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SportDOG Containment Fence PRO-Grade

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  • SportDOG Pro-Grade Containment Fence
  • PetSafe Compatible Collars
SportDOG Containment Fence PRO-Grade

Model: SDF-100A-PRO

Availability : In stock



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Regular Price: $499.99

Our Price: $459.95

Regular Price: $499.99

Our Price: $459.95

Overview SportDOG SDF-100A PRO-Grade ManualProduct Manual
The SportDOG Containment Fence is a solidly built, reliable system that is geared towards large rural properties and medium to large dogs. The collar is fantastically waterproof and won't be ruined by dogs who swim with it on. The collar is also pretty big and bulky. It simply won't fit dogs with necks smaller than 13" and the correction settings are too strong for dogs under about 20 lbs. Fortunately, the PetSafe In-Ground collars are also compatible with this fence system so you can find a collar suitable for any dog from 5 lbs up. Correction level settings are unique for each dog on the system and are set right on the collar.

Kit Includes
  • PRO-Grade 14-Gauge Wire (1000 ft.)
  • PRO-Grade 16-Gauge Twisted Wire (50 ft.)
  • PRO-Grade Surge Protection Module
  • PRO-Grade Dog Fence Staples (10)
  • SportDOG Transmitter
  • Waterproof Collar Receiver
  • 2 Waterproof Splice Kits
  • 100 Training Boundary Flags
  • Long and Short Receiver Contacts
  • Installation/Training Manual

PetSafe Stubborn Dog Fence CollarPetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence CollarPetSafe Cat Fence CollarPet Safe Deluxe UltraLight In-Ground Fence CollarPetSafe Indoor Pet Barrier Transmitter

Collar Features

Exceptional Waterproofing: The SportDOG collar is really well waterproofed. This is a rough and tumble collar designed for big sporting dogs and it can take plenty of abuse including being submerged. There are no external buttons or controls that could let moisture in and even the battery compartment requires a screwdriver to get into. This collar has no trouble going for a swim so it's great for waterfowlers and properties with streams, lakes, ponds, and the like.

Includes Long & Short Contact Points: The SportDOG Containment Fence is one of the only dog fence systems that includes both long and short contact points in the fence kit. Most kits include only the standard length contact points and force you to buy the longer separately for dogs with long or thick coats.

5 Progressive Individual Correction Settings:The SportDOG collar has 5 progressive correction level setting plus tone and vibration. Each collar on the system can have it's own unique correction settings and there is no limit to the number of collars that can be simultaneously in use with this fence.

Standard 9-Volt Battery:We always prefer rechargeable battery collars both for the convenience, the long-term money savings, and the environmental friendliness. If a collar does not have a rechargeable battery, the next best thing is a generic user-replaceable battery. The SportDOG Containment Fence collar uses a run-of-the-mill 9-volt that you can buy at your local convenience store or grocery store.

Transmitter Features

Largest Capacity: The SportDOG Containment Fence is really the only fence system on the market that can handle up to 100 acres.

Adjustable Frequency: The transmitter can be set to operate in either 7K or 10K frequency. This is particularly useful when a neighbor also has an in-ground fence system. When two in-ground fence systems operating on the same frequency are too near each other they may interrupt or even cancel each other's signals. 

Grounding Terminal: Because the SportDOG system is geared towards large properties, the transmitter includes a terminal for a grounding wire. Those in a lightening prone area with a large installation often prefer to install a grounding rod to protect their system from lightening strike surges that can fry the transmitter. 

Compatible With PetSafe In-Ground Collars: The SportDOG Containment Fence Transmitter is completely compatible with 4 PetSafe in-ground fence collars. This cross-compatibility is really essential for pet owners with smaller or more sensitive dogs since the SportDOG collar is big and bulky and not suitable for dogs under about 20 lbs. 

Lacks Battery Backup: Battery backup is a feature we would like to see on the SportDOG system. Given that the system is aimed at large properties where dogs may be quite far from the house, battery backup in the case of power failure would seem warranted. 

PRO-Grade Upgrades

1000 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Wire: Our Pro-Grade Kits include upgraded 14-gauge PRO-Grade wire. This heavy duty, polyelethene plastic coated wire is what would come with a professionally installed system like Invisible Fence®. Upgrading to thicker, more durable wire helps prevent costly and time-consuming wire breaks. 

50 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Twisted Wire: Although you could use two double long strands of wire to make your own twisted wire, this gets pretty messy and difficult if you need any decent length of it. Our PRO-Grade DIY dog fence kits save you the hassle by including 50 ft. of heavy duty pro-grade twisted neutral dog fence wire. 

External Surge Protection: External surge protection is the best thing you can do to protect your investment. Rather than let a rogue power surge blow your transmitter, simply plug in our heavy duty PRO-Grade surge protection module. This surge protector keeps your dog fence safe from lightening strikes and main power surges.  

10 Heavy Duty Ground Staples: Ground staples are perfect for laying out your dog fence wire or for installations that run through terrain where burying the wire is difficult or impossible. Our heavy duty ground staples are guaranteed to keep your dog fence wire in place.


Extended 3-Year Warranty: Our PRO-Grade systems are backed by an upgraded 3-year warranty. We extended the warranty to effectively triple the manufacturer's 1-year warranty. 

  • For Dogs 20+ lbs.
  • Add Any Number Of Dogs (With Additional Collars)
  • 100 Acre Capacity 
  • Collar Powered by Standard 9 Volt Battery
  • Tone + Vibration Warning (Great for Deaf and Hearing Impared)


PRO-Grade Kit Upgrades:

  • 1000 ft. Heavy Duty Pro-Grade Wire
  • 50 ft. Pro-grade Twisted Wire
  • Heavy Duty Pro Surge Protector
  • 10 Pro Grade Dog Fence Staples
  1. My Shepard was able to adapt to this system the first day Review by Paul Litermoore

    I had a hard time finding my pet in our 30 acres, this systems gives me the security of knowing my pet is safe.
    Thank you for all your training techniques! Also installation videos that was very helpful. (Posted on 1/4/2016)

  2. Perfect system for my Pit. Review by Christy M.

    My pit and I just relocated and are lucky to have gained a lot more land for him to run on. I noticed that he liked to explore his new area but was uncomfortable with the thought of him leaving me forever or getting lost. Happy I purchased this package and will be able to keep him near but still have plenty of room. This system is good for up to 100 acres I believe, but I only have 25 so it offers plenty of coverage.

    I hired a small crew through a local labor finder and had my system installed in less then 8 hours and was training my dog that day. He seems to understand exactly what he is supposed to do and not to around those flags. Anyways great system and great quality of product and customer service.

    Service I can smile to!

    Lexington, NC (Posted on 6/21/2015)

  3. The best in ground fence system is the SportDOG system. The upgrade is worth the extra money. Review by Clark Morris

    I've spoken with lots of people, asking for opinions on the in ground fence systems that are out there, and what their experiences were.
    My friend Mike, told me about the company Flexpetz, which sells these type of fence systems online. I looked at their website, and was very pleased at how easy it is to navigate and locate the items you are looking for.

    I selected the Pro Grade version of the SportDOG fence (it also comes in a regular factory package). I liked the fact that the Pro Grade comes with much better wire, and will allow me to send the transmitter and collar back, in exchange for something with stronger corrections, if it's needed within the first year.

    The fence was easy enough to setup. It took a few weekend hours to cover an acre. After it was setup, I used the test tool to walk the perimeter and make sure the collar is functioning properly. No issues.

    The collar runs on a 9 volt battery, so I don't have to get online or go hunting down a proprietary replacement when it runs low.

    All in all, the SportDOG Pro Grade fence is a very good, robust dog fence system. I am very happy with the system and look forward to many many years of solid performance.

    Thanks to Flexpetz and everyone who played a part in my decision and purchase.

    Auburn, Alabama
    (Posted on 5/23/2015)

  4. Peace of mind... Review by Jen and Greg

    We purchased this system awhile ago for our property in Georgia. We like to take our dogs hunting with us and also love that they can roam freely around our property, knowing that they wont try to leave. They tend to be kind of curious but this system works on keeping them around.

    We love the outdoors and like to get away to stress free getaways. Knowing that I wont have to go find a dog in the next area code is helpful. The dogs have fun, we take it easy and all of us win. Thanks to the support we received from FlexPetz's customer service. They were able to walk us through how to "tweak" our system to our needs. This Pro-Grade package was definitely worth the extra money for the added benefits... So worth it.

    J & G
    Lake Worth, Fl
    (Posted on 5/19/2015)

  5. I am very happy with the SportDOG Pro Grade system I got from Flexpetz.com Review by Manuel Topaz

    When I started looking at different fence options, I was doing a Google search for different manufacturers and models, when I ran across the Pro Grade SportDOG fence, that Flexpetz.com sells.
    I've worked briefly with SportDOG's training systems and liked their product at that time. Needless to say, when we saw SportDOG made a fence system too -I had to give it a look see.
    I spoke to Davin, at Flexpetz, and he was very helpful in telling us all about the features of the fence. We told him about our landscape and he told us about the things we need to be wary of with this type of fence system.
    I placed my order without hesitation.

    The system arrived at my home within 3 days and the fence was setup this past weekend.
    I'm really happy with the fence, but more happy with the help that I got from Davin and Flexpetz.
    I would recommend this fence to anyone.

    Lexington, KY
    (Posted on 5/15/2015)

  6. The SportDOG fence in pro grade is a fantastic system, especially when paired with the barriers for indoors. Review by Mickey Dunn

    The SportDOG professional grade fence came up in a Google search. I'd seen the non-pro grade version at a few different websites. However, Flexpetz is the only company I saw that had this pro grade package. This is the upgraded version of the fence and came with much stronger wire, longer warranty, and some other nice features that the factory fence does not have.
    I thought that would be the better deal, because it will last longer without the need to repair or replace any wire. Also, I know someone who's purchased from Flexpetz before, and they were very happy with the level of service they were presented with.
    We also decided to get some of the indoor barriers, which work nicely with the same collars that come with the SportDOG fence.
    The whole setup works perfectly, and we're very happy with it. We also are very appreciative to Flexpetz.com for the help and courteous words they had to share with us.
    We rate our experience an A+.

    Mic D.
    Helena, Montana (Posted on 5/10/2015)

  7. Fantastic! Review by Holly May

    I called just a few minutes ago to get some support on installation of my fence. I am impressed with the service provided and would recommend anyone having any questions to go ahead and ask for Johnny. I am sure all the other staff is probably just as great, but Johnny has one heck of a personality and made my experience pretty amusing and fun. This system was not all that difficult to install it was just the main start I was having a blond moment with. Still, very easy. I was able to install this fence in approximately 3 hours total. Now I am off to train my hyper Golden Retriever. I just wanted to throw a good one up as a good reference!

    Holly M
    St. Petersburg, Fl
    (Posted on 4/28/2015)

  8. The Sportdog Pro Brand fence is a great fence for a six acre yard and two golden doodles Review by Merrill Jaylund

    Flexpetz is really top grade when it comes to the wire driven shock fence systems. Daven was the rep I spoke to, in some length, about what the best system would be. He really was helpful and able to help me land on the Sportdog Pro Brand fence, with enough wire to cover all 6 acres. I didn't do the installation above ground, so I didn't need the staples that come with the system. I did use the splice kits to connect the paired wire to the perimeter wire. I also thought that running the wire through some garden hose (under a gravel driveway) would help protect it.
    A trencher took care of the wire work for me. Piece of cake.
    I would recommend using Flexpetz' staff to help you pick the best fence for you, but if you end up on the Sportdog Pro Brand, you'll be doing pretty good.

    Merrill J
    Gary, In
    (Posted on 4/24/2015)

  9. I would grade this Sportdog pro fence as a very high thumb up. Review by Kartik Gagindap

    I am not the kind of customers who does reviews every day. I did want to throw my two cents in on the Sportdog pro fence package that is sold here on Flexpetz.
    My idea of man's best friend happens to be a nice akita. She's beautiful, but a big girl.

    The Sportdog fence is a stronger fence than the regular PetSafe in-ground system. That is the first one I looked at. I do know about PetSafe products, a bit, but the Flexpetz staff told me that the Sportdog is actually a PetSafe product.
    We discussed the benefits of going with the Sportdog fence pro package, over the fence I originally wanted.
    I'm glad I had their expertise to lead me into the right direction. I am now very happy with my investment and found that it is quite an easy installation to complete.
    I am considering an indoor barrier now, as I was told that they work with the same collar as the Sportdog system comes with. I'm very happy and going to remain a Flexpetz customer.

    Kartik G.
    Carlsbad, NM
    (Posted on 4/20/2015)

  10. Best fence for a mix of dog breeds. From small to large, all are covered. Review by Sgt.Moe

    I really chose this fence because of the ability to add all the different Petsafe collars to the fence, and all of them be automatically compatible.
    There is a collar for the dachshund, and one for the dane. All have their own correction levels and no special configuring necessary to get them recognized.
    True plug and play.
    I think I can get another of the transmitters and setup a fence zone down at the lake house, and the same collars will work on that system too. I'll have to call the petflex guys to make sure, but if I remember correctly -that would work.
    I'm really glad I didn't pay the installer company to setup a system for me. This was really easy.
    I could probably even make some extra cash setting up these systems for people.

    Sgt Moe
    Norfolk, Ne
    (Posted on 4/2/2015)

  11. This fence a good one I like it for a pitt bull to keep him in my yard. Very good for me. Review by Jesus Chacon

    I set this sportdog wire collar fence on for my dog and it work really good. At first I try to get some price from a diffrent company to setup the wire collar for me. But they cost to much and all the friends say I can set up it by myself. I call this company and they dont setup the stuff but they have very good price. Much better.
    The wire easy to setup and I figure out the collar level to setup and everything work very good.
    Im glad I call this company flexpet and they help me pick out this wire collar. I can come to them again for something else i need next time.
    Im very happy customer.

    Jesus C.
    Ruidoso, New Mexico (Posted on 3/24/2015)

  12. Simple but great system! Review by Patty Gillard

    I was surprised to how simple the install was with this system. I was scared to do it by myself so I had my daughter hep me and half way through she left telling me I was good to go it was to simple for her. I did the above ground install and it took almost no time at all to lay it all out and get it up and running. Programming it was easy and it has worked wonderfully for the past week. Wonderful system and I would defiantly recommend!

    Patty G.
    Jacksonville, Fl
    (Posted on 3/20/2015)

  13. The Sportdog Containment Fence is an awesome system. Two thumbs up. Review by Mike Jones

    I am impressed at the quality of this containment fence. I had another dog fence from another brand, and this fence does an exceptional job in keeping my two dogs contained. The installation was fairly simple and easy to install. I live on about 2 acres and this fence made life much easier by keeping my two dogs away from the neighbors yard. Two thumbs up. This is a great dog fence system.

    Mike J
    Fort lauderdale, Fl (Posted on 3/16/2015)

  14. Some Advice Review by Fredric Bates

    Do not buy from invisible fence when you have a perfectly good system right here in front of you that you can install and learn all about on your own without their high ticketed prices. Priced out this system for my 10 acre land after my outrageous price from invisible fence. Of course I bought this one! Was a fast shipment and quick installation for literally 1/4th the price I was quoted from the installer. Hands up, I won this one! Simple as that!

    Fredric B
    Chandler, Az
    (Posted on 3/15/2015)

  15. Five stars!! Review by Raymond Packster

    We are very happy with this system. After countless attempts with other solutions to keep the hounds out of the horse pastures we came across the SportDOG. This looks and feels a lot better well made than the other brands. Everything I've read online said to use better wire so it was nice to find a site that had these kits already put together. Will definitely be coming back for any other pet needs.

    Raymond P.
    Dade City, Fl (Posted on 3/6/2015)

  16. Easy install Review by Hailey Hansworth

    I am a single mother of three wonderful boys who helped me set this fence system up. Even my 6 year old was able to help me out with it and helped me push in the fence staples to the ground. I am glad the option of an above ground install was available and had the heavy duty wire to go along with it. I priced out other fences and even went to my local stores where it was difficult to even find the systems let alone the cheap versions of them. I also called a company to find out how much an install would be and although they did not want to technically price it all over the phone, it was way to deep for my pocket. When I spoke to the guy at this place, he was very helpful in picking out the system. What I liked was that I could also get a few barriers for inside my house that would work with the collar. I have to say this system was great and easy and the boys helped me train and it worked perfectly. I will be recommending this to a few friends that were interested in finding out how it all works. I do know this system would not work with my friends toy dog, but I will still recommend knowing there are other options for her available. Thank you for having this option available for people like me!

    Hailey H.
    St. Petersburg, Fl
    (Posted on 2/26/2015)

  17. SportDOG fence is pretty nice. Good system for multiple dogs. Review by Michael Andress

    I like this SportDOG fence. With the add on little dog collar, I'm able to add a pug to the same system and everyone is happy.
    The collar that comes with the system works perfectly on a choco lab.
    Now if I know I am going to get another dog, I won't have any problem adding it as well.
    The wire is very sturdy. I wasn't about to bury the thinner wire, so this was a good piece of the system.
    The transmitter seems pretty well made. The collars fit well, the whole thing is easy to setup, and the training wasn't hard at all.
    I'm overall very happy with my purchase.

    Dubuque, Iowa (Posted on 2/23/2015)

  18. Sport Dog Pro is an excellent system for covering lots of land. Review by Jerry Maaz

    The Flexpetz guy said this system could cover 100 acres of land, but needless to say -there was some skepticism when I heard this.
    I read the reviews and decided that the SportDOG Pro system is worth a shot.
    There weren't many alternatives out there, for such a large space.
    It takes a while, running wire over 73 acres, even with the right equipment.
    Luckily, there wasn't a need to go back and locate problems. Worked excellently after the first effort.
    The bigger task was setting up that many flags.
    Not complaining though. It still cost a fraction of what the installation companies wanted to charge me to set one up.
    Everything has been perfect since. I would definitely recommend this system to anyone with lots of land.

    Belgrade, Montana (Posted on 2/18/2015)

  19. Very Happy With Choice Review by Emmanuel Gonzatas

    Hello, I ordered this system and I need to tell you how great it has been to work with you. I want to say thank you for all of your help in finding me the right system for my dog's. I did not want to pay to much for a system and this system was less then I thought it would be. The installation of the wire was so easy. The work I do for my company is similar to what I needed to do to install the wire. The hook up was easy to do and the collars work really well. The learning process for my dogs was quick and I have not had any problems since the installation. I really needed this and it works just as I wanted. Your company has great service and has great amount of systems to customize to any needs. I have referred you to my neighbors as well as my son who is looking to order within the next week. I will be over there to help him install his system for his four dogs. I did not think there was a system that would work with my dogs and I am impressed that it actually worked.

    Emmanuel G.
    San Antonio, Tx (Posted on 2/17/2015)

  20. This one I get sportdog fence to my dog. Is a good one for me Review by Felipe Cozumel

    I talk with mik and he tell me on the sportdog fence for my dobermen. My family live to a farm and we have alot space for the dog to run around. Now he can run alot. Im glad to get help in flexpetz. I could come back to flexpetz and mik and buy other things I could need for me dog.
    I thanks those guys for ther help. I feel much better to buy from guys who help me know about the parts like that. They take time for me even though I speak langage well.
    Them do great job. I thank them too.

    Felipe C.
    Sanderson, Tx
    (Posted on 1/16/2015)

  21. Very happy with product! Review by Lallanah Hanns

    I am very happy with product. I could not ask for better. Bought when husband away and come back he loved. Easy to put in. Did my self no issues. Easy to use. Thank you much!

    Lallanah H.
    St. Augustine, Fl
    (Posted on 1/14/2015)

  22. I really am pleased with this Sportdog dog fence. Great product. Review by Mohinder Dias

    I wish I had known about the electric fences for dogs 3 years ago. This is a much less expensive solution than putting up a wooden fence, just to have your dog dig under it. Frustrating.
    The Sportdog fence is perfect. The training took a bit longer than normal. I have to leave home now and again, so that quickly sets you back.
    However, once training is completed -this fence is a life saver.
    I now have no worries about the dog running out into the street and getting hit by a car. I'm very happy with the performance of this Sportdog fence. I would suggest it to anyone who loves their dog.

    Mohinder D.
    Slidell, La
    (Posted on 1/11/2015)

  23. Sportdog fence pro grade rocks. Best thing since sliced bread. Review by Milo Perkins

    I thought that I was going to need to work with the Stubborn Dog fence at first. However, luckily, I spoke with Mike (at FlexPetz) and he told me all about the Sportdog fence. That's the best setup for covering 37 acres for a Shepherd and 2 Labs.
    He also helped me with the difference between the factory grade and the thicker wire, so my choice was the one that lasts 20 years or more. I think it was called "extreme" wire.
    I'm the kind of fella that prefers to hire someone to run the wire, so I was pretty hands off for that. However, I did the wire connections to the transmitter, and everything works like a champ.
    A+++ to Mike, and Flexpetz. (Posted on 1/6/2015)

  24. Thanks, what I needed! Review by Jayson Butchart

    Had a different system before, but was not working for my dog at all. I am sure it had something to do with the strength or something. But by far Sport Dog is the best I have come across. I have a handheld GPS from sportdog and I love that hing for when I go hunting. I will stick with the Sportdog.

    Jayson B.
    Covington, La
    (Posted on 1/3/2015)

  25. Great Product Review by Justin K.

    I have no complaints about the product as the SportDOG fence looked to be made quite well and the transmitter will definitely hold up better than any of the other ones we looked at. Since we are trying to cover a large part of our ranch this seemed to be one of the only choices available for that size of an installation. My only complaint is since this is a PRO grade kit we thought everything we needed would be included. We ordered an extra 3500 feet of wire but the kit only comes with 10 staples. Since a large portion of our install will be above ground we had to go back and order staples separately. The FlexPetz staff was kind enough to wave the shipping costs on the staple order but a word of advice might be to double check and make sure you are getting everything needed before placing the order.

    Barkhamsted, CT.
    (Posted on 12/30/2014)

  26. Way better than the last system Review by Brian

    I originally purchased the Perimeter system and were happy with it until we decided to expand the area the dogs can play in. We actually covered about 26 acres and that little transmitter definitely could not handle it. Other than the Dogtra fence that seemed to get bad reviews this was the only one we could find to handle that large of an area. The transmitter has a really heavy duty feel to it and looks like it will last for some time. We only wanted to do this once so did go with the pro kit and extreme wire. So far so good and would definitely recommend this to anyone with larger than average yards to contain their pets in.

    Cincinnati, Oh (Posted on 12/24/2014)

  27. Very Appreciative Review by Gretchen Vanhaultz

    We are professional Dog breeders in South Carolina and we actively have quite a few litters happening at once of Labrador Retrievers. I Bought a system before and loved it. I have recommend systems to other owners and breeders. We have a lot of land and I needed something that I would not have to worry about for a very long time. I did not want the cheap wire that my last one came with. I wanted to expand more then I had from the last system I had but at the same time I really did not like the wire that came with the system. We looked into getting a system professionally installed and the cost with how much land I would like the dogs to have for freedom and training and hunting purposes. The cost came to a crazy $11,000 investment. I really wanted the durable wire that came with the professional installation so I booked for them to come out and install it. I was incredibly upset that what I needed was so difficult to find. My husband and I like to do everything ourselves so this was absolutely frustrating. Well to the point, I found this site the day before they were going to come out to install the system and I was so happy about talking to this company. I have already installed a fence before but I liked that I could order as much wire as I needed in the pro grade wire. I was very impressed with how they handled my order. Instead of $8,000 I happily spent just under $2,500 and now have the knowledge to fix it in case something happens. It was a pretty easy installation with the amount of wire I got and I have to say the dogs are really happy with their amount of space they can roam without correction. We like to bring the dogs on trips on the land all the time and there is a section that is fairly close to the road that we get worried about it, but the flags have been helpful. I like the SportDOG brand, it is a brand we have worked with in the past and would choose over and over again. I like the verity of products they have and the choices. I think the best part about this system is my daughter has a smaller dog that does not need the Sport dog collar levels. I got the elite little dog to place on her dog and it works with the SportDOG system and I love that. I love the options of choice and the fact that I can customize each collar to each dog depending on how they take it. I am very happy with my purchase, the customer support, durability and professionalism of this entire situation. I am one very happy customer!

    Gretchen V.
    Rock Hill, SC (Posted on 12/21/2014)

  28. Perfect System for my Dog Review by Jenny Altman

    I can't stress enough how wonderful this system is for my Penny. She is an Irish Setter who is 11 months old and loves the water, swimming and most of all going with me when I ride our horses. We moved the horses back home in their own fence, so I take Penny with me a lot. I have a very large amount of land and we were able to cover it all with the measurement tool here on this site. I chose 5 acre coverage and laid it out before placing it under to ensure it would fit. The Tech I spoke with (Mike) during our installation was great and very helpful. I wanted to ensure that Penny could sill be with me through out all of our property including the pond, trail and horse barn. I have to say the prices to cover the amount that I needed was perfect. The wire I purchased was very durable and made me confident that I bought it. The System itself is wonderful and would recommend it to everyone. We got a price from an installation company and it was thousands of dollars. This site kept me within budget and then some, so I bought an extra collar so that we have one available when we get the second dog we are looking to adopt. Thank you for all of your help and Thank you for the simple fact of opening up the doors and allowing people to do the installation themselves. It saves a LOT of money! and from the quotes we got from the other company about maintenance costs, this is something we could do ourselves at little cost, because $120 just to come out and look at it and that doesn't include repairing whatever issue found, is just way to much when you can find and fix the issue yourself. I have to say it was not as difficult to install as I thought and its nice to know how the whole thing works in the first place. Once again, Thank you!!!!

    Jenny A.
    Chesapeake, Va (Posted on 11/11/2014)

  29. Heavy duty Parts Review by Darren Mallows

    I purchased the Sportdog Pro System for my two Blood Hounds to replace an old PetSafe system that stopped working several months ago. My previous system had serious gaps in coverage, and the two hounds regularly breached the line. I also experienced numerous breaks in the line over the years, which almost seemed to come from nowhere (cheap 20 gauge wire)

    I installed the new system several weeks ago, the wire is very thick, doubt that this stuff can break anywhere near as easy as the original stuff. Both dogs have tested the system already, and the reaction from this system compared to the old was like night and day, both dogs gave one little yipe and have avoided the system. I'm pretty confident that this system will work much more reliably than my old one, was I am overall pleased.

    Darren M.
    Plano, Tx (Posted on 11/4/2014)

  30. Sport Dog Pro-Grade Review by Jarret

    I am so impressed with the fact that this Sport Dog system will cover my acreage. Most of the other transmitters will only cover up to 10 acres. I needed to enclose 17 acres for my dogs to run. I had almost given up until I spoke w/ tech support at FLEXPETZ.com. They helped me solve the problem with the perfect recommendation. It is great to get some straight advise that was best for my situation. (Posted on 11/3/2014)

  31. I am quite happy with the Sportdog fence pro grade. Worth every penny. Review by Sanjo Chovatia

    This seemed to be one of the best electric shock fences that Flexpetz had to offer. I didn't see the same pro grade options with any other companies that I looked into. It comes with much better wire, a longer warranty and lots of other things I liked. I believe "pro grade" is their own packaging, but it is a great system.
    I called and spoke to Dave and he was very helpful, and I was assured that all of Flexpetz customers get free live help whenever they need it.
    I'm very comfortable with the monies I have spent and look forward to a long relationship with the Flexpetz staff.

    Sanjo C.
    Kissimmee, Fl (Posted on 10/10/2014)

  32. What I needed! Review by Gregory Vazier

    This system was a little more expensive than the other systems out there but it was what I needed for my dog. It works wonders and I am very impressed with the results. I was not sure about the upgrade so I ordered the system without the heavy duty wire. I broke the wire half way through the installation just by pulling slightly. I could tell it was no what i wanted right then. I came back to the site and spoke with the Tech online and I really was impressed with the difference. I didn't ask to switch the wire, I just ordered the wire that comes with the pro grade system. I wanted to see the full difference of the two and I don't understand why the manufactures put that wire in the box. It is worthless. But back to the point. The Pro grade wire is worth the money. The system itself (not the wire in the original box) is great and works wonders and was a lot easier to install then i thought. My brother is looking to get the same system because of how well it works. He has four dogs and is looking for a durable system. Thanks for the support by the way guys. This company really gives the full support you need.

    Gregory V.
    Detroit, Mi (Posted on 9/8/2014)

  33. Great Review by Craig Clawson

    I have to say here in the woods I didn't know how hard it would be to put in this fence. I got a pack of dogs that I like to let roam the land that we have. I thought I did not purchase enough wire but I did and I am very glad it expands to a large coverage area. We needed it. I am very glad I did not have to put to many splices in as well. Calling helped me order this thing and they were able to get me a few 3000 ft wooden spools of the heavy duty wire. I liked how they ordered it for me because i did not know what I needed at all. This is the back woods so although I know how to use the computer I don't like the non sense of entering all of my info, they just asked and I told, no typing needed. My dog's now know where they can not go and I can keep all of them within distance. I have a couple boys, so the install was easy and I didn't have to plan to much other then where the heck to put the wire. Hooking it up was simple, its in a barn and all set up. I will recommend this to a few of my buddies, I think they to would find this really helpful.

    Craig C.
    Ottsville, Pa
    (Posted on 8/17/2014)

  34. Great system. Stubborn Dog Pro is A-OK Review by George Carver

    Great fence, this Stubborn Dog version is.
    Cal me lazy, but with 4 acres of wire to layout, I figured the best thing to do was to rent an EZ trench and get everything buried like that.
    I got the extreme size wire, laid out my grid, and tested like what was suggested to me by the flexpetz guy.
    I got it buried and couldn't start the training until my day off.
    Then, when I got knee deep into it, it was a piece of cake.
    I'm pretty sure this thing was invented by a genius.
    Great product, and great results... so far.

    George C.
    Biloxi, Ms
    (Posted on 8/4/2014)

  35. Very Good System Review by Frank Jonas

    I Researched electric dog fence systems extensively and purchased the SportDog system for my 5 acre property. I'm glad I picked this system. Very Easy to install with very quality hardware........unlike other systems I looked at. Purchased primarily for our Alaskan Malamute puppy, but also purchased two smaller compatible collars for our two Jack Russel Terriers. It took a day or so for all of our dogs to get the idea of the flags within the boundary. The system has multiple functions and settings, so you can set a vibration, beep, then mild to higher shock level.Our dogs got shocked one time and quickly learned to stay away from the boundaries. I was also very impressed with the heavy duty wire that came with the Pro Grade wire, can't imagine that stuff would have lasted very long at all, the pro grade wire is definitely about 5-6 times thicker and looks like it will hold up to the the frigid weather here in Minnesota much better. The pro kits also came with a very heavy surge protector, while I researched I found the standard system came with no external or internal surge suppression, I was told by the techs that lighting can come in through the wire and zap your transmitter while the Panamax bypasses the wire going directly into the dog fencing transmitter.

    Frank J.
    Buffalo, Ny (Posted on 8/2/2014)

  36. Our Four Pointers Review by Roger Ricterson

    I installed Sport Dog Unit on 3 acres of my property. We have four German Short haired Pointers who wear the collar and I have never had any issues with them leaving the yard after the first week of installing the underground fence. There are a few reasons I bought this unit over various other brands and retailers.

    First, the collars use a standard nine volt battery that last approximately a year and are readily available just about anywhere. After doing a lot of research I found that a lot of pro companies charged up to 30 dollars per battery and they need to be replaced every three months, and other retail brands also require a special battery.

    Second, the transmitter unit has an adjustable power controls. There is a hi - low switch and a variable increase dial regulator. This is great for training and also allows you to adjust distance you want to keep the dogs away from the dog fence wire. For training, you can turn the distance up and this will increase the distance, up to about 40 feet back from the wire that the audible and static shock start from the wire. Once the dogs are used to the concept, you can turn the gain down so it goes off closer to the wire. I have mine set at about 6 or 7 feet.
    Third, this unit has a very loud noise that comes from the unit should the wire break or struck by lightning. This is nice as things do happen, digging on the property, tree roots, etc.... I installed my unit in the basement which is the shortest point from the transmitter to the line where I started my loop around the property.
    Finally, it has tons of other great features. Like vibration (Sadie, are oldest Pointer is half deaf) so very nice feature, it has extremely rugged construction, we haven’t had one issue in the 6 months we have been using it and based on the construction I can’t foresee any issues in the near future.

    Belchertown, MA. (Posted on 10/12/2013)

  37. Perfect Choice & Outstanding Customer Service! Review by Mark Blankenship

    I purchased this in-ground fence weary if it could contain our EXTREMELY stubborn dog. I installed this fence in a day and began the training. I expected train the full 30 days to get my dog to understand, but in only two days my dog immediately new and understood his boundaries. I even had the receiver on the lowest setting, my dog immediately associated his boundaries to the flags. During the training he ran through the fence (excited to see a neighbor) but upon stimulation suddenly returned to his boundary and sat down. We are more than pleased with the system.

    We did have a small issue with the collar/receiver breaking only two weeks after set up. The receiver housing cracked right at the attachment for the contact point. We are not sure if this a product issue or simply a one time incident in which our dog got caught up on something. I contacted customer service and they quickly replaced the receiver at no charge.

    Definitely worth every penny and piece of mind with containing our dog. No sore eyed privacy fence needed on our property now. If there is an issue, I am confident that Customer Service will be more than willing to help fix any problems.

    Very Pleased Customer
    Hampton, Va. (Posted on 5/23/2013)

  38. This sportdog fence is a solid manufactured system. Happy about the sale. Review by Pham Ng

    I'm really impressed with the invisible sportdog fence system. I can now see how sturdy and solid the transmitter is. It's not cheap plastic, and I expect it will do it's job for a long time.
    Pro Grade is the way to go, because the wire is as heavy duty as the transmitter box. I think my choice is to try the above ground install, since it came with staples for that. The wire can always be buried later if need be.
    Overall, I'm really pleased with the sportdog system. I look forward to working with it and doing training.

    Pham N.
    Glendale, Az (Posted on 2/26/2013)

  39. Happy Customer! Review by Jason Alveraz

    I did a lot of research (four months worth) before buying this product, and I ended up buying this brand for the positive reviews, and great name.

    It works very well, and has made my home more delightful and has been an enormous help in many ways. My dog loves to run in the yard, and was miserable being tied to a strap with a very limited play area. He is very fast, and before we had this fence he would get loose frequently... just about every time directly into traffic.

    The price of this product is reasonable when compared to some of the others on the market, and you get good value for the cost. The upgrade seems worth every penny and beats the cost of a professional company coming to install it for me. It sure beats having to pay an emergency vet bill when my dog finally gets hit or causes an accident.

    I love this product, my family is happy... including my dog :)

    I have to mention, do get the power edger, I could not imagine doing the full instillation without it! I found an attachment for my weed-wacker right at home depot. (Posted on 11/13/2012)

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Comment / Questions about SportDOG Containment Fence PRO-Grade

Mage Williams
September 11, 2014

Great help in support chat!!! So much great information. These guys know their stuff!!!!


Thanks for the compliment, we love hearing this from our customers.

December 15, 2014

The Pro Grade wire is a great addition to the Sport Dog system. I installed the cheap wire with my last system. never again. I have a new puppy and expect this system to last a long time. Thanks FLEXPETZ for packaging a complete system that is made to last.


Thanks for the kind words. We do our best provide a great product for a fair price and follow up with great customer service.

Brian Hite
January 20, 2015

I am considering purchasing the sportdog pro grade in ground fence. I have two dogs...an English pointer and a small mutt. The small dog is ~10 lbs and has a 10-11 inch neck circumference. I read that this fence is compatible with some pet safe collars. Can you tell me exactly which collars it is compatible with that would work for my smaller dog?



Hello Brian,
The SportDOG fence is an excellent choice and is definitely comptaible with a variety of collars. For your smaller dog I would recommend the PetSafe Little Dog Collar. This collar is good for dogs down to 5lbs and features a collar that will fit neck sizes from 6-16".

Stuart Reimer
March 13, 2015

I have a large, 7 acre property, and would need around 2000 feet of wire. Is there a limit to how much cable can be energized??


All of our transmitters can handle up to 10 acres. The Sport Dog transmitter can cover 100 acres. The system you choice would need to be based on the breed of dogs you have and there temperament. The collars they wear will determine your success in safely and comfortably containing them. Sport Dog and guardian breeds need a little more stimulation to respect the boundary. Most pets have an average temperament and are very compliant on the standard collars.

You need 2000 feet of wire of electric dog fence wire. We have continuous spools of 2000 feet which will eliminate any wire splicing. I would recommend viewing the wire demo to learn more regarding the importance of quality electric dog fence wire. We carry solid copper core wire in 14, 16, 18 and 20 gauge. The thickness of the copper core is important but equally important is the coating on the wire. The wire needs to be designed for direct ground burial and the thickness of the polyethylene coating is going to protect the copper for many years through adverse weather conditions.

I hope this answers your questions.  Whichever breed you have: we have the right configuration for you. You are welcome anytime to call us for FREE tech support for all our products.

Lenny Ballersradt
December 10, 2015

I live in a wooded area can pro grade wire be layed on the ground over the leaves and how long can I expect it to last.


You can expect it to take you a day or less to get your dog fence installed. You don’t even necessarily need to bury the wire. You may choose to secure the wire to the ground using dog fence staples. You can also staple it to a structure that is already present, such as a fence or a wall. It just depends on the terrain in your yard. In wooded areas, you can definitely secure the wire to the ground where there are rocks or tree limbs present.
If you do decide to bury the wire, 1-3 inches is plenty deep enough. Using a power edger to create a trench will make the job easier for you. If you take a look at this link, it outlines all the specifics on how to install your electric dog fence: https://www.flexpetz.com/wire-installation Also check out this page for full installation details, it may seem a little overwhelming but for the most part installing is relatively simple and requires nothing more but a little back bone and some really basic tools, but we have covered every possible detail of installation on this page https://www.flexpetz.com/dog-fence-installation just click on the link and let us know if you have any questions....we are here to help. This wire is designed to last 15 + years.

Evelyn Naveah
January 12, 2016

We have a ranch on 26 acres and we went with the SportDog Prograde. Our 2 Shepherds are very active and love to go exploring and we wanted an invisible fence that would keep our pets contained on the ranch. After a few days of training they caught on very quick. We are glad we finally found something that works.


Thank you for letting us know about your success. We at Flexpetz are always happy when we know we've helped another family ensure the safe containment of their furry family members.
We're particularly happy with the SportDOG's ability to reliably handle the larger areas.
Please do let us know if there is anything else we would be able to help with.

avis felkins
March 10, 2016

I want to purchase the Sport Pro ADF 100a fence. This will be my 1st time using this type fence. I would like to know if the included collar can be traded for the pet safe collar instead. The cost is very good, but I am living on a very tight budget and, being the dog lover I am, I am willing to skip a few things to protect my pets. I Do Not want a handout or freebie, but it never hurts to ask. I will buy either way. Thanks for your time, Avis Felkins


Hello Avis,
I think we could work something out.
What collar would you want to trade out the Sport Dog Collar for?

Julie Angulo
Sales and Support Leader
800-396-5517 Toll Free

We have the FREE Tech support to make this DIY project easy for you.

Scott Grempler
March 09, 2017

This says sportdog is good for over 20lbs, our dogs are about 12-15, and aren't quite full grown but probably won't get over 20lbs maybe up to about 18 (bichon poodle mix). When I look at the sportdog website and manual, it says 10lbs and over not 20, is there a newer version they're referencing vs what you are? Reason we like this system so much is because they don't take a special battery we can get regular 9v anywhere, even if we change to a pet safe collar they would then take a proprietary battery, is there another collar that takes regular batteries to switch to ?


The only problem with the weight recommendation discrepancy is that the collar is a bit bulky for a 10 lb. dog, and we don't want to sell you a product that would make your dog uncomfortable.

The SportDOG collar does run on a 9v battery, and all the other battery powered collars run on proprietary batteries.

We do, however, have a few systems that come with rechargeable collars (which may be a more comfortable fit for your pooches).
They are the YardMax (by PetSafe), which you can view by clicking HERE.
The PetSafe Rechargeable Fence (by PetSafe), which you can view by clicking HERE.

I hope that information is helpful.

Marla Blackwood
April 10, 2017

We are looking to install an invisible fence along a 3ft picket fence. We have a Newfoundland that is jumping the fence to get into the pond on the other side. If we install the wire on the top rail can it run along the bottom rail to "loop" or should the wire attach to the top rail and then along the ground? I believe we will have enough wire once we purchase the kit but we are in the process of mapping out our mission. AND please on a scale of 1-10(10 being the hardest) will this be a hard project to complete:-)
Thank you - school teacher with a spring break task...


Hiya School Teacher,
You may want to go the route of running it on the ground at the bottom.
3' is the absolute minimum distance that the wire needs to be separated, and that is under the assumption that you will have your warning/correction zone range turned down to a minimum.
I would probably suggest you give us a call, so that we can assist in figuring out the best method to keep your pooch safe with an inground fence system.
As for ease of setup, if you do get a Pro Grade kit, so that you don't have to bury the cheap factory wire, your job would be about a 3 (assuming you do not do this kind of thing for a living). There isn't anything technically heavy, and the hardest part of setup is just laying out or burying your wire.
Any part of the process you have questions on -We suggest you give us a call for free support. We are here to help our valued customers 7 days per week.
Hope that helps. : )

June 01, 2017

My neighbors have chickens and our two labs love to dat over to them whenever they get a chance. We have been very unsuccessful keeping them in the yard unfortunately. We want to purchase and inground fence I just don't know which one would be the best. Now that they have that killer instinct in them for these chickens I'm afraid nothings going to stop them. They are two very loving labs. But when they get out they are like a pack of wolves....
Which system will be best and can there be a dual layer of protection?
There is a warning close to the boundary I presume



It sounds like they get pretty high energy when they see the chickens.
For this, I would recommend one of two systems (depending on how much area you need to cover):

For 1/3 acre or less, I would recommend you go with the PetSafe Stubborn Dog Pro Grade fence system.

For anything over 1/3 acre, I would suggest the SportDOG Pro Grade fence system.

Both of those systems put out a stronger set of correction levels, and are designed for sport and guardian breeds, larger dogs, and high energy dogs.

I am unsure of what you mean by "dual layer of protection", but this fence does have a vibration/audible warning before the dog(s) get a correction.

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss the systems in more detail. I hope I have answered most of your questions.

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