Imperial Animal Traps

At FlexPetz, we know your pets are your best friends. They are there for you every day and offer love and companionship. But what about when you have extra guests who make themselves at home? FlexPetz carries a full line of Imperial Animal Traps to help you rid yourself of these unwanted guests that outstay their welcome.

Imperial Animal Traps has got your pest problems covered from the smallest nuisance to pests as large as your pet. At FlexPetz, we also prioritize all animal lives. Therefore, we carry the Imperial Animal Traps set of humane traps. While a mouse or even a raccoon may be an inconvenience, that is no reason to kill them. Humane traps are often the best option available to get rid of these problem animals.

Imperial Animal Traps Live Traps for Mice, Insects, and Snakes

Live traps for mice are an excellent humane choice for getting rid of these unwanted pests. These traps have two doors and a large holding area for mice that get caught. At about one foot by a half foot, these can easily be slipped under furniture, near the side of a building or into other small areas. It’s also very easy to see if the trap has been triggered, as the doors will wait open for the mouse and close upon entry.

Imperial Animal Traps Live Traps for Squirrels, Rabbits, and Other Medium Sized Pests

Squirrels and rabbits are usually a welcome addition to the backyard beauty. These critters add a touch of wilderness to your otherwise tame backyard. But what about when there are just too many? What about when they are eating out of your garden before you get a chance to? What about when the noise is too loud for you to enjoy your outdoor space? Imperial Animal Traps are the answer. These traps ensure that you will be able to handle your pest problem in the most humane way possible.

Imperial Animal Traps Live Traps for Raccoons, Opossums, and Similar Sized Animals.

Some animals are never a welcome addition to your landscape. These larger pests cause nothing but problems. Going through your garbage or leaving little “presents,” these animals like to set up shop and are sometimes hard to get rid of. Imperial Animal Traps make it a breeze to remove them in a humane way.

Things to Consider When Using Imperial Animal Traps

Size-You should make certain the size of trap you have selected is appropriate for the animal you plan to catch. A mouse trap obviously would not be the right choice for a larger pest. Similarly, a racoon trap would not be the right fit for a mouse.

Trap Placement - Be sure to place your trap somewhere you know the animal will go. This could be a popular route the pest will take. Or it can be at a popular spot for them to gather, like trash cans or water fountains.

Bait Position-Once you have selected your trap, you must select the bait and position it correctly. You can spread some peanut butter inside the trap so the pest must enter to eat. Or if you’re using a solid food, you should be sure to set it in such a way that the pest must step in the trigger to reach the food.

FlexPetz chooses to carry Imperial Animal Traps because they offer some of the best humane and live traps available on the market today.

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