Havahart Wireless Dog Fences

Producers of a wide range of quality pet care and wildlife products Havahart has recently focused their energies on creating state-of-the-art wireless pet containment systems. The Havahart Wireless Dog Fences are designed to maximize freedom and safety while minimizing installation, investment, and impact on your property.

  • Havahart currently offers two distinct wireless dog fence systems. The first is the Havahart Radial-Shape2 Wireless Dog Fence. The second is the Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence. Both of the Havahart wireless containment fence systems feature state-of-the-art wireless receivers that send and receive reliable radio wave signals between each other to ensure the safe containment of your dog at all times.

    The Havahart Radial-Shape2 Wireless Dog Fence allows the user to create a wireless circular boundary with a 40 ft. – 400 ft. radius from the control box at its center. Requiring no buried wires, the invisible fencing is fast and easy to install and doesn’t impact on your property in the way a traditional or even in-ground electric dog fence can.  The Radial-Shape2 wireless fence features a powerful two-way control box that communicates 10 times per second with your dog’s receiver collar ensuring the safe containment of your pet. The two-way communication also allows for real-time tracking of your dog’s location within your property. Unlike some competing wireless fence systems, the Havahart Radial-Shape2 offers you the ability to customize the correction zone size as well as the correction level for your dog’s collar. Choose between 5 static correction levels or a tone-only mode to ensure the correct correction for your particular pooch.

    The Havahart Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence is the newest and most technologically advanced wireless containment system available. This wireless dog fence system ventures into uncharted waters, allowing the user to create a wireless custom shape boundary (until now, a feature that was only possible with wired in-ground dog fences). The Havahart Custom-Shape Wireless dog fence creates an invisible fence boundary of up to 500 ft. in any direction through the use of a state-of-the-art transceiver control box and 4 two-way wireless base stations installed at key points in your home. The base stations communicate with one another as well as with your dog’s receiver collar to not only keep your dog safely contained within the boundary you’ve defined, but also to allow you to track your dog’s position within the roaming area in real time. The Havahart Custom-Shape system can contain up to two dogs at a time and offers you 5 static correction level settings as well as a tone-only mode so you can be sure your dog is receiving just the right correction for her temperament. The correction zone size is also adjustable, allowing you decide exactly where the warning and correction zones will be. The Havahart Custom-Shape Wireless Dog Fence also allows the user to create exclusion zones within the boundary, perfect for keeping Rover out of your flower beds.

    The Havahart wireless dog fence systems strike a balance between optimal freedom of movement and safety for your dog. Because the Havahart Wireless invisible dog fence systems don’t require expensive installation or buried wires, they have less of an impact on your property and your pocketbook. 

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