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Havahart Custom-Shape Wireless Fence

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Havahart Custom-Shape Wireless Fence

Model: 5144G

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The first wireless dog fence system to allow the user to create a custom boundary shape and create exclusion zones within the boundary. The Havahart Custom Shape system also gives you the option of connecting to your fence system via your personal computer to view and make changes to your boundary as well as track the position of your dog.

While this system breaks new ground by allowing the creation of custom shape boundaries, it is still plagued by the two major problems that all wireless systems to date seem to have – fluctuating boundaries and delayed correction time. The system claims a range of 500 ft. from the home but once you get beyond about 200 ft. the boundary starts to vary pretty widely. Even in a smaller installation, you’ll find a variation of about 5 ft. at any given moment. The collar response time is also delayed. The correction often comes a bit too late, seconds after the dog has challenged the boundary. Likewise, the cessation of the correction is also delayed, meaning that the dog will have to fall far back into the safe zone before the correction will stop. Unfortunately, these basic function issues do create training and consistency difficulties.

Because the collar is a bit large and clunky the system is not suitable for dogs weighing less than 20 lbs. The collar is relatively durable with no external controls, but is not completely waterproof. The system can handle up to two collars at a time.

SUMMARY: This system certainly takes wireless to a new level with the ability to create a custom shape boundary – a feature that was formerly limited to wired systems. The limitations include an unreliable boundary line, delayed correction times, and a large collar. The system also performs poorly where there is heavy tree cover, metal siding or roofing, or hilly areas.

We Do Not Recommend this system!



  • LCD Color Controller
  • 4 WiFi Base Stations
  • WiFi Collar
  • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
  • Wall Charger
  • 75 Boundary Flags
  • Collar Tester
  • Short Prongs
  • Base Station Mounting Hardware
  • Instruction Manual & DVD


  • Rechargeable Battery: The Havahart Custom Shape wireless fence uses a rechargeable collar battery. The system comes with two batteries and a charger so one can be charged while the other is in use.
  • Short Prongs: The collar comes with a single set of short hair contact point prongs.
  • Low Battery Indicator: The small LED light on the collar lets you know that it is working and when the battery is due for a charge.
  • Water Resistant: The Havahart collar is not completely waterproof and is therefore not recommended for water installations.  
  • 5 Individual Correction Levels: The collar features 5 independently adjustable correction levels for each collar on the system. The system can accommodate up to two collars.


  • WiFi Technology: WiFi technology allows for two-way communication between the base station and the collar(s). This means that the collar will communicate any challenge to the boundary to the base station where you will be alerted to the challenge so that you can immediately investigate.
  • Custom Boundary Shape: The Havahart system allows you to create a custom boundary shape by switching the system into record mode and slowly walking the perimeter with collar in hand.
  • Four Exclusion Zones: The system is equipped to include four outdoor exclusion zones within the perimeter. This allows you to restrict access to areas of your property within the boundary like pools, tool sheds, or gardens.
  • Fence Tracker Program: When the base station is connected to your home computer you can access the online fence tracker program, which allows you to view and edit your boundary from your computer. You can also monitor the position of the dogs on the system through the fence tracker.


  • 10-Year Limited Warranty: Havahart® Has a ten-year limited warranty on the Custom-Shape Wireless dog fence system.

The Havahart Custom Shape Wireless Dog Fence System is the first and only system to allow the user to create a custom boundary shape and up to four optional exclusion zones within the perimeter. Until now these features were exclusive to in-ground, wired systems. The rechargeable collar battery and option Fence Tracker program are two more benefits of this Havahart system. Using your personal computer to access the Fence Tracker program you can view and edit your perimeter as well as track the movements and positions of your dogs.

  1. Definitive 1 yr test. NOT RELIABLE! Review by Jeff

    THE DEFINITIVE TEST: 13 months, over 60 hours of setup and troubleshooting, 10 replacement collars, one replacement system, 6 hours of technical support, 20+ dog runaways. Conclusion: Havahart custom shape fence IS NOT RELIABLE! I can't imagine that anyone has more first hand experience with this system then I do. When I first got the system I was very excited about it. 15 acres coverage, easy set up, exclusion zones, water resistant collar, high tech, computer troubleshooting and monitoring. Great! I first started with 5 acres. After re setting my fence 20+ times reducing it down to just over one acre. System still could not reliably work. Once the fence was in the "small" sizes, AND all the collars were functioning, It would contain our two dogs. Once they learned where the fence was and knew they would get shocked beyond it, they stayed in it. However the longest stretch of containment was probably 5 weeks. Then something would happen, mostly I think the collars go bad or the system just glitches. They were good about replacing collars and such, but they said there was never anything wrong with them once they examined them. With the "fence tracker" they could see that there was failures and dog breaches, but they could not tell me why. They say; Reset the fence (takes 45 minutes minimum or much if a large zone or deep snow), reset the collars, change position of monitors, change collar position. Sometimes it would work again for a few weeks, next thing you know, the dogs are gone for 4 hours during rush hour. All of what you read in the negative reviews is true. Is your dog ever outside in the rain or snow? Collar might go bad. Have a pond the dog might go in if the collar fails or not? dead collar. Have more than one tree? not good. Have any outbuildings? bad. Have a small yard? bad, the 16 foot variance in the fence (which they admit) will constantly correct your dog. Have a big yard? Probably not good, there has got to be an obstruction somewhere. Batteries don't last a full day, so if people are not paying attention or you have kids letting the dogs out, plan on batteries going dead sometimes when the dogs are out. But they admit to most of that. What I finally concluded is that none of that really mattered. They collars eventually go bad the system gets glitchy. Especially with two dogs. If one collar goes bad and the dog gets out for some fun, the other will just learn to deal with the temporary shocking to go have fun with the other. There are just too many things that can go wrong. The final straw for me was after resetting the 4 week old collars (10th replacements) 5 times, each time taking them out to the fence line, one in one hand one in the other. Clear spots with no obstructions. Sometimes both collars would work, sometimes just one. Sometimes one would work and the other would let me through, but then start shocking when coming back in! This in not suppose to happen by there own claims! This keeps the dogs out! Over and over I tried it, It was never consistent. Yes, there were times over the year when it worked just as described. Bottom line, IT IS NOT RELIABLE! The point of a fence is reliability, if you can't depend on it, it is not a fence. A huge waste of time and money. I'm going to a wired system with heavy 14 gauge wire that does not break. I could have buried 10 5 acre fences in the amount of time I spent troubleshooting this system. There is more I could tell but I think this gets the point across. If you have questions please ask, I have the answer. (Posted on 4/11/2013)

  2. Not Happy! Review by Elizabeth Martin -Denver, Colorado

    I kept thinking that the reviews of this product were just too harsh and that it would probably look just fine. I couldn't have been more wrong. The boundaries were completely inconsistent. My dogs couldn't figure out where they were allowed and where they weren't because it kept changing. Also, we have a lot of snow here, let me assure you the system is NOT waterproof. Am I not supposed to let the dogs out in the snow? This whole thing was a mess and it's not like it was an inexpensive system to start with. Please don't buy this particular fence. (Posted on 1/28/2013)

  3. A Good Solution Review by Peter Halikus, ShipBottom, NJ

    I have a fairly weird shaped property that includes a beach area. I didn't want an underground system b/c of underground wires I know are on my property and the issues of sand. Because of the weird boundaries, not all wireless systems would work for me. This one does,somewhat I should say. The issues mentioned in the overview are true. My solution was to make the boundaries a little smaller than I otherwise would have to make the boundaries more accurate, The collar that comes with the system randomly activated several times in my house and and parts of the property that we had not established boundaries on. I would not recomend this product and I sent it back to Hava Heart two days after tirelessly trying to get it to work properly. i would not recommend this product. I decided to install a wired system the folks at Flexpetz.com recommended to me after sending the product back. (Posted on 1/24/2013)

  4. My thoughts Review by Jared

    For it’s price I would have expected to not have as many minor issues as it does but in light of the delays in system response at times, I still am in love with the fact that I can change the boundary shape and even assign specific regions within the boundaries perimeter. Overall it works, but the consistency of the system seems to randomly fluctuate.
    -Jared Lucks, PA

    (Posted on 10/17/2012)

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