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The PetSafe® Electronic SmartDoor

Provide your dog with elite admission to your home with the PetSafe® Smart Door Electronic Pet Door. It works like a charm to lock out unwanted visitors, while granting your pet exclusive access. This award-winning pet door becomes unlocked after it senses the SmartKey located on your pet’s collar. After your pet passes through the SmartDoor, the door becomes locked automatically. The SmartDoor comes with up to 5 SmartKeys, to accommodate 5 different pets. These 5 keys can all be used simultaneously.

Each SmartKey attaches to your dog’s collar. When set in automatic mode, your dog approaches the door from 3 feet away and it unlocks. You have the option of adjusting the range closer if you so desire. The SmartKey feature is the perfect way to make sure other animals in your neighborhood are not able to enter your home.

SmartDoor Features

  • • The Small SmartDoor is designed for pets up to 15 pounds
  • • The Large SmartDoor is designed for pets up to 100 pounds
  • • Adjusting sensor range of up to 3 feet
  • • Locks in both directions with a Plexiglas flap
  • • System identifies up to 5 Smart Keys at a time
  • • Locks in both directions with a Plexiglas flap
  • • Three modes that are easily set: automatic access, locked and unlocked
  • • Door flap is weather-resistant, energy-efficient and insulated
  • • Accommodates door thicknesses of 1 ½ to 2 inches
  • • Powered by four D cell batteries (not included)
  • • A tight, weatherproof seal is created by the tapered flap
  • • Weighing only .64 ounces, the SmartKey attaches to your pet’s regular collar



  • One Year Manufacturer Warranty


  • Fits door 1 1/2 - 2 inches thick
  • Flap opening 5 1/2” X 7 7/8”
  • Frame dimensions 9” x 15 5/8”
  • Cut out 8 3/8” x 14 3/4"


  • 1 waterproof SmartKey™ with battery
  • Operating Guide

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Customer Reviews (1)
Excellent Door - Good Security
I researched this product and reviewed all the ratings to it before I purchased it. I took the chance and bought it from Flexpetz.

I installed my PetSafe Smart Door and I placed these in walls rather than doors. Installation is straightforward and cutting the hole in the exterior wall was the most time consuming part as it's real stucco & lath. TIP: use a diamond cutoff wheel in an angle grinder to cut the stucco. Once the hole was cut the rest of the installation took less than 30 minutes.

A nice feature of this unit is the solid plastic flap rather than the flexible flaps on others that need regular replacement. The hard plastic flap should last the life of the product but is replaceable if ever needed. The locking feature is the strong point of this unit as only the pets wearing a pendant can enter the door. Other critters such as stray cats, rodents and squirrels can't get in.

Training my dog was quite easy. To make insure the dog fit through the door before I installed it, I held the flap open and held a dog treat in my hand and let him follow the treat as I pulled it through the opening. After a little encouragement he was very comfortable walking through the door. Once it was fully installed, my wife and I sat on opposite sides of the door and called him with treats ready waiting for him. We held it open the first couple times and then let him push it open by himself. We left the door unlocked and after 10 minutes he was running in and out like it wasn't even there. Then we activated the lock so the pendant would unlock it when he approached the door. Depending on how fast my dog was he may get to the door before it's unlocked which it does with a distinct clicking sound. At first the sound startled him but after bumping his head into the locked door a few times (funny to watch), he quickly learned that the click means it's OK to proceed, so he waits for it and trys it with his paw before going through.

We remove his collar at night to keep him inside. He's taken to it so well that when the "people door" is open he prefers to use his private dog entrance.
Our dog is a 14 pound Shih Tzu and the small size unit is perfect.
Review by Howard Chinney (Posted on 3/4/2014)
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