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 Low Price Guarantee Policies

Authorized Retailers Only

Flexpetz.com can only match the lowest price from another authorized retailer. All authorized retailers of a given brand are listed on the respective manufacturer’s website and we will gladly verify this for you. 

Authorized dealers are representatives who are given license to sell a particular manufacturer's product. Buying from an authorized retailer is critical to ensuring your product's warranty. Most manufacturers will not honor the warranty on a product purchased from an unauthorized retailer. Unauthorized dealers often sell low quality knock-offs or stolen products from the grey market.

MAP Price

We Respect Manufacturer MAPs

The product must we within MAP Pricing if applicable. MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) is an agreement between suppliers and retailers that dictates the lowest price a product may be advertised at. Any retailer advertising a lower than MAP price is breaching this agreement and will not qualify for the Flexpetz Low Price Guarantee. 




Wire Excluded

We are pleased to offer our low price matching guarantee on dog fence containment systems, bark collars, remote trainers, and dog doors.

Dog fence wire products are not eligible for our low price guarantee.




low price

Did You Find A Lower Price?

Contact Us by email or by phone (800) 396-5517 to let us know where you found a lower price.

We will quickly verify the product and price and update your order to reflect the low price guarantee.