D.T. Systems Super Pro e-Lite 1.3 Mile Remote Trainer with Beeper

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Introducing the all new, ground-breaking D.T. Systems Super Pro e-Lite 1.3 Mile Remote Trainer! The new series was designed in collaboration with top professional trainers around the world with one focus of rugged reliability, ease of use, and new training features such as our Jump and Rise training aids.

The all new "Jump" Stimulation is a great feature for training methods that involve “jumping” frequently between two different stimulation levels. Your able to set a level of intensity to the Nick or Continuous Stimulation buttons that is appropriate for training your dog. The Jump Stimulation button gives you the ability to set a second, self-programmed stimulation level higher or lower than your normal intensity level setting. Applying a correction at the right intensity level quickly and timely is a huge factor in dog training with e-collars. With Jump Stimulation, you won’t have to have to stumble around with the stimulation setting at the time that the correction is needed, so the chances of applying a stimulation too late or at the wrong intensity level are virtually eliminated. The Jump Stimulation is also very useful in any emergency or dangerous situation that you might find yourself when your dog is excited and not responding to the normal stimulation level. If there isn't enough time to increase the intensity level in these situations, the Jump Stimulation is the fastest and convenient way to get your dog's attention before the situation gets out of hand.

Also another great new feature is Rise Stimulation. Rise Stimulation button continuously increases the stimulation level until the button is released. This allows you to hold the Rise button until you notice a response from the dog, essentially allowing the dog to choose the appropriate level of stimulation. Before the Rise Stimulation, dog owners had to guess at the correct stimulation level for individual dogs. With Rise Stimulation, this gives the dog the ability to respond to a certain level that matches his temperament.

Our Beeper is controlled from the handheld transmitter and is audible from up to 450 yards away. There are 3 main functions: Locate, Run & Point mode, and Point Only mode. The Locate button will make your pets collar beep any time it is pressed to help you locate your dog. Run & Point mode makes the collar beep one way while your dog is on the move and another way when he stops to point. The Point Only mode will make the collar beep only when your dog has stopped to point.

All D.T. Systems Super Pro e-Lite 1.3 Mile Remote Trainers have completely waterproof and rechargeable transmitter and collar units, an easy-to-read LCD screen with a low battery indicator, and a 1.3 mile range. Also included on all D.T. Systems Super Pro e-Lite 1.3 Mile Remote Trainers are the Jump, Rise, Nick, and Continuous stimulations, as well as Vibration.


1.3 Mile Range

50 Levels of Intensity adjusted from the Transmitter

LCD Screen on Transmitter

Digital Technology to Maximize Power

Maxx-Range™ Internal Collar Antenna System

Gentle Touch™ System Extra Mild Stimulation

Built-In Safety Shut-Off

Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery System

Completely Waterproof Transmitters and Collars

Positive Vibration, Jump, and Rise Stimulations on all models

Beeper/Locator available


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