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Dogtek Dog Fence EF-4000

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  • Dogtek Dog Fence EF-4000
  • Dogtek Fence Receiver Collar
  • Dogtek Dog Fence Transmitter
DOGTEK 4000 Electric Dog Fence

Model: EF-4000

Availability : Out of stock


No Hassle 30-Day Returns
Upgraded Warranty

Regular Price: $189.95

Our Price: $149.95

DOGTEK EF-4000 For Dogs From 12 lbs.

This entry level system offers great value for money. This reliable system features a small collar, 8 correction level settings, and independently adjustable warning and correction zones like some far pricier systems. The system's limitations are in the disposable battery paired with lack of low battery indicator and the relatively small capacity compared to other dog fence systems. The small and lightweight collar make this system suitable for dogs from 12 lbs. 


Dogtek Fence Collar FeaturesSmall & Lightweight Collar: The nice compact collar on the Dogtek EF-4000 allows the system to be used for dogs as little as 12 lbs. Since there are 8 individually adjustable correction levels this dog fence system is also suitable for bigger dogs. The collar has a removable cloth strap and screw-on battery compartment as well as magnetic on/off switch. 

8 Individually Adjustable Correction Level Settings: Each collar on the system can be set to any of the 8 available correction level settings. The intensity on this collar ranges from very low to medium-high, so it's great for little dogs and super sensitive dogs right up through the bigger breeds. Very large or persistent dogs may not be a great fit for this system. The only downside is the method for adjusting the correction level. The level is set using a teeny tiny button located inside the screw-on battery compartment making it a giant time-consuming pain to adjust the correction settings. The good news is that they won't accidentally get changed during rough play and you'll likely only need to mess with it during the training period. 

Disposable 3-Volt Battery: The Dogtek collar is not rechargeable and instead uses a disposable 3-volt battery. The battery has a reasonable 4-6 month lifespan but there is no low battery indicator so it's hard to know for sure when it's dead. The battery compartment scerws on with four little screws which makes battery changes a minor pain. Thankfully the collar requires only a generic CR2 battery that you can pick up at any big box for around $5.

Lacks Low Battery Indicator: A major downside of the Dogtek system is the lack of low battery indicator. This leaves you guessing about whether the collar battery needs replacing or using the test light each time you want to use the collar to be sure the battery is still good. This paired with the lack of rechargeable battery makes for quite a hassle but then again, it is a budget system with a good list of features. 



Dogtek EF-4000 Transmitter Features

Adjustable Warning & Correction Zones: The Dogtek EF-4000 allows you to customize not only the correction level setting for each collar on the system but also the size of both the warning zone and the correction zone independently. By adjusting the warning and correction zones serperately you can tailor the system to your individual dog. A larger warning tone area and smaller correction zone will give your dog lots of time to heed the warning before receiving a correction, which might be useful for timid or very compliant dogs. For more easily distracted dogs prone to test the boundary you can set a shorter warning tone zone and a wider correction zone. 

2.5 Acre Capacity: Unfortunately, the Dogtek is one of the weakest transmitters in terms of capacity and can only power up to 1500 ft of boundary wire - about 2.5 acres. This is generally enough for most suburban yards but likely won't be able to cover larger rural properties. 

  • Collar Receiver Box: 2.3” x 1.3” x 1.6″ , 3.4 oz.
  • Collar Strap: 3/4" strap, fits 7-26" neck sizes
Compatible Collars



  • 1 Year Full Warranty on parts and labour


  1. Great System Review by Geri

    The Dogtek invisible dog fence has been wonderful. We have a lab that is nearing 70 pounds and just way too big to play indoors without wreaking things so this has been great for her and the family. It was strong enough of a stimulation to get her attention a few times, but now she goes nowhere near the boundary. The warning tone is sufficient to keep her in the yard. Training took only a few days and while she was nervous at first she is now a happy dog, and that means happy owners. (Posted on 3/28/2013)

  2. Shocks the Dog Everywhere Review by Roger

    The fence works, however radio frequency radiation from our MacBook Pro laptops, their power supplies, and other electronics will cause the collar to deliver a shock. As a result I cannot recommend this system if you want to leave the collar on your dog inside.

    I brought this issue to the attention of DOGTEK customer service. They stated it was a common problem and there is no fix for it. Below is the message I sent and their reply:

    Our EF-4000 collar will intermittently shock our dog when within a few inches of our MacBook Pro laptops or power supplies. This makes it virtually impossible to leave the collar on our dog in the house because she will be shocked at random times when she comes close to any of these devices. Apparently the frequencies used by these receivers are also in the range that these devices emit as RF radiation.

    I returned this product to Flex petz and they where kind enough to send me another brand system, contrary to what the manufacturer says, the new one works perfectly (Posted on 4/27/2012)

  3. Horrible System Review by Donnie

    My 1st transmitter broke a yr after purchase. Because I didn't keep the receipt I had to repurchase another one. This new transmitter lasted 7 days. I had both on a surge protector. I think the product itself is faulty. (Posted on 8/14/2011)

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Comment / Questions about DOGTEK 4000 Electric Dog Fence

June 25, 2014



We ship all dog fence collars immediately after you place the order through our website. Simply go through the check out process on our secure website, it will ask you basic information, shipping address etc.

October 01, 2014

I have 2 puppies that love to run out of the house into the street. I'm very interested in this product and would like to know if you have a package for 2 collars!'v

Thank you


The Dogtek 400 can have an infinite number of collars added to it. All of our containment products have a blue drop down to add as many collars as you would like, no limit.

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