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500 feet heavy duty dog fene wire

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  • 500 feet heavy duty dog fene wire
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Heavy Duty 14-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (500 ft)

Model: HD-14AWG-500

Availability : In stock



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Regular Price: $82.95

Our Price: $68.95

Regular Price: $82.95

Our Price: $68.95

How much dog fence wire do I need?



Wire breaks are a common problem in the electric dog fence industry. Throughout our 20+ years selling and installing in-ground dog fence systems, we've dealt with our fair share and we can tell you that the vast majority of wire breaks occur in factory-grade wire installations. Using a heavier wire with a polyethylene jacket is the best way to avoid wire breaks and the hassle they create. 

The factory-grade dog fence wire sold by the dog fence manufacturers has a thin weather resistant vinyl coating that is pretty susceptible to damage caused by freeze/thaw cycles, tree roots, rodents, etc. This 14-gauge dog fence wire features a polyethylene coating that is waterproof and far more resilient than vinyl. Our 14-gauge underground fence wire is perfect for rocky soil, heavily treed areas, and even extreme climates. 

By upgrading the wire on your electric dog fence system, you'll be protecting your investment for years to come. With our 14-Gauge Heavy Duty Dog Fence Wire you'll ensure that your dogs remain protected and save yourself the time, hassle, and expense of locating and repairing a wire break. 

  • 14-Gauge Professional-Grade Wire
  • Solid Core
  • .045mil LD Polyethylene Coating
  • 500 ft. Continuous Spool
  • Universal Dog Fence Wire (compatible with all brands)
  1. Great stuff 10 times thicker then what came with the kit Review by Joey

    This is great wire, the kit wire broke so many times of the year from just about anything, Very happy with this should solve my problems, thanks for the excellent service. (Posted on 10/25/2013)

  2. Very good Review by RealCoolCheese

    This dog fence wire, speaks for itself with his high quality. I just replaced the garbage 22 gauge wire that Petsafe put in with the original kit....what garbage, i can not believe this was even packaged with my original system. The new 14 wire is much thicker and i can tell it will last much longer, two years of dealing with constant wire breaks,,,gets real old, I can promise you that its not worth cheeping out on the wire. (Posted on 7/22/2013)

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  8. This wire works great for my dog! Review by lascottt7

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  10. Great Irrigation Wire Review by Roger

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Comment / Questions about Heavy Duty 14-Gauge Dog Fence Wire (500 ft)

ted fisk
April 19, 2016

price on heavy duty 14 guage wire


Hello Ted,
How much wire are you needing to get?
Here is a link to all of our 14-gauge wire:

Thank you and have a nice day.

Julie Angulo
Sales and Support Leader
800-396-5517 Toll Free

We have the FREE Tech support to make this DIY project easy for you.

June 14, 2016

Does the 14 or 16 gauge wire work with Pet Safe Transmitters? Our is about 4 x 5 in size and black. Probably about 9 years old. Thanks!


Hello Donna,

Thank you for reaching out to us.
Yes absolutely our wire is universal and compatible for all systems.
The wire that comes in a standard dog fence kit is 20 gauge. It is rather thin and is prone to wire breaks.
Although a thicker wire does cost you more initially, it is worth saving yourself a headache later. A wire that is 14 gauge is designed to withstand the elements, lasting 10 years or more. If you want a thickness that is between the two, you can select a 16-gauge wire as this is still an improvement over the 20 gauge wire.
All of our ProGrade kits come standard with the eXtreme 14-gauge wire, covered in a 60mil polyethylene coating, which is the highest quality available.
Let me know if you have any further questions.


Julie Angulo
Sales and Support Leader
800-396-5517 Toll Free

We have the FREE Tech support to make this DIY project easy for you.

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