Indoor Dog Fence

Protect Your Dog with an Indoor Dog Fence

No more garbage diving and getting sick

What Is an Indoor Dog Fence?

An indoor dog fence works similar to the way that an outdoor invisible fence® does. A small, circular disk emits a radio signal that communicates with your dog’s collar. When your dog approaches the boundary zone, he will receive a warning tone, and then a correction if the dog keeps going forward.

There are many places that an invisible barrier can keep your dog away from. You can safely keep your dog out of trash cans, off of furniture, and out of bedrooms or closets. They are also a great way to keep your dog from running through open doors. Many indoor dog fences work with a wireless device that is small and discreet. The signal that is created is silent and harmless to your dog and to your family.

Is It Safe?

The mild shock that your pet receives from the indoor dog fence will not harm him in any way. It is a static shock that will be more surprising to him than painful. After a few times, your dog will learn to respect the boundaries you have set for him.

Indoor Systems

We sell a variety of PetSafe® indoor dog fence systems. Some systems are completely wireless and run on batteries. Some barriers are designed to work for cats and dogs alike. There are indoor systems for small dogs, as well as ones for extra-large & stubborn dogs.

Portable Systems

The great thing about your indoor dog fence is that it is truly portable. This makes them perfect for taking them along with you whenever you travel.

Can I Use a Pet Barrier With My Electric Dog Fence?

Absolutely. The two systems work independently from each other and neither one will keep the other one from working. The great thing is that your dog will only have to wear one collar, which will work with the dog fence and the indoor barrier. The only thing you need to make sure of is that the collar and the fences all come from the same manufacturer.

If you contact our expert customer service line at (800) 396-5517, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have about an indoor invisible fence®.

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