Invisible Fence® Compatible -eXtreme Dog Fence® Collar Battery x5

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eXtreme Dog Fence


This is a 5 pack.

Invisible Fence® Power Caps™ (the specialized batteries for Invisible Fence® collars) are expensive. If you use an Invisible Fence®, you have probably found yourself shocked when your local dealer gives you an average price of $21 to $30 for a battery. Until now you've had no choice but to pay the exhorbitant price or risk your dog’s safety. Now you can get a battery cap that performs just as well and saves you money!

We know that batteries are expensive and that's why Flexpetz is proud to offer special pricing on quantity orders. We're so confident that our Power Cap compatible batteries will work perfectly for you, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are unhappy with your Invisible Fence® compatible battery cap purchase, contact us for a full refund including shipping back to us.

eXtreme Dog Fence™ Batteries consist of lithium-ion and have a high energy density, also keeping the weight down from your dog's collar

With the components that make up this battery, it gives the power to last longer and have better safety factors then the normal battery.

Note that although colors may vary among Invisible Fence® brand receivers, eXtreme Dog Fence™ EDF-0200 battery is 100% guaranteed to work with all listed receivers. 




  • Longer Lasting
  • Exceptional Quality
  • Superior Fit
  • See Specs for Detailed Information



  • Limited 1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Compatible With:

  • Invisible Fence® R21 
  • Invisible Fence® R22 
  • Invisible Fence® R51
  • Invisible Fence® MicroLite

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Customer Reviews (10)
Much better batteries than the ones we used to get. So far A+++
Because we're stuck with our Invisible Fence, we were limited on the collar batteries we were able to find. We have only seen these batteries here, and on Amazon. We found out that the Amazon batteries are still from Flexpetz.
They seem better manufactured than the ones we used to get in the blue package.
These last about 20-30% longer and don't make any clicking sounds when you shake them.
We got a 5 pack last time we ordered, and will get another whenever the ones we have run out.
Very good battery and price.
Review by Jester P (Posted on 1/2/2016)
As everyone is saying, these extreme brand batteries are the best Invisible Fence collar batteries around.
After trying the single batteries twice now, I purchased a 5 pack and a single. I read where someone else did that and got free shipping (because the order was over $50). Sure enough, I got free shipping as an option, when checking out.
Flexpetz said that the batteries can sit on the shelf for many years without going bad. Now we have not only gotten our batteries at a discount for purchasing in quantity, but we also got the free shipping and have batteries enough to last for a few years.
Well, I guess you can consider me another eXtreme battery satisfied customer. Thank you for the pleasant experience.

Ms. Thomas
Saginaw, Michigan
Review by Martha Thomas (Posted on 6/20/2015)
Great, great, great. For an inexpensive, long lasting battery for your Invisible Fence collar -go eXtreme
I got myself a 5 pack this time, to save a little money. The first one I got from Flexpetz is still carrying a charge. I'm pretty impressed, I have to admit. I'm proud of myself for this find.
The battery is 6 months old now, and the installation was not only easy, but it fit nice and snugly. It wasn't sticking out, like some other manufacturer's version of the same battery.
The price is right, and the product is excellent. I encourage the next customer to give them your consideration. Buy 6 of them and get free shipping.

El Paso, TX
Review by Jaime Baca (Posted on 6/16/2015)
Just in time.
The dog's collar just died and I came on the internet to find a battery for it. I am tired of paying so much for those IF batteries and I heard from a friend that these work great. Im ordering enough for the whole year. Great deal on these batteries and I am glad I heard about them.

Houston, TX
Review by Bruce T. (Posted on 5/29/2015)
Nice find. The extreme batteries seem to be the best I have far.
I'm always looking for a good bargain. The Invisible Fence brand fence systems seem to have many manufacturers selling compatible batteries, and the ones I've come across have been less than impressive.
So far, I like the Extreme brand batteries the best.
Of course, I haven't had the chance to purchase them more than a few times now. They seem to last a pretty good length of time and haven't presented me any problems yet. I hope they remain reliable and well designed.
Time will tell. So far so good.

Ft. Bragg, NC
Review by Nick T. (Posted on 4/11/2015)
Very Impressed
So I had to come on here and place my silly review up here because of how impressed I am with this battery. I placed my order back in October last year to try out this battery. I am highly impressed with how long it has lasted and now I am back to order the five pack. This saves me so much money and it out lives the Invisible fence batteries for my dog by at least a month and a half. My dog has a habit of testing the fence now and then. I called up to place my order and spoke with Dave and he made it a very quick and smooth transaction. I received my batteries in the mail today and I was also shocked at how quick they arrived here. Recommendations for this product from me is a must. Very well made and very reliable. I am happy with the price and the value I get out of them. Saves me from spending a fortune for the brand name. If you want to try and save some money, even more then just a few bucks, I would suggest giving at least one a try and see for yourself. A few bucks wont hurt you if your testing out something that normally costs you three times as much. I took my chances and I am happy with my outcome. I will be ordering with this company again and I really like the customer service provided.

Nicole F.
Athens, GA
Review by Nicole Fallerro (Posted on 3/3/2015)
Batteries work great
I have already ordered in the past to try out the battery and I ordered the five pack about four months ago, but wanted to purchase more since I have three dog's on my system. They last pretty long and they fit perfectly into each collar. I got scared a couple weeks back because Randy, my biggest dog, went out playing in the puddles. I took off his collar after because I was afraid water may have seeped into the collar due to the batteries not being Invisible fence brand, but to my surprise they held up really well. The seal is nice and thick and it passed my test. So here I am now, purchasing more. I do have a predicament, I don't know whether to purchase a larger amount or not. I think I may since it is available to me and I know they work well.

Jessica T.
Fort Worth, Tx
Review by Jessica Teamer (Posted on 2/9/2015)
Furious with Invisible fence Company
I am so fed up with the invisible fence company and their manipulation to increase their money. That is how I feel. I can not tell you how much I feel scammed by that corporation. The pricing for their batteries is outrageous and the to come on here and find a battery that will last just as long and do just as good with their collars at a much cheaper price just blows my mind. I bought one battery a while ago to try it out and it lasted as long as the power caps do. I like how the batteries are available in different quantities and I can choose how much I would like. Well worth the money and I am looking at eventually changing out my transmitter for another system. I feel so over played and I just can't deal with it any longer. About this battery, don't waste your money on power caps when they probably get them for like a dollar at their cost. Horrible customer service compare to this company who took my order over the phone and actually cared to ask how I liked their battery. Anyway, I had to vent somewhere.

Brenna H.
Harrisburg, Pa
Review by Brenna Hanes (Posted on 1/27/2015)
I love these things. Won't buy any other Invisible Fence compatible batteries than eXtreme brand.
These extreme batteries are way better than the Perimeter version. I will never buy another Invisible Fence brand battery. The extreme batteries are a solid design and last almost twice as long as the last Perimeter one I bought.
I don't think they have been around for as long as Perimeter batteries, but they sure have capitalized on the flaws in the other after market Invisible Fence compatible batteries.

Arthur R.
Warren, Ohio
Review by Arthur Rodriguez (Posted on 1/9/2015)
Better than Invisible Fence Battery
I hate the cost that Invisible Fence puts on their replacement Batteries. This lasts just as long and is so much cheaper. I have already ordered twice from here for this battery and I am happy with the quality and price of this replacement battery. Review by Patrick Beener (Posted on 7/18/2014)
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