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This is the entry-level in-ground dog fence from Innotek. The SD-2000 is a reliable if bare-bones containment options aimed at those on a tight budget with an average sized dog of 20 lbs. or more. This basic system has a single progressive correction level, meaning that you cannot set the correction strength to suit your dog. The progressive nature of the correction means it will increasingly get stronger as your dog proceeds towards the boundary line. The collar uses a common 3-volt battery and has a pretty short battery life (1 month or so). A real oversight in this system is the lack of battery indicator. In order to ensure the battery function you need to constantly test the collar before sending your dog outside. For the money it's worth upgrading to a more feature rich system.


Receiver Collar
50 Boundary Flags
Training Manual and DVD



Water Resistant: The collar is water resistant & durable, but not waterproof like many of the better systems.

Disposable Battery: The collar uses a standard 3-volt disposable battery. Easy to find and relatively easy to replace in the collar, the battery life is a short one month, so you'll rack up the $$ in collar batteries if you use this system for any considerable amount of time.

One Progressive Correction Level: The single correction level is the real downside of this fence system. It renders it useful only for those dogs who are between about 20lbs. and 75 lbs. and even then you have no ability to tailor the correction strength to your dog's personality so whether it will actually be suitable is a bit of a crapshoot.

No Low Battery Indicator: Another hobbling oversight is the lack of a low battery light. Without this simple feature, you're stuck using the collar test tool (if you can find it) each time you want to send your dog outside.



Simple & Easy To Use: The transmitter for the SD-2000 is as basic as the collar. Easy to use and small, it can be discreetly installed.

Field Width Adjustment: Despite the simplicity of the system, you do have the ability to control the width of the correction zone. This allows you to make a wider zone for easier training or a smaller zone to maximize yard space.

5 Acre Capacity: The system comes with enough factory-grade wire for a small third acre installation but additional wire can be added to fence up to 5 acres. 




Limited Lifetime Warranty: The manufacturer will replace the system for free in the first year and then offers fixed rate repairs for the lifetime of the product.

  • Recommended for Dogs 20+ lbs.
  • Cheapest Reliable System 
  • Replaceable Battery
  • 1 Year Warranty

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