Many who consider themselves “dog people” like a rough and tumble dog. The kind of dog that will chase a stick into the river with no problem, but those kinds of dogs are not for everyone.

Some people prefer to have their furry friend in a nice, small package.

For those people, we’ve put together a list of the world’s smallest dog breeds. Learn more about these delightfully small dog breeds.

Why Have a Small Dog Breed?

While large dogs are nice to protect a family and often great around children, large dogs are not for everyone. Large dogs may have gotten a reputation as a “dog owner’s dog,” but there are many advantages to owning a small dog.

  1. Small dogs cost less. – Small dogs eat less food. They have smaller toys. They need less equipment. Small dogs simply are cheaper to keep because all of their “stuff” scales down with them.
  2. Small dogs can be transported easily. – One of the problems with larger dogs is that they just take up a lot of space. Larger dogs take more room in the car. Larger dogs have more mass to handle when out and about. One of the perks of having a small dog is that they are very easy to just pick up in an emergency situation.
  3. Small dogs are easier to handle. – Have you ever been out and seen an owner struggling to keep their dog in line? Maybe it was at your local farmer’s market, or maybe they were just talking their dog for a walk on the leash. There are many times when an owner thinks they want a really big dog, but then discover that they’ve bitten off more than they can chew.
  4. Small dogs are easy to clean. – With all the little things we do for our dogs, sometimes having a small one is just easier. Think about bathing, brushing, cleaning teeth. All those things have to be done, and it’s just a little easier with a small dog. There’s simply less fur and teeth to go around!

The World’s Smallest Dog Breeds


While the Chihuahua comes from Mexico, there is actually a large deviation within the breed. This tiny dog weighs in at only about six pounds, which makes them the perfect purse accessory. Chihuahuas also have personality to share. They are very loyal to their owner and give off a big-dog personality. Since this dog is so small and comes from a hot region, care should be taken if you live in a colder region. They can adapt, but they can also lose body heat quickly. Just make sure they have a nice, warm lap to nap on.


The Pomeranian weighs in at no more than seven pounds, so it’s a very comfy lap buddy. Their breed originates from the cold weather work dogs of northeastern Europe. This means they’re no pushovers, too. They are intelligent enough to play games with you and they need decent exercise too. It’s hard to say no to their smiling face anyway.

Shih Tzu

The Shih Tzu gets its name from Chineese for “lion dog.” These little pups were bred to spend time in the royal palace with children, and they are still great with kids. They also grow to be about 16 pounds, so they are not too small for a house with children.

They are little cuties who will melt your heart with their intelligent eyes and bubbly personality.

Toy Poodle

The Poodle was the dog of French aristocrats, and they retain their regal character. But don’t get them wrong, they’ll go for a swim or a romp in the mud if you let them.

Poodles are actually true athletes too. They are happy to wear you out, but they are extremely intelligent too. They do well with agility training.

Russian Toy Terrier

It’s not hard to figure out where this dog comes from. They are also one of the smallest breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club. Weighing in at six and a half pounds at most, the Russian Toy is one of the tiniest dogs, but packs a lot of character in a small package. They are lively, eager to please, and have fine bone structure.

They have big Terrier character and will love running through the house chasing toys. They also need human companionship. They love spending time with their owners and will let you know when they are not getting enough time.

Are the World’s Smallest Dog Breeds Right for You?

Small dog breeds are very easy to care for. They usually have big attitudes in small packages. You’ll have to remember that these small dogs are not just toys, but they need real love and affection too. They are certain to get it through with those cute and cuddly faces.