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Cottage feeders are a beautiful style of bird feeder that can attract all sorts of birds to your yard. They can be hung from a pole or tree, or even be secured to a fence post. Our Cottage Feeder is suited for almost any climate, and can be used virtually anywhere! While cottage feeders are a wonderful additional to any yard, they can be placed in most natural outdoor areas including farms and gardens. They will attract a slew of various birds depending on the seed or bird feed that is placed on the easily cleanable and convenient tray. Owning a Cottage Feeder comes with great perks! While other feeders may have trouble accommodating larger birds, our Cottage Feeder has a flat tray that will accommodate birds of all sizes. Cardinals and Blue Jays can eat from the cottage feeder with ease and stay protected against harsh sun. Benefits & Features: ● Perforated metal tray provides for drainage ● Flat tray feeder attracts ground feeding birds such as juncos, blackbirds, buntings, sparrows, and cardinals depending on the seed variety ● Roof to shield and protect the birds from the sun ● Made from sustainable Eastern White Pine ● Dimensions: 10-1/2"h x 18"w x 13-1/4"d
(10-1/2"h x 18"w x 13-1/4"d)

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