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extra petsafe stay and play dog fence transmitter

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  • extra petsafe stay and play dog fence transmitter
PetSafe Stay+Play Expansion Transmitter

Model: PIF00-13210

Availability : In stock


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Regular Price: $249.99

Our Price: $219.95

Regular Price: $249.99

Our Price: $219.95



You can expand your dog's roaming area by 3/4 acre with each Stay+Play Wireless Dog Fence expansion transmitter by PetSafe. As many as three additional Stay+Play Wireless transmitters can be used to expand your PetSafe Stay+Play system up to 2.5 acres. Using multiple transmitters placed at least 10 feet (and up to 210 feet) apart allows you to create overlapping signal areas. Where the signals overlap, they cancel one another out creating a larger containment area for your pet. 

The Stay+Play transmitters are not weatherproof and must be sheltered wherever they are installed. They also require access to a power outlet. Most people install the transmitters at opposite ends inside the home to create a larger containment around the home. 

  • Expands Your Stay+Play Boundary Zone
  • Portable
  • Compact 

  1. What I needed Review by Nanny Grumman

    I am glad this was available without the whole package. I looked everywhere for just the expansion transmitter and I am happy I found it on here. Shipping was quick and the setting up of it was quick and my dog took well to walking with me into the new area. I had to take his collar off first, but he then learned he has more space which is what he needed.

    Tulsa, Ok (Posted on 4/16/2015)

  2. Make Your Doggie's World Bigger Review by Jenny G.

    My property is more than 3/4 of an acer. When I found out I could buy this pack to add on to my wireless fence, I was thrilled. Now my whole property can be covered without a problem. (Posted on 4/2/2013)

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Comment / Questions about PetSafe Stay+Play Expansion Transmitter

John Adamczak
May 09, 2017

How far can 2 transmitters be apart from one another?
Black transmitter from black?
Grey from grey?
Black from grey?

I have a detached garage that is about 110 feet from the house. I would like to put one transmitter in the house the other in the detached garage.




You would have to keep in mind that the gray transmitter has a maximum radius of 90', while the Stay + Play transmitter has a maximum radius of 105'.
They are both compatible with one another, so you could mix and match transmitters as your needs dictate.
The one thing to remember is that you want the two circular containment zones to overlap by 5-10', to provide your dog more than a narrow passageway between the two.
I hope you find that information helpful.

Jessi Moyle
June 01, 2017

I have 50 acres and want my dogs to be able to have access to a good majority of that but the problem is they keep running down my driveway to the road. I have a building at the end of my driveway that I could plug it into if I knew that the same radius you use to keep them in could also keep them out. Meaning they would only get zapped if they went that far back into the zone... Does that make sense? Can that work?



I believe you are speaking about a wireless system.
That would not work because the wireless systems create a safe zone inside the radius' coverage. There is no way to reverse the polarity (so to speak) and create a restricted zone within that coverage.

Your best bet would be to setup a wired fence to just block off that area you don't want them in. Your layout could be setup similar to THIS.

It would be much more reliable as well.

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