Find My Pet GPS Nano Dog Tracker

If you are looking for a reliable GPS tracker for dogs, the Find My Pet GPS™ Nano is the right choice for you. This GPS for dogs can also be used to locate any of your pets, including cats, horses and cattle. In fact, this GPS collar for dogs has the ability to track your pet anywhere, worldwide! As long as your smartphone has GSM (2G) cell network coverage, you can use its free Android and iPhone apps to locate your dog, wherever he or she may roam. This device which has a GPS chip for dogs also allows you to track your pet’s location with your web browser on the Find My Pet GPS™ company website.

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The Find My Pet GPS™ Nano GPS tracking device for dogs is the world’s smallest and lightest GPS tracker for dogs on the market today. It will never bother your dog or weigh him down, since it weighs less than an ounce, and measures only 1.4 inches in diameter.
Do you have more than one pet you need to keep track of? The Find My Pet GPS™ app allows you to track an unlimited number of pets on their system, with the purchase of additional Find My Pet GPS™ trackers for dogs.
With a battery life of up to 96 hours, what more could you ask for, in a GPS microchip for dogs? The Find My Pet GPS™ Nano Tracker for Dogs gives you peace of mind, in always knowing where your pets are.
Here’s the deal. With your purchase of the Find My Pet GPS™ tracker, you receive one month of GPS tracking service for free. After that, they have different plans you can choose from. You can receive their service for GPS tracking for dogs for $4.99 per month. Or, you can choose a yearly plan for $49.99 or a three-year plan for $99.99.
The most accurate tracking and updates are given when your dog is outdoors. Otherwise, it will use Wi-Fi and Bluetooth signals to locate your pet. If none of these are available, it will use cellular networks to locate your pet.



• Weighs only ¾ of an ounce
• Measures 1.4 inches in diameter
• Battery life lasts 2-4 days
• Allows you to set up a Geo fence, and alerts you if your dog leaves this area
• Features tracking history that saves locations for up to one year
• SOS Button: Notifies you or anyone else you choose, of your pet’s location
• Allows you to create a Family and Friends list so they can also receive alerts
• Find My Pet offers free Customer Service support

What Is Included

• 1 Find My Pet GPS™ Tracker for Dogs
• 1 Worldwide Sim Card
• 1 Micro USB Charging Cable
• 1 Plastic Collar Attachment
• 1 Fabric Pouch Collar Attachment
• Owner’s Manual
• One Free Month of GPS Network Coverage


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