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Comment / Questions about DIY Video Library

Win Robinson
May 07, 2015

- 2 golden retrievers
- invisible fence at home
- need fence for a new camp...in the woods and with shoreline
- would like to have system with collars compatable with inv. fence
- Off grid solar driven battery power source
- It is a campt , so don't want to spend a s whole lot

Recomendations?....note can't deal withthe "letters below"


Hello Win,
We don't have anything available that would be compatible with your Invisible Fence. A good solution would be a wireless system but that would depend on how heavily wooded the camp is. Dense foliage can interfere with the signal and make the system unreliable. If going with a wired system just keep in mind the transmitter does have to be protected from the elements. Choosing one would be dependent on your dogs' temperament and what features you are looking for. Please contact one of our techs at 800-396-5517 and we would be happy to go over a few things and help you decide on a system. Thank you.

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