Bowsers Dog Beds


Bowsers Pet Products creates outstanding, designer dog beds. An elegant combination of practicality and style, Bowsers’ dog beds are a lovely addition to your home. Your dogs will love the plush cushions, luxurious fabrics and cozy style of these dog beds.

Finding the Right Dog Bed

There are a few things to look for when choosing the best Bowsers’ dog bed for your home. Here are some things to think about when you’re preparing to make a dog bed purchase:

Size - The size of the bed you need depends on your dog’s breed, size and comfort level. We have pet beds for small dogs and large dogs alike. Giant breeds can benefit from Bowsers’ XXL size for dogs up to 110lbs.

Shape - Shapes of dog beds vary from round to square. Some have sides and some do not. The shape of the bed should be chosen based on your dog’s current preferences. Does your pup like to snuggle next to you? Then a square or round bed with high sides might provide them with the most comfort.

Fabric - Bowsers’ dog beds come in a variety of fabrics for their luxury pet beds. This diverse collection includes micro-velvet, micro-linen, chenille, outdoor fabrics, hemp, leather-like fabric, faux-fur, and berber. All of them are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. All fabrics are made in the US and are Oeko-Tex certified. This means your dog bed was produced with no chemicals or harmful substances.

Bowsers Dog Beds for All Breeds

Bowsers dog beds create the ultimate comfortable environment for your pup. When they’re tired, let them retire in a designer mattress!

Crate Mattresses - Crate mattresses make hard, wire crates more comfortable for your pup. Each mattress isn’t created to be too tall as it would make the crate smaller. The thin mattresses come in a variety of colors and patterns.

Donut - Donut beds have high sides and are the ultimate in relaxation. Your dog feels safer nestled into this round, elegant bed. Donut beds are manufactured so that after washing, you won’t experience lumps or clumps in the bed.

Oslo Ortho Bed - Oslo Ortho Beds from Bowsers Pet Products feature scooped fronts that allow your pup to get into the bed easily. These are perfect for small dogs or those suffering from arthritis. This model features a memory foam insert that has a cooling effect from Cool Gel Microbeads. This helps your pup regulate their body temperature. These beds are large, giving your dog maximum space to lounge and sleep.

SUV Bolster Beds - This bed was created with travel in mind! The SUV Bolster Bed fits into the cargo area of an SUV. It can also be used in your home. It features two inches of high-quality, furniture-grade foam. This is then topped with one inch of high loft fiber. It’s perfect for elderly dogs and puppies alike.

Urban Lounger - These contemporary, high-sided beds offer a dual layer of fiber-topped foam. The orthopedic support makes this dog bed a great option for older dogs. This model comes in a variety of sizes and fabrics to suit your style.

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