Information on U.S. membership in FLEXPETZ

Information on U.S. membership in FLEXPETZ,effective March 1, 2008:

  • A monthly Membership Fee of $99.95 which contributes towards providing full care for all the dogs at each FLEXPETZ location.
  • Daily Doggy Time charge (Daily Doggy Time is equal to a day, or part of day, you spend with a FLEXPETZ dog) at a rate of $45.00 per day.
  • You will be billed for 4 Daily Doggy Times per month. You are not required to take out a Flexpetz for any set number of days, but you will be billed for these minimum four days regardless of actual usage  at a rate of $45.00 per day.
  • Your Membership includes  a mandatory in-home training/introduction session with a FLEXPETZ trainer. This session covers an introduction to our dogs, dog handling and training (to maintain consistency) and answers to any general questions you and your family may have (we encourage the whole family to attend).  Having completed the training/introduction session you will then be provided with access to the online reservation system where you can then reserve any of our FLEXPETZ dogs. The total cost of this in-home orientation is $150.00.
  • FLEXPETZ membership also entitles you to a free Convenience Package that includes a dog bed, food/water bowls and a custom leash. For each night that you plan to keep a FLEXPETZ dog, we will provide you with pre-packed food.
  • Most FLEXPETZ locations have a shuttle service that can deliver and collect a FLEXPETZ dog to your home or office. Fees vary by location but are generally $25.00 per single trip.
  • Please note that at time of registration, you will be billed for the following: the in-home introduction session at $150,00; an annual administration fee of $99.00; your first month’s membership fee of $99.00 (prorated to the first of the following month); the four minimum monthly Daily Doggy Time usage days at $45.00 per day (also prorated to the first of the following month).
  • At FLEXPETZ we want you to be comfortable with your decision to become a Member, so there is no minimum length of membership; however,  we do request 30 days notice to cancel.


All FLEXPETZ dogs are fitted with GPS-tracking collars to ensure we can locate the dog in the event that it decides to go walkies on its own! The device is only activated when you call our customer service number who can then give you “up to the second” information on the dog’s location. Your Membership card contains full contact information for use in the event of any emergency.

General Terms and Conditions

There is no minimum length of membership but we do request 30 days notice to cancel. The monthly membership fee and the minimum usage days are payable monthly in advance: additional Doggy Time charges are paid monthly in arrears on or about the 1st day of each month.

Unused Doggy Time included in the monthly membership package does not roll-over to the following month.

Once you register as a member of an active location, your account will be active within 24 hours. At that time you will be contacted by us to arrange a convenient time for the in-home orientation. IMPORTANT: We understand that schedules can change and should you need to cancel your scheduled Orientation session, you should do so through the appointment system (details will be included in your original orientation email confirmation).


Member agrees to pay an Inconvenience Fee of $75.00 per day, in addition to any Doggy Time Charges, if the FLEXPETZ dog is not returned on the last day of the reservation period. Please note that we understand that plans can change and a Member may not be able to get to the FLEXPETZ facility prior to it closing at 6 PM. If the Member returns the FLEXPETZ dog to the FLEXPETZ facility between opening time (7 AM) and the start of the next reservation period (8 AM), then the Member will not be charged the Inconvenience Fee.