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Was your original transmitter ruined by lightning? If this is the case, this transmitter will get your electric dog fence up and running again.

If you have a small dog or a toy breed, the Elite Little Dog Fence Transmitter is designed for you. The corrections offered by the Elite Little Dog Collar which matches this system are dialed down, and the collar is the smallest and most lightweight on the market.

The great thing about the Elite Little Dog Fence Transmitter is that it is also compatible with most other PetSafe® collars. This is helpful in households where there are several dogs of various sizes. For example, perhaps you have a German Shepherd in addition to a Terrier. In this case, you could use a Stubborn Dog collar for your Shepherd and an Elite Little Dog collar for your small one. Because the correction levels are controlled individually, the correction strength for each dog is able to be personalized.

The Elite Little Dog transmitter has the ability to contain up to 25 acres of land. Having more than one transmitter further increases your coverage area.

The Elite Little Dog Fence Transmitter allows you to adjust the width of your boundary zone. The fence’s boundary zone is the distance from the wire that the dog can travel before being corrected. For most installations, the boundary zone of the Elite Little Dog system should be set at 3 to 5 feet. However, the transmitter allows you to choose a boundary zone width anywhere from a few inches to 10 feet.

Should you have any issues with your Elite Little Dog Fence transmitter, the manufacturer offers you a 1-year warranty that protects your purchase.


PetSafe Elite Little Dog Transmitter Features

Compatible With Many PetSafe Collars: One of the nicest features of the PetSafe systems is the compatibility that makes them suitable for households with dogs of different sizes. Since the correction levels are controlled individually you can personalize the correction strength for each dog.
See the Specs section for list of collar receivers that are compatible with this transmitter.

25 Acre Capacity: The Elite Little Dog transmitter is capable of powering up to 25 acres of containment area. In this upgraded kit we include 500 ft. of pro-grade, heavy duty 14-gauge dog fence wire and 50 ft. of pro-grade twisted wire to get you going. The included upgraded wire is enough for about a 1/3 acre installation. The transmission switch on the transmitter allows you to set the transmission strength at the appropriate level for your installation. 

Adjustable Boundary Zone Width: The width of the boundary zone is generally set at 3-5 ft for most installations but the Elite Little Dog system does allow the user to choose the boundary width. You can set the boundary at anything from a few inches to 10 ft. depending on your dog's likelihood to try to run through and the amount of space you have to play with inside the boundary line. 


This transmitter replaces the PetSafe Elite Little dog fence unit. Model PIG00-10773 Simply remove your old transmitter and replace it with the new one. PetSafe Transmitters are susceptible to lighting strikes. Consider a specialized dog fence surge protector to go along with your transmitter.

  • For the PetSafe Elite Little Dog Fence Model PIG00-10773
  • Includes Transmitter and AC Power Supply


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Customer Reviews (2)
Glad to find!
It is nice to know that this is the replacement for my old transmitter that stopped working last week. Great update and works just like the other one but looks nicer. Very fast shipping and customer service was very helpful on chat to find me what I needed. I could not find this replacement anywhere else, but sure glad I found this website and the chat led me to just what I needed!

Gregory K
Lyndhurst, NJ
Review by Gregory Kelmans (Posted on 4/28/2015)
I had the older model of the PetSafe System. This transmitter is the replacement to that system and I like the change a lot. I had the older one for many years and liked how long that lasted. With the upgrades I am guessing it will be even longer than before. I am happy with this product by 100% Review by Kevin Fredrick (Posted on 7/31/2013)
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