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As a leading manufacturer of caring pet products, Havahart offers a wide range of pet care, pet training, and wildlife control products. Parent company Woodstream Corp. is a privately held company and manufacturer of quality caring pet control products with more than 150 years experience in the animal care industry. With a focus on innovation and a commitment to quality and safety, the company continues to grow and expand their range of products. With a strong focus on innovation, Havahart consistently brings groundbreaking new technology and designs to the pet care industry.

  • Electric Dog Fences

    Our dogs are important members of our families and treating them that way means ensuring their safety, health and happiness. Part of keeping our pets happy and healthy is allowing them to move freely in and around our homes. While traditional fencing can be complicated, expensive and downright ugly, The Havahart electric dog fence is none of the above. Underground electric fencing allows you to safely and easily train your dog to remain within the boundaries you lay out. Underground fencing is easy to install in just an afternoon or two (depending on the size of the area to fence). There are no unsightly wires or visible traces of the fence once the training flags are no loner needed, so the look of your property is unchanged. Unlike traditional fences, there is very little maintenance or regular repair needed, so you don’t shoulder on-going costs.


    Havahart Dog Fence Products

    Havahart and parent company Woodstream Corp) are dedicated to the safe and humane treatment of animals everywhere. Their commitment to safety has led them to develop some of the industry’s most technologically advanced pet containment systems on the market. Their devotion to the happiness and well being of pets and pet owners has inspired them to create products that solve problems and offer solutions for pets and their families. Havahart Pet Containment Systems offer flexible and customizable features like boundary extension kits, extra receiver collars and 2-dog bundles that allow each pet owner to tailor the product to their specific needs.


    Havahart Underground Electric Fence

    The Havahart Fence Free Pet Containment System uses state-of-the-art electronics technology to create a safe and acceptable area for your dog or dogs to exercise, play and explore. Once you determine the area to be fenced, installation is simple and straightforward. The underground wire can be used to set out a perimeter and also to create exclusion zones (like a garden, shed, or swimming pool) within the perimeter. Once the wire is installed, your dog will wear a battery-operated receiver collar that communicates with the ground wire perimeter. With the aid of training flags, you’ll teach your dog where the boundaries are. When the dog approaches those boundaries an audible warning signal will let the dog know that he’s too close. If the dog continues toward the boundary a harmless static correction will be emitted from the collar. This static correction is safe and humane but effective in getting the dog’s attention and redirecting him away from the boundary line. The Havahart underground electric fencing is fully customizable with options to control correction levels and boundary widths and can safely and effectively be used with an unlimited number of dogs. Built-in safety precautions and controls like run-through protection and over-correction protection ensure that your pets are safe, happy and healthy.


    Quality and Warranty

    Havahart products are thoroughly researched and rigorously tested before they are released to consumers. Held to the highest standards of quality, Havahart Electric Dog Fence products are backed by a one year limited warranty guaranteeing quality workmanship and functionality.

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