Heavy Duty 14-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (1500 ft)

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Wire breaks are a common problem in the electric dog fence industry. Throughout our 20+ years selling and installing in-ground dog fence systems, we've dealt with our fair share and we can tell you that the vast majority of wire breaks occur in factory-grade wire installations. Using a heavier wire with a polyethylene jacket is the best way to avoid wire breaks and the hassle they create. 

The factory-grade dog fence wire sold by the dog fence manufacturers has a thin weather resistant vinyl coating that is pretty susceptible to damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles, tree roots, rodents, etc. This 14-gauge dog fence wire features a polyethylene coating that is waterproof and far more resilient than vinyl. Our 14-gauge underground fence wire is perfect for rocky soil, heavily treed areas, and even extreme climates. 

By upgrading the wire on your electric dog fence system, you'll be protecting your investment for years to come. With our 14-Gauge Heavy Duty Dog Fence Wire you'll ensure that your dogs remain protected and save yourself the time, hassle, and expense of locating and repairing a wire break. 

  • 14-Gauge Wire
  • Solid Core
  • .045mil Polyethylene Coating
  • 1500 ft. Continuous Spool
  • Universal Dog Fence Wire (compatible with all brands)

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