D.E. Systems Collars

Extra receiver collars allow you to add dogs to your existing electric dog fence system. D.E. Systems offers extra collars for the Border Patrol TC-1 GPS System. Up to 5 dogs may simultaneously use the system including the GPS containment, tracking, and remote training functions. 

Each Border Patrol TC1 collar may be individually programmed with the exact correction and warning settings needed for the dog wearing the collar. D.E. Systems collars offer 50 unique stimulation and correction levels in addition to tone and/or vibration warning. The stimulation options include 'nick', 'jump', and 'continuous' as well as positive, non-shock vibration. 

D.E. Systems TC1 Collars are rechargeable and durable offering completely submersible waterproofing. The collars are designed for use in the field and can withstand quite a bit of abuse from even the rowdiest dog. The Border Patrol Collar is compact and comfortable for your dog whether in the field or at home. 

D.E. Systems offer a 1-year manufacturer's warranty on their collars. 

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