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iuc 5100

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  • iuc 5100
  • train and contain dog fence system
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Innotek UltraSmart Contain 'N' Train

Model: IUC-5100

Availability : Out of stock


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Regular Price: $499.99

Our Price: $399.95

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Innotek Contain N Train For Dogs Over 20 lbsThe Innotek IUC-5100 uses one collar for both in-ground electric dog fence containment and remote training. Using the best-selling Innotek UltraSmart In-Ground Fence as a basis, the IUC-5100 adds the ability for occasional remote training both at home and away with no need to change collars. The fence system component can handle any number of dogs with the purchase of additional collars. However, the remote training feature is limited to only two of those collars at a time.The rechargeable, fully waterproof collar is a little larger due to the additional remote training components but does feature the same contoured design as the smaller IUC-4100 receiver. The system does require a bit of extra attention during the training phase as care must be taken to avoid confusion about the boundaries. It is recommended that dogs be fully trained on the fence system first for at least 3 months before introducing the remote training function.




Innotek Contain N Train System Includes


500 ft. of boundary wire (20-gauge)
100 ft. of Twisted Wire (20-gauge)
2 Waterproof Wire Splices
50 Boundary Flags
Receiver Collar
Collar Charging Station
One Set Each Long & Short Prongs
Instruction Manual and Training DVD





Innotek Contain N Train Collar FeaturesRechargeable: The rechargeable lithium-ion battery takes only two hours to charge and lasts about a month in the fence only mode but only 3 days if left in remote training and fence mode.

Waterproof: The receiver collar is fully waterproof and durable. The collar has no external buttons or controls and can be fully submerged so it’s great for water installations.  

Fit Test: This useful feature helps to minimize training problems associated with ill-fitting collars. In order to function properly the collar pongs must make constant contact with the dog’s skin without being overly tight. The Fit Test diagnostic feature runs a quick test each time you take it from the charging cradle to ensure the fit is just right.

Long & Short Prongs Included: The system includes long and short collar contact prongs for use with long or short haired dogs.

Compatible With Indoor & Outdoor Pawz Away Zones: The IUC-5100 collar is compatible with PetSafe's Indoor and Outdoor Paws Away Pet Barrier Zones, which create circular exclusion zones to keep your dog out of certain areas.  

One Correction Setting For All Dogs: The lack of external controls improves durability, but also means that every collar on the system uses the same correction level setting. This makes the system less appealing for households with dogs of varying sizes.

Bulkier Collar: The extra remote training capability translates to a larger collar size. The increased size and weight means that this collar is suitable for dogs over 20 lbs. 

Short Battery Life in Training Mode: Although the collar has decent battery life when used in containment mode only, the battery life declines sharply when used in training mode. You can expect to charge your collar every 3 days when using it in trianing mode. 




Innotek Contain N Train Transmitter FeaturesField Size: The IUC-5100 is capable of powering up to 25 acres and has a switch that allows you to set the system signal strength to low or high for small or large installations.

Signal Field Width: This dial allows you to set the width of the boundary zone. A larger zone is easier to train and works to prevent run-through, but too large a zone will eat into the usable safe space. For most installations a field with of 3-5 ft. is suitable.

Wire Break Alert: Set the volume of the alarm that will sound to let you know there is a wire break.

Transmitter Battery Back-Up: Should the main power fail the system will run for about 3 days on battery backup mode. The transmitter requires 8 AAA batteries to function on battery mode.

Lightening Protection: The IUC-5100 comes with external lightening surge protection. The module is installed between the transmitter and boundary wire and protects your transmitter from electrical surges due to lightening strikes. A nice extra feature especially for very large installations or those in lightening prone areas. 

3 System-Wide Correction Levels: The IUC-5100 offers 3 progressive levels of correction that are set at the transmitter level. This means that all collars on the system are subject to the same correction level setting. Since there are only 3 choices (low, medium, and high) this system isn't great for multi-dog households where the dog's sizes vary greatly. 





Innotek Contain N Train Remote Features9 Correction Levels: The training remote features 9 levels of static correction in addition to a tone-only. Each dog can be corrected independently or both at the same time. 

2 Dog Capacity: The IUC-5100 remote trainer can handle two dogs at once with individual corrections or corrections on both collars simultaneously. 

Confusion: While the remote training can be a very useful additional feature, it can also lead to confusion on the part of the dog which can ultimately undermine the training on the containment fence. It's important to ensure your dog is fully trained on the fence first before beginning to use the remote training feature. You'll need to devote as much time to training on the remote trainer as you did on the fence. 

Short Range: Although Innotek claims a 150 yard range on the remote, in reality it doesn't come anywhere near that in our experience. We found the signal became pretty unreliable at around the 50 yard mark, merely a third of the manufacturer claimed range. This renders the remote useful for close off-leash training only (like a fenced dog park or back yard) and really not very suitable for off-leash training in a wide open public space. 




Limited Lifetime: The limited lifetime warranty offers full replacement coverage for one full year after which time the company offers a lifetime of fixed rate repairs or replacements. 

  • For Dogs 20+ lbs.
  • Rechargeable Collar
  • Collar Fit Test™  (Active Status Alert)
  • External & Internal Surge Protection
  • Battery Backup
  • Indoor & Outdoor Pod Compatible
  1. Wonderful Review by Nikki

    Have you ever priced traditional fencing or manufactorer installed invisible fencing? I did and I was resigned to walking my dog for the rest of our lives - sigh. But when my daughter begged for a puppy, I thought no way am I walking two dogs that often! So I searched the internet for a way to make it work. That's when I found the Flex Petz wesite and this great product. Now I have an older dog and a puppy who are both very happy running about the yard. They still get walks - but I don't have to take them in the rain or snow. Happy Face! (Posted on 3/21/2013)

  2. So Easy! Review by Michael Williams - North Carolina

    My main concern in buying a system was setting it up and using it. I am not very handy when it comes to these types of things. The instructions and training information and DVD that came with this fence were great! I also really appreciated the customer support of FlexPetz. I was able to install, set-up, and use the system without having to call in other family members to help me. I just want others to know not to be scared of the process. (Posted on 1/30/2013)

  3. A DIY Believer Review by Jeff

    I had an invisible fence installed at my previous house. My dog did really well with it. I wasn't happy about how much I spent on batteries and maintenance. We recently moved to a new house and I decided to install a fence for my dog myself.

    I did a lot of research, and chose this Innotek system. It look me about a day to install. The system works just as well as my old invisible fence did. The biggest difference is the rechargeable dog collar. My years of spending big bucks on dog collar batteries are over! (Posted on 1/16/2013)

  4. Better features than the pro installed system Review by Elaina

    I had a quote from the local invisible fence guy for a fence for Shepard my mix breed dog. In addition to keeping him in the yard, I wanted to use the remote trainer I currently had for keeping him from jumping on people.
    Not one of the local guys had a system that could do both. I hated the idea of Shep wearing 2 electric dog collars. I decided to do a little research to see if a system existed that could do both functions at the same time.
    I found this fence and was very happy. We installed it about 5 months ago. It is great. Shep doesn't have to wear 2 electric collars and I saved a lot of money. A winner on all fronts! (Posted on 1/3/2013)

  5. The Best! Review by John

    Okay, I could go on a huge ramble about the many things that this system offers and about how the price is one of the best you will find. Instead I am going to just state that throughout all of my time using different systems and watching as they failed me each time I never once tried so hard to find a flaw as I have with this system. With the other the flaws jumped out at me demanding my attention, but this one has not yet shown me and downside to me purchasing it. In all it’s the best but I suggest you try it and see just what I mean. Thank you FP!
    -John Quigg, IL (Posted on 12/15/2012)

  6. Excellent system Review by Marie and Parker

    This dog fence does it all. It even includes a remote trainer that you can use inside your dog fence. Parker, my energetic yellow lab, was never tired after I walked him (3 times a day) I knew he needed more exercise than what I could give him. We decided a dog fence was necessary.

    It's hard to know what system is best for your dog. I had a lot of questions. I called flexpetz to see what they would recommend. The operator went over several fences with me and asked me several questions to make sure they were suggesting the right solutions for Parker.

    I am thrilled with the low battery light and the rechargeable battery. The best feature is the remote trainer. I was having a problem with Parker jumping up on everyone that came to our door. The remote stopped that behavior. All I needed to do was hit the button to make his collar beep. After a few instances, Parker knew not to jump on people.

    I am thrilled with my purchase and the customer service I have received from Flexpetz! (Posted on 12/13/2012)

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Comment / Questions about Innotek UltraSmart Contain 'N' Train

Jeff Yoder
November 19, 2014

I need a replacement 5225 collar, the cover has fallen off an exposed the circuit board.
can you help me with this?


This collar is getting harder and harder to find. At this time we are out of stock for replacement collars. We do have complete systems in stock for $399.99. This would get you the collar, back up transmitter and charger. If your interested you can find it at this link. https://www.flexpetz.com/innotek-iuc-5100-contain-and-train.html

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