eXtreme Dog Fence® Brand 12-Gauge Dog Fence Wire


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Truly for the do-it-yourselfer who insists on the heaviest dog fence wire money can buy. As the name implies, this wire overkill for most dog fence installations, but if you spring for this dog fence wire you can rest assured you will never have to replace your dog fence wiring again. While cost prohibitive in most cases it certainly may save you money in the long term. We see customers who have dealt with repeated wire breaks in the factory grade initial installation wire coming to us looking for the biggest dog fence wire they can get their hands on to avoid ever having to deal with changing out the wire again. This is it. 

  • 12-Gauge Professional Pet Fence Wire
  • 45mil Insulated Wire
  • Plastic Coated
  • Underground Rated
  • Compatible with all Dog Fence Systems

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