Free Expert Support For The Life Of Your Dog Fence

Our Goal

Lifetime Service GuaranteeFlexpetz was founded by a group of professional dog fence installation technicians. We have over 20 years of combined experience installing, training, and troubleshooting electric dog fence systems. We have experience installing brands like Invisible Fence®, PetSafe® Professional, Innotek®, and Perimeter Brand hidden fence systems.

Our goal is to help you keep your dog safe and happy. We aim to help you right from the start by making sure you get the right dog fence system to begin with. We provide the best and most comprehensive reviews based on real world experience with each and every dog fence system we sell. We offer free customer support by phone, live chat, or e-mail for the life of your dog fence system. We offer installation, training, and troubleshooting tips and advice. Our dog fence experts will answer your questions and help you get the most out of your new hidden dog fence system.

Expert Support For The Life Of Your System

Selecting a Dog Fence System

We will help you select the dog fence system best-matched to the needs of your dog, your property size, and your budget. You can start by reading through our detailed dog fence reviews and comparing systems on our dog fence comparison chart. If you need more information, or have questions specific to your situation or property we encourage you to call or use our live chat. Our DIY dog fence and training experts can guide you through the process of choosing an electric dog fence.

Dog Fence Installation

We share our 20 years of dog fence installation experience and show you the tricks of the trade that allow brands like Invisible Fence® to have over a 99.99% success rate. You will have the same great results with our systems because you are putting our experience to work for you. Our comprehensive (and free) installation guide is always available and so are our technicians. We can help you plan a dog fence layout using satellite images of your property or simply answer your questions and make helpful recommendations.

Training Your Dog

We use a gentle, progressive training method to introduce dogs to their new found freedom. Our dog fence trainers have plenty of experience working with all breeds and temperaments. We can help you train everything fence related, from understanding and remaining within the fence boundaries to crossing the boundary line when you want to take him for a walk. Our training support continues for as long as you have your fence.