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Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (1000 ft)

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  • 16 gauge 1000 foot spool dog fence wire
  • electric dog fence wire size chart
  • how much wire

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Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (1000 ft)

Model: HD-16AWG-1000

Availability : In stock

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Regular Price: $129.95

Our Price: $107.95

Regular Price: $129.95

Our Price: $107.95

How much dog fence wire do I need?



This 1000 continuous spool of dog fence wire is enough to cover up to about an acre installation depending on the complexity of the layout. 

Our heavy duty 16-gauge dog fence wire is much thicker than the manufacturer grade wire that comes pre-packaged iwth your dog fence kit. We always recommend upgrading your dog fence wire to at least 16-gauge wire. When you purchase a dog fence kit from Flexpetz, we give you the option to upgrade your wire at the time of purchase so you get exactly the right amount of wire in the gauge you want rather than having a 500 ft. spool of manufacturer wire and a spool of better wire. We'll take the manufacturer wire out of your kit and replace it with the wire of your choice in the length you need so there's no wasted wire. 

This heavy duty 16-gauge dog fence wire is protected by a thick, waterproof polyethylene jacket and is much more durable than the 20-gauge, vinyl-jacketed wire you'll find in DIY dog fence kits. 

Please don't hesitate to contact our dog fence technicians who are standing by to answer your questions, troubleshoot, or help you plan your dog fence layout. 

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Comment / Questions about Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (1000 ft)

Shannon glover
October 13, 2015

Do I need a shock collar with this product?


Hi Shannon,

Yes indeed. The wire carries around a radio signal that communicates with the collar that your dog wears.
The wire itself doesn't carry around the static correction, It only carries a radio signal around the perimeter.
As such, the wire itself will not cause a correction if you touch it. It will identify when the dog's collar is too close to the wire, and the collar will emit the warnings and corrections as necessary.
I hope this information was helpful to you.
Please let us know if you have any other questions we can address for you. Cheers.

January 25, 2016

probably a dumb question, but is the Heavy Duty 16-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (1000 ft) single strand? thank you


All of the dog fence wire we offer is solid core. In case there is damage to the copper, the break in a solid core wire will typically be clean.
The stranded wire breaks can leave your fence signal working intermittently. This can make locating the break a difficult task.

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