 does not feature the handy rechargeable collar. The generic 3V battery that powers the collar can be found at just about any convenience store but costs about $5 and needs to be changed every two months or so.



• Multi-dog Ready: The SD-3000 containment system can handle an unlimited number of dogs with the addition of extra collars. However, the remote training feature can only be associated with one collar on the system.



• Limited Lifetime: The warranty covers full replacement of the unit for one year. After that you are eligible for discounted, fixed rate repairs.


A diluted version of the Ultra-Smart Contain N Train, this system is reliable but very basic. A multi-purpose system, the Contain N Train combines a containment fence and remote trainer. The non-rechargeable receiver collar communicates with both the boundary wire and the handheld remote. The containment system offers a single correction level for all collars and can handle up to 25 acres. The handheld remote has 4 correction levels as well as positive and negative tones and a range of 150 yards.


Collar Features

  • Water Resistant Collar
  • Replaceable Common battery
  • High Progressive Stimulation
  • Sure Contact Probes
  • 1 Year Warranty

System Features

  • Hand remote feature (Activate to warn or Correct your dog, Works as a training aid in conjunction to a containment system)
  • Variable Distance control switch (Adjust distance field from 1-25 feet from the wire)
  • Covers up to 25 Acres
  • Includes all necessary installation material
  • Visual Break alert
  1. Ok it works but just barely Review by arlypn78

    The collar is clunky, the systems works sporadically, the wire is very low grade and keeps breaking over and over again, have had the SD-3000 for over a year now and it has been nothing but problems, stay away from this system (Posted on 6/29/2013)

  2. Good Basic Training Aid Review by Kristina

    This system is horrible, returning it today not worth the money. (Posted on 6/28/2013)

  3. Great product Review by Robert

    Pretty much a piece of Junk, clunky collar and works sporadically in retrospect i wish I had bought a nicer system, this one performs, but just barely. (Posted on 6/28/2013)

  4. Very Useful, Easy Set Up Review by Kenny

    First of this product is real easy to set up, which is a plus in my book. Second, I feel training my dog are much safer using the Contain and Train. The only problem is it was more then I could afford, but that's only a minor gripe since it's less expensive then similar products. (Posted on 6/27/2013)

  5. Good Quality Review by Ana B.

    This is a good quality dog fence that is very reasonably priced But the collars are quite large, and I just don't feel like the general construction is very good, also not very happy with the batteries they are difficult to find and very expensive, In retrospect I would have bought a more expensive system if I had know the quality would be this poor. (Posted on 1/29/2013)

  6. Great buy! Review by Simon

    I have been looking for a quality dog fence for a while but I was confused by all the specs. Fortunately the staff at Flex Pets were very helpful and I decided to opt for the basic option as it was excellent value for an efficient system. I'm very pleased with my investment, the visual break alert is my favorite feature. I also recently bought the contain and train remote system and it has worked out very nicely as far as jumping and barking. The quality doesn't look as good as some of the other systems, but was definitely cheaper. (Posted on 12/27/2011)

  7. Does the job.... Review by Bonnie J.

    I'm not one who likes parting with my money real easily, but I have a couple of dogs that are my world, and I'm not about ready to take the chance of losing them in all my unfenced acreage that my property has.... I looked up some Wonderful reviews on the lower priced "nnotek Basic Contain 'N' Train (SD-3000)", and decided to give it a try.... My husband and I set it up. and it was so easy to put together. As far as it working, it's been a Dream come True" for us ..... Setting boundaries for our "Babies", have taken away all the anxiety we once had in letting them run off all the energy they have inside...

    Ottsville, Pa (Posted on 1/27/2011)

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