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Chickadees are fun, energetic birds and a terrific addition to a bird-lover’s yard. North America is known for seven different chickadee varieties including the Boreal Chickadee and the Mountain Chickadee. Attract one of these attractive species with our Chickadee House. Our house features an untreated wood design created to specifically attract Chickadee varieties. It is well-ventilated to create the optimal environment to encourage Chickadee nesting.

Our wooden Chickadee House is a popular house for Black-capped Carolina and Chestnut-backed Chickadees. Chickadees like to live in forests with mixed plant growth such as swamps, farms and orchards of Canada and Eastern United States. They like to nest between April and July. Titmice are also known to enjoy this type of bird house.

Nest height placement is ideally between 5 feet and 15 feet. You can attach your Chickadee House to buildings, poles, posts, and trees. Face away from prevailing wind paths to entice these lovely little birds to nest in your Chickadee House. For extra comfort, place one inch of wood shavings on the box floor.

Benefits & Features:

  • Opens for Cleaning
  • Sized Specifically for Chickadees
  • Attracts a Variety of Chickadees
  • Perfect for Backyard Bird Watching
  • Dimensions: 12-1/2"h x 6"w x 8-1/2"d
(12-1/2"h x 6"w x 8-1/2"d)

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