PetSafe Ultrasonic Indoor Bark Control

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The Indoor Ultra-Sonic Bark Control PBC-1000 system sends a High pitched ultra sonic tone that only your dog can hear. This high pitched tone interrupts and confuses your dogs bark pattern and teaches him to avoid loud excessive barking. The PBC works inside and covers a can be activated by a bark within 25 feet of the base unit, you can also buy multiple units to cover a larger area. This unit is completely wireless and operates from a nine volt common battery; you can also operate the system manually or move it from place to place.

What Comes With It:

Indoor Bark Control

  • Creates a Bark Free Zone Inside Your Home
  • No Dog Collar Is Necessary
  • 25 Foot Range
  • Counter Top Or Hand Held Option
  • Works on Dogs of all Sizes and Temperaments

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Customer Reviews (1)
Works Too Good
Being the owner of a nuisance dog is no fun at all so I was super happy when this arrived and to see how well it worked. I have a perky jack russell that barks at anything that moves. The sound from the PetSafe Ultrasonic Bark Control seems to really get his attention and quiet him up. The unfortunate thing is that it will pick up on the tv if it is loud or anyone raising their voice so now my boy cowers from the tv and conversation as well. Also taking the battery in and out to power the device down is not the easiest. A power button would help but overall I would recommend this as it does work as promised. Review by Desiree (Posted on 12/23/2014)
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