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How To Choose The Right Electric Dog Fence Wire

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Comment / Questions about Choose The Right Dog Fence Wire

Charlie Lowery
September 08, 2016

I put in the cheap wire and now after three years it is not working. I tried to use the AM radio to find the break. Found weak signal but couldn't find the break or bad splice without digging up the whole yard.
I'm thinking about replacing the entire wire with your extreme fence. How do I determine how much fence I need. I was hoping I could put it in with no splices.


You can use the chart here as a reference. .
If you order our 14 gauge wire, you can get it in a continuous spool up to 5000' long.
Hope that information is helpful.

Sue Tillotson
August 02, 2017


We have the Invisible Fence brand dog containment system and are moving to a new home. Which is the correct wire to use with that system? Do you also sell the twisted wire to create zones?


You can use any gauge of wire with that system (20 up to 14).
14 would be your best bet, as that is the thickest gauge recommended for underground dog fence systems, and will give you the most longevity.
However, if you want economy, you can use a gauge as thin as the 20 and it should provide you with a handful of years of performance.

We do sell twisted wire. However, I'm not sure what you mean about "create zones".
Depending on your layout, twisted wire can help create pass through areas, but you may not need that.
You can give us a call to discuss your plans further and we'll gladly assist.
Thank you kindly.

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