Why Use Heavy Duty Dog Fence Wire?

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Two Kinds Of Dog Fence Wire

The two kinds of dog fence wire are completely different and will make a substantial difference in how well your invisible electric dog fence holds up to time. The factory grade wire sent out by the manufacturer is very low quality and used to keep down production, packaging and shipping costs while still technically providing a working system. On the other hand the professional dog fence installation companies, and smart DIYers, will use a more durable high-quality wire that helps them improve customer satisfaction levels and reduce the amount of service calls/maintenance needed. So, how do you tell the difference between manufacturer and pro-grade wire? Read on…

 Wire Gauge & Wire Jacket

One factor to take into consideration is the gauge or thickness of the wire. The factory grade will usually come in 18-20 gauge wire. Normal exposure to lawn equipment, rodents and the expansion and contraction of the ground will cause this wire to have breaks along the perimeter within the first 3 years. These breaks will take the added time and expense of locating and splicing in a fix. Professional grade wire will be 12-16 gauge and will hold up to many more years of exposure. The added thickness provides for a more durable system and with our solid core option makes finding a break, should it happen, an immensely simpler task.

Another major component is the wire jacket. Typically there is a very thin vinyl coating on the wire shipped with the systems. This coating will wear down over time and leave the copper exposed in various places leading to weak points in your system. Our upgraded wire options have up to three times the jacket thickness plus we use a high density polyethylene coating to protect against moisture and even the most extreme underground conditions. For example our Heavy-Duty wire comes with 45 mils of the polyethylene coating and the eXtreme brand, our best quality wire, comes with a 60 mil coating. These wires are rated for direct burial and our eXtreme brand will provide you with 20+ years of worry free operation.