Dog Fence Surge Protectors

What Is A Dog Fence Surge Protector?

A dog fence surge protector (or lightning protector) is different from a normal household surge protector that you might plug your computer in to. A surge protector designed specifically for dog fences offers two levels of protection. First the surge protector protects your house and your dog fence transmitter from power surges caused by a nearby lightening strike that can travel up the dog fence perimeter wire, into the transmitter, and into your home. The second level of protection provided is protection for your dog fence transmitter against AC power surges that originate within your power main in your home.

How Does A Dog Fence Surge Protector Work?

The surge protector unit plugs into a wall outlet adjacent to the dog fence transmitter. The transmitter power adapter plugs into the side of the surge protector and the fence perimeter wires plug into terminals on the surge protector. In the event of either a power main surge or a lightening strike surge, the unit will take the hit and automatically disconnect outgoing power to keep the surge from traveling to your transmitter box or into your home.

Is Surge Protection Necessary For All Dog Fences?

For all in-ground (wired) dog fences it absolutely is! The surge protector is one of the fastest, cheapest, and easiest ways to protect your dog fence investment. Some dog fence kits include surge protection. The included units are generally not of very high quality but you can easily upgrade to a better surge protector simply by choosing the upgraded unit from the drop-down options when you customize your dog fence kit. The professional quality dog fence surge protector that we recommend can be added to any in-ground electric dog fence system.