Havahart In-Ground Dog Fence

A Havahart in-ground fence is a simple and cost effective way to keep your dog safe in your yard without the need for an expensive or unwanted physical fence. The Havahart in-ground fence effectively contains multiple dogs in an area of your choice while allowing your dog(s) the freedom of movement that they deserve.

  • In-ground electric dog fence systems are safe and easy to use. The Havahart Fence Free in-ground electric dog fence system works by teaching your dog to avoid certain areas (the boundary you create) by warning him with an audible tone as he approaches the boundary zone and then issues a harmless but surprising static correction if he continues into the boundary zone. This avoidance style conditioning reinforces the initial training you will do with your dog to teach him the limits of his territory.

    Installing the Havahart Fence Free in-ground fence system is an easy weekend DIY project and does not require professional assistance. The Havahart electric fence system is capable of up to 13 acres of containment with the purchase of additional wire, flags, and splices (the kit includes enough of these supplies to cover the first 1/3 acre). Refer to our Installation Section for step-by-step instructions on planning and installing an in-ground electric dog fence system.

    The Havahart Fence Free in-ground electric dog fence system is unique in the range of features it offers at a relatively low price point. The Havahart electric dog fence is multi-dog ready, meaning that you can not only contain multiple dogs simultaneously but can also adjust each dog’s correction settings individually to ensure you’re correcting at a level appropriate for each of your pets.

    The Havahart Fence Free electric fence system also features an adjustable field width so you can control how wide the correction zone is making it easy to customize the fence to your layout specifics.

    The system does not offer a rechargeable collar, a feature that many people appreciate, but it does use generic batteries so you aren’t stuck purchasing proprietary manufacturer batteries, as is the case with some of the competing systems.

    Havahart offers a full 1-year warranty on it’s Havahart Dog Fence In-Ground Systems.

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