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The Innotek SD-2100 is the mid-range offering from Innotek and is ideal for households with one or more medium sized dogs where the dogs are all about the same size and temperament. This is because while the system offers adjustable correction level setting, it is system wide, so all collars on the system will be subject to the same correction strength. The SD-2100 is a good option for those on a budget because it's a reliable system that does have two really key features - adjustable correction and a rechargeable collar. 



50 Boundary Flags
Instruction Manual and Training DVD
2 Sets of Collar Prongs (long/short)
Receiver Collar



Rechargeable NiHM Battery: The SD-2100 collar is rechargeable but uses the older NiHM technology, which isn't quite as good as the newer Lithium Ion battery found in the more high-end pet fence systems. The battery needs  8 hours to fully charge. The battery charge lasts a month or so. The collar charging cradle is built in to the top of the transmitter unit. It's convenient because it's one less do-dad to keep track of, but it does make a super annoying humming sound when charging.

Long & Short Contact Points Included: Generously, Innotek includes both long and short contact points so people with longer-haired dogs are not forced to buy more contacts to accommodate their furry friends. 

Indicator Light: Unlike the SD-2000, the 2100 does have a low battery indicator light so you know when to charge the battery.

3 Progressive System-Wide Correction Levels: The collar has 3 correction level settings. The corrections are progressive so they'll start at the lowest strength within the setting you've chosen and increasingly get stronger if the dog continues towards the border. Unfortunately, the correction levels are also system-wide meaning you cna;t have a lower setting for a smaller dog and a stronger setting for the bigger dog. 



25 Acre Capacity: The system can handle up to 25 acres which is more than enough for most residential installations. There is a field size switch that let's you boost the signal strength for bigger installations.

Field Width Adjustment: A standard and useful feature, the field width adjustment lets you customize the size of the boundary warning and correction zone to maximize yard space or prevent run-throughs.

Battery Backup: A nice feature on this system is the battery backup on the transmitter. If your power goes out, the backup battery will continue to power your dog fence so you don't experience any down time where your dogs are unprotected.

Correction Level Switch: Choosing between levels 1, 2, or 3 will set the correction level for all the collars on the fence system. The adjustable correction is a good feature but for multi-dog households we prefer to be able to adjust each collar individually. These PetSafe systems have individual correction level setting for each collar: <a href=”XXX”>Little Dog</a>, <a href=”XXX”>Stubborn Dog</a>, and <a href=”XXX”>Deluxe systems</a>.

Collar Recharge Indicator: This relatively useless feature is supposed to let you know when the collar needs charging. The indicator light on the collar is much more accurate and more likely to be seen. Fortunately you can disable this feature to avoid the constant beeping.



Limited Lifetime Warranty: Like most in-ground dog fences, the Innotek SD-2100 comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Limited in the sense that it’s actually only a full replacement warranty for the first year- after that you’ll get a lifetime of discounted repairs.




  • Fully Rechargeable Collar
  • Small Collar (30% smaller then the UltraSmart System)
  • Fits Dogs From 15-100 lbs.
  • Anti-Linger (prevents sitting in the warning zone)
  • Fully Waterproof 
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Run-Through Protection
  • Can Cover Up To 25 Acres (with additional wire)
  • Battery Backup Included

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